Polls Show Youngest Americans Are Skeptical of Global Warming

When it comes to global warming, there is a wide variety of opinions. While mainstream science contends that it’s an open and shut case, others believe quite the opposite. There are also plenty of folks in-between who do believe the planet is warming, but that it’s not being caused by human activity. You wouldn’t know that if you talked to most global warming advocates though. To them, climate skepticism is a kooky, marginal opinion that will soon go the way of the dodo.
Recent polling has proven otherwise however. Not only is climate skepticism widespread, but it’s becoming increasingly popular among our youth. Data provided by the Harvard Public Opinion Project found that nearly half of Americans between the ages of 18-29 didn’t believe in the mainstream theory…

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“Purge” Night 4: Baltimore Tense As Police Clashes Erupt In Philadelphia – Live Feed

Tense would be an understatement right now. Line still unbroken. #PhillyisBaltimore pic.twitter.com/JF2Xt5AsCz
— Vinny Vella (@Vellastrations) April 30, 2015

A heavy National Guard presence and a draconian curfew have ended the rioting in Baltimore, but, as RT reports, the popular uprising against police brutality has spread across the US. Peaceful protests are taking place in Baltimore and several major cities and on the heels of last night’s New York City protests, tonight it is Philadelphia that is seeing clashes between police and civilians…
As Fox29 reports,

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Baltimore Mayor Who Said Officials Gave Protesters ‘Space to Destroy’ Claims She Never Said It

This video clip just has to go up, for the record.
The timely Baltimore riots are starting to look about as staged for the cameras as the Soros-funded Ferguson riots were. A lot of questionable events are taking place on city streets. The presence of ‘professional protesters’ has already been proven, protesters who just so happen to be the same professionals found in Ferguson now alive and well and stoking Baltimore violence. We have even seen a lot of familiar Ferguson faces popping up in highly televised Baltimore events, Wag the Dog style.
So anyone can see why the outrageous statement made by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in a televised press conference just days ago that city officials ‘also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well,’ would go viral and not be easily dismissed as a mere slip of the tongue.

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11 Examples Of How Evil Is Growing In America Like A Cancerous Tumor

Have you heard of ‘arterial tapping’, ‘flakka’ or ‘cyberextortion’? In America today, just about every conceivable type of evil that you could possibly name is growing, and we are even inventing new kinds of evil that the world has never seen before. It is very easy for us to point to the looting and violence in Baltimoreand call that evil, but there is far more to the social decay of America than just that. The foundations of our society are rotting and decaying in thousands of different ways, and our biggest problem as a nation is what is found inside our own hearts. We have rejected the values and principles that were handed down to us by previous generations of Americans because we believed that we knew better than they did. But now look at us. Our country is falling apart all around us, and we only have ourselves to blame. The following are 11 examples of how evil is growing in America like a cancerous tumor…
#1 It has become trendy for alternative lifestyle parties in America to become as ‘edgy’ as possible. But even some of those involved in these parties are now speaking out about an extremely alarming practice known as ‘arterial tapping’…
A fetish party attendee is blowing the whistle on a bondage-themed event she says would shock even the authors of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’
Photos from inside the edgy, recurring party called Cirque de Plaisir seem to show a fetish practice called ‘arterial tapping,’ whereby a dominant partner taps a submissive partner’s artery, controlling his or her blood flow. It appears that very blood is sometimes sprayed over a canvas as art.
‘Some people just do blood play where they just get some kind of rush out of releasing blood from their arteries,’ said the fetish party insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear people would judge her alternative sex life.
#2 A school principal in Wisconsin is in hot water for approving a poster that encourages young men to protect the character of the young women they are taking to prom. In the old days, this would only be common sense. But these days, the poster is being condemned as ‘sexist’ and has created a national scandal…

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A totalitarian society has totalitarian science

Totalitarian science lets you know you’re living in a totalitarian society.
The government, the press, the mega-corporations, the prestigious foundations, the academic institutions, the ‘humanitarian’ organizations say:
‘This is the disease. This is its name. This is what causes it. This is the drug that treats it. This is the vaccine that prevents it.
‘This is how accurate diagnosis is done. These are the tests. These are the possible results and what they mean.
‘Here are the genes. This is what they do. This is how they can be changed and substituted and manipulated. These are the outcomes.
‘These are the data and the statistics. They are correct. There can be no argument about them.
‘This is life. These are the components of life. All change and improvement result from our management of the components.
‘This is the path. It is governed by truth which science reveals. Walk the path. We will inform you when you stray. We will report new improvements.
‘This is the end. You can go no farther. You must give up the ghost. We will remember you.’
We are now witnessing the acceleration of Official Science. Of course, that term is an internal contradiction. But the State shrugs and moves forward.
The notion that the State can put its seal on favored science, enforce it, and punish its competitors, is anathema to a free society.

