Don’t mess with the National Weather Service.

It only took a few hours before the mainstream media faux journalists began to peddle the statist excuses for the National Weather Service epic failure. In a shocking development, the government loving Keynesian control freaks blame lack of funding for the complete and utter failure of a government agency to correctly predict the weather three hours in advance. Marketwatch printed this drivel by Tuesday afternoon:
The search is on for scapegoats after a missed weather forecast turned the City That Never Sleeps into a ghost town on Monday night. One prime suspect: budget woes at the National Weather Service.
The weather agency’s budget has hardly risen over the past five years, topping slightly over $1 billion for the current fiscal year. In the past decade, its budget has increased much slower than overall federal spending. The NWS was also was hurt by the so-called budget sequester in 2013 that required most federal agencies to cut spending and impose a hiring freeze.
The article blamed the awful austerity imposed on the NWS as the reason their computer models weren’t able to predict what would happen in the next six hours. Of course, their own words undercut their argument. The NWS uses multiple computer models to verify their forecast. They use the European model, along with their own models. Of course, all the models were wrong.

This post was published at The Burning Platform on 28th January 2015.


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