Black Helicopters Rehearse Transporting ‘American Enemy Combatants’ to Jade Helm 15 ‘Black Sites’

Black helicopters in Texas moving ‘enemy combatants’ from Point A to Point B
As I was working on a report concerning the existence of nationwide rendition centers known as black sites, I was sent a video, from multiple people, made by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton filming black helicopters, yesterday, in Texas (see video below). This video validates many reports that I am receiving about preemptive arrests of dissidents notated as ‘enemy combatants’ in preparation for Jade Helm 15 and this is what I believe the two reporters are witnessing.
Execution of Red List Activities to Remove Known Dissidents
Dissident extractions consist of personnel in armored vehicles descending upon a home of a known dissident. The known dissident and the family are SWAT-teamed and arrested. The dissident is transported to a waiting helicopter where they and other similarly collected dissidents are transported to where ground transportation will be used to move the captives to a ‘black site re-education facility’. This protocol is for the main target only. The planned fate of dissident family members is something that I have not been able to determine

This post was published at The Common Sense Show on March 26, 2015.


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