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It’s Official: Police Were Ordered To Stand Down And Let The Baltimore Riots Rage Out Of Control

We now have official confirmation that the rioting in Baltimore on Monday was purposely allowed to spiral out of control. Up until now, there had been some unconfirmed reports that police in Baltimore had been ordered to ‘stand down’ during the riots, but nobody had been willing to come forward and go on the record. Now that has all changed. Michael Lewis is the Sheriff of Wicomico County, Maryland and what he has to say is absolutely jaw dropping. When he saw what was happening in Baltimore, he gathered up some of his fellow officers and drove down to the city to help. But when he got there, he says that all of the police were being ordered not to take any action and to let the rioters destroy property. Lewis made this astounding claim during a discussion on a Baltimore radio station…
A Maryland sheriff who traveled to Baltimore to help law enforcement stop Monday’s riots told 105.7 The Fan that he was stunned when officers alerted him of the orders to stand down.
Lewis says that he never heard the mayor give any particular orders, but he is very clear about the fact that the police were being instructed to ‘stand down’ and to ‘let them destroy property’….

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The Pentagon’s “Long War” Pitches NATO Against China, Russia, & Iran

Whatever happens with the nuclear negotiations this summer, and as much as Tehran wants cooperation and not confrontation, Iran is bound to remain – alongside Russia – a key US geostrategic target.
As much as US President Barack Obama tried to dismiss it, the Russian sale of the S-300 missile system to Iran is a monumental game-changer. Even with the added gambit of the Iranian military assuring the made in Iran Bavar 373 may be even more efficient than the S-300.
This explains why Jane’s Defense Weekly was already saying years ago that Israel could not penetrate Iranian airspace even if it managed to get there. And after the S-300s Iran inevitably will be offered the even more sophisticated S-400s, which are to be delivered to China as well.
The unspoken secret behind these game-changing proceedings actually terrifies Washington warmongers; it spells out a further frontline of Eurasian integration, in the form of an evolving Eurasian missile shield deployed against Pentagon/NATO ballistic plans.
A precious glimpse of what’s ahead was offered at the Moscow Conference on International Security (MICS) in mid-April.
Here we had the Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier-General Hussein Dehghan, openly stating that Iran wanted BRICS members China, India, and Russia to jointly oppose NATO’s uncontrolled eastward expansion, and characterizing NATO’s for all practical purposes offensive missile shield as a threat to their collective security.

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Know Your Rights – How to Respond When Police Tell You to Stop Filming

Something I wish I had more time to devote to here at Liberty Blitzkrieg is the topic of ‘know your rights.’ Despite the establishment’s relentless assault on the Bill of Rights, the American citizen still enjoys more liberties than a large percentage of the world’s population. Nevertheless, as important as it is to have these rights, it is equally important to flex them. If we don’t constantly exercise our rights, they’ll ultimately fall victim to atrophy like a vestigial organ.
While the smartphone has proven an excellent tool for the surveillance state, its video function has conversely served as a powerful civil rights tool. So much so that police will often lie to citizens about their right to film them in public, and one State Representative from Texas went so far to try to ban the filing of police (see: Meet Jason Villalba – The Texas State Representative Who Introduced a Bill that Criminalizes Citizens Filming Police).
Despite all of that, it is completely legal to film police, and people should be doing it more often than they already are. For example, many of the criminal acts cops have been caught in over the past year were only proven without a shadow of a doubt due to citizen video evidence. The best recent example of this came in the case of the South Carolina man, Walter Scott, who was shot eight times in the back and killed as he ran away from a local cop. The officer claimed the man had taken his taser from him, but the video shows the cop planting the taser next to the dead man’s body after the killing. Watch the video here.
As mentioned earlier, cops will often try to intimidate ignorant citizens into putting away their phones. How to respond to this occurrence, as well as some other useful tips were outlined in a recent Atlantic article. Here are some excerpts:

