‘Water mafia’ in California’s future? Residents may soon be forced to buy water on the black market just like in India

In recent days, residents of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities got to experience a rare treat — rainfall — but of course, it was far too little to do much to alleviate the state’s ongoing brutal drought. That said, there is some concern that water may become so scarce — and so valuable — that its distribution and sale might be taken over by a Mafia-like criminal enterprise, just like what is currently taking place in India. According to The Associated Press (AP) a “water mafia” has risen up to fill the dearth of water during India’s annual hot season:Every summer, when Minoo Phakey’s water runs out, she does what most people do in her middle-class neighborhood: She calls the mafia.
Within an hour, a man in a tanker arrives, carrying a load of dubious water drawn illegally from the city’s groundwater. In India’s capital city, the water availability situation is routinely direCurrently, India is experiencing its annual summer heat water shortage, and right now, the water mafia is making bank in the capital city of New Delhi. AP says that as many as 2,000 illegal water tankers hit the city streets daily, to supply millions of people whose water taps have run dry.

This post was published at Natural News on Saturday, September 13, 2014.


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