How Would Saul Alinsky Have Handled ISIS?

Obama’s pledge to ‘destroy’ ISIS would have been more credible if it had come from the Ames, Iowa police chief, or the head of the Sacramento VFW. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for destroying these radioactive cockroaches – and the sooner the better, since they grow bolder and more numerous by the day. But even the police chief – and for that matter, the librarian, the PTA chairman in Tallahassee and the dog catcher in Turlock – know that we cannot hope to even hinder ISIS, much less destroy it, with air strikes alone. Leave it to our dangerously inept commander-in-chief to assure the enemy in advance that there will be no U. S. boots on the ground. Instead, Obama has purported to threaten them with an international coalition that in fact does not exist and which, even if

it did, would lack the take-no-prisoners mindset required to exterminate an enemy as savage as ISIS. More likely is that Obama’s politically calculated four-point plan will strike not fear, but contempt and disdain in the hearts of the enemy. It will soothe their febrile brains like poetry from the Rubaiyat, perhaps inspiring them to believe that planting ISIS’ flag on the roof of the White House lawn is not such a crazy dream after all.

This post was published at Rick Ackerman BY RICK ACKERMAN ON SEPTEMBER 15, 2014.


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