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Baltimore is burning in the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral who died after sustaining a spinal injury while, if you want to believe a certain mainstream media narrative, banging himself against the paddy wagon walls. If you find it totally believable that someone can break their own spinal chord on purpose, you’re probably white.
However, this isn’t about Freddie Gray. Ferguson wasn’t about Michael Brown. What is really happening is that people are beginning to awaken to their own slavery and the mainstream media matrix is having a harder time than ever of trying to hide that truth.
Some Americans, still asleep to reality, are surprised that Baltimore is rioting and discontent has boiled over, despite that this is practically a quarterly occurrence in 2015 Amerika. American streets are burning. Baltimore is burning. But the cognitive dissonance is palpable. Police are beating people. Police are kidnapping people “in the most peaceful way possible”, in “The Land Of The Free”, as can be seen in this video:

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Keiser Report: Fighting Algorithmic Bots (E751)

The following video was published by RT on Apr 30, 2015
In this Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss cartels and trust-busting in these days of algorithms engaged in ‘horizontal collusion’ and ‘conscious parallelism.’ They look at the health care industry that is exempt from the Sherman Antitrust Act and what future it portends in a day of big data monopolies, oligopolies and cartels. In the second half, Max interviews activist and author, David DeGraw, about Russell Brand’s Revolution, the Occupy movement and about his new book, ‘Freedom in a time of mental slavery.’

Inching Toward Conflict: US Navy To Escort Cargo Ships In Persian Gulf; Iran Refuses To Back Down

Stocks took a nasty fall on Tuesday when Al Arabiya erroneously reported that Iran had captured a cargo ship with a crew of Americans on board. It also sent oil surging. Things promptly normalized when it was revealed that the “confiscated” ship was merely one with a Marshall Island flag, at which point its fate was quickly forgotten (it may still be held by Iran, or not). But one thing is certain: both Iran and the US are itching for a provocation, whether a direct one or the far more traditional false flag type.
Earlier today, Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that presence of the 34th fleet of the Iranian Navy in the Gulf of Aden is in accordance with international law to protect Iranian trade vessels against pirates.
Quoted by Iran’s IRNA news agency, Sayyari, who was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony to mark the National Teacher’s Day, said that the Iranian Navy has maintained a continuous presence in the Gulf of Aden, Bab el-Mandeb Strait and western India since 2008 Sayyari
He added that claims that Iranian warships have been warned and that they have left this region are not correct.
The Navy commander reiterated that the Iranian fleet does not enter territorial waters of other countries and is only present in international waters to ensure security for Iranian trade vessels.

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What’s Really Behind the Flash Crash Trader Prosecution?

The Justice Department’s case against the 36 year old lone bedroom trader in the U. K., Navinder Singh Sarao, has now been thoroughly discredited by every Wall Street veteran who has studied it, most pointing out that what Sarao did is happening every second that Wall Street is open for business. Business writers at the New York Times, Financial Times, Newsweek, and Bloomberg View have given the charges an unequivocal thumbs down.
The Justice Department’s complaint itself is unusual. It consists of a one page complaint cover sheet followed not by a detailed breakdown of the counts but by an affidavit from an FBI agent. The case is filed in the Federal District Court in the Northern District of Illinois but no U. S. Attorney or Assistant U. S. Attorney from that district has signed this complaint. The names listed at the top of the first page, more as a reference since they have not signed any part of this complaint, are Department of Justice Fraud Section Assistant Chief Brent S. Wible and Fraud Section Trial Attorney Michael T. O’Neill. Both show phone numbers with the 202 area code, meaning this case came out of the Washington, D. C. office of the Justice Department, not the Northern District of Illinois where the futures market that Sarao is charged with manipulating is located.
The case is based largely on analysis from an unnamed ‘consulting group’ and a ‘professor and academic researcher who studies and has written extensively on financial markets and algorithmic trading.’ Given the public drubbing of this case, that professor is now likely climbing deeper into his hole of anonymity.
Add all of the above to the fact that the case is coming out of the blue, five long years after the Flash Crash of May 6, 2010, and after regulators had already fingered mutual fund company Waddell & Reed as the key culprit in their lengthy report of 2010, and you are left with the highly intriguing question as to what the real motivation is for the Justice Department to go out on such a precarious limb with this case.
Four schools of thought come readily to mind. First is that the Justice Department wants to frighten off the tens of thousands of solo day traders who are jazzing up pre-packaged software and periodically beating the Wall Street big boys at their own game of spoofing and layering. Next is that Sarao may be some kind of genius trader or software developer and Wall Street wants him extradited to deploy his talents on this side of the pond. Third, there may be more to the FBI’s case than we know: for example, why was a mega global bank like Credit Suisse financing Sarao’s trading. Was there more to this relationship than is presently known? And, finally, elements of all three of the above scenarios may be in play. We’ll look at each of the first three elements separately.

