Sandy Hook and the New World Order

Peter Lanza’s new wife, Shelley Cudiner, reportedly works at the University of Connecticut Library. The work that she does is focused on ‘Distance Based Learning’. That means that she can teach ‘Virtual Classes’ from just about anywhere – including China !
Did you know that although Adam had received grades from Western CT State University that none of his teachers seem to remember him ! Could it be that he was also engaged in ‘distanced learning’ or virtual classes ?
So, sometime around 2010, Newtown began a deeper relationship with China, of all places, and we have discovered a link not only between the school system, the Governor, and gun control/mental health agendas, but also a direct link to the Lanza Family !
In the CT State Police Report, it shows that Nancy Lanza purchased guns online with the Username NJL1918 . NJL1918 seems like a pretty random set of letters and numbers. If you search NJL1918 on Google, only two accounts on websites come up with that username. Nancy’s gunbroker account, and an account on a Chinese gaming website. The date NJL1918 registered on this Chinese website is February. 15, 2014. Could it be that Nancy is alive and well and living in China ? Mind blown yet ?
Let me say that this is not as a result of my own pure research. I have assistance from many dedicated researchers who are constantly delving into this mystery and uncovering new information every day. The researcher who put all of this together did so by scouring the internet for hours, if not days looking into these connections. His work is much appreciated.
There is a definite Political Agenda established by the Sandy Hook incident and it is being carried out by the teams assembled as it has unfolded. There is one team of ‘Parents’ assigned to promote gun control, one to promote school safety, one to promote mental health issues, and another to propagate the idea of censoring and policing the internet. These are Global Agendas and have probably been put forth by NATO as they intend to bring about the New World Order. It is no secret that NATO wants ‘disarmament’, but perhaps it is less known that China is the leader in this Global transformation.
Some time around 2010/11, George Soros said ‘China will be the leader of the New World Order. American citizens better not resist.’

This post was published at Insanemedia on December 12th, 2014.