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There can be no doubt that the internal events at Walmart holds the key to the end game of Jade Helm operations. Jade Helm and Walmart are inextricably linked and the existing evidence suggests one of two possible end game probabilities for Jade Helm.
1. Converted Walmart stores will be processing center for FEMA camp political prisoners.
2. Some Walmarts will be used as supply and staging centers for an internal conflict within the United States.
In the past four weeks, I have watched over 100 videos on Jade Helm and Walmart. I have performed what researchers call a qualitative, or a descriptive analysis of the available facts. In performing this task, I have looked for patterns among the recent Walmart closings because it is clear that the closings coincide with Jade Helm. This constitutes Phase One of the analysis. In Phase Two, the findings from phase one are correlated to known or strongly suspected events connected toJade Helm and/or other areas of concern related to national security. Subsequently, this kind of descriptive analysis can yield strong clues as to the true intent of where Jade Helm is headed and what the Walmart role consistes of in conjuntion with Jade Helm.
Phase One: Common Characteristics of Walmart Closings
A series of representative videos are analyzed for commonalities which might reveal intent and purpose of the connection of Jade Helm and the Walmart closings.
The Local Media Discredits the Official Plumbing Excuse
You have heard the stories everywhere that Walmart is closing stores because of bad plumbing. What are the odds that ALL of these store would have plumbing issues. It is not really plumbing issues at all that have led to these store closures. We already knew that. The real reason is perhaps more sinister because even the local media is not buying the Walmart plumbing excuse.

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Kremlin Confirms Putin-Merkel Talks in Moscow on May 1

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow on May 10, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed Wednesday.
The German government made an announcement of the meeting between the two leaders earlier in the day.
"It's true, we are expecting the German chancellor in Moscow on May 10. Merkel and Putin will hold talks in the Kremlin in 'narrow' and 'expanded' formats," Peskov told reporters.
The leaders are also expected to hold a joint press conference on the result of the talks, Peskov added.

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The U.S. Gov/Central Bankers Are Blaming The Entire Economic Collapse On The Weather – Episode 654

The following video was published by X22Report on Apr 29, 2015
Greek deposits flow out of the banks and are now lowest since 2005. GDP for the 1st quarter of 2105 comes in at .2%. The collapse of the economy is being blamed on the weather by the U. S. Government and the Central Bank. Manufacturing declines in the middle of the U. S. Gallup reports people do not believe Obama is honest and trustworthy. Curfew is now enforced in Baltimore and the many of the protesters are returning to their homes. Intelligence reports that Ukraine is preparing for a major offensive either on May 8 or 9. Iran and Syria agree to fight terrorism together.

Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned To Accept Martial Law In America?

Have you noticed that we are starting to be bombarded with images of troops in the streets? Have you noticed that the term ‘martial law’ is coming up a lot in movies, news broadcasts and even in television commercials? In recent years, it seems like the solution to almost every major crisis involves bringing in troops. In fact, it has already gotten to the point where when something really bad happens a lot of Americans immediately cry out for troops to be brought in. And we are seeing the same patterns over and over again. Just remember what happened in Ferguson – protesters were whipped up to a frenzy, when the riots began the police were ordered to stand down and not intervene, and finally National Guard troops were brought in as the ‘solution’ to a crisis that had escalated wildly out of control. This is the exact same pattern that we are witnessing in Baltimore, and as you will see below, National Guard troops all over the nation have been training for this exact type of scenario. A couple of decades ago, many Americans would have regarded the notion of ‘martial law in America’ as absolutely unthinkable, but these days the threat of civil unrest is causing an increasing number of Americans to embrace the idea of troops patrolling our city streets.
The anger toward the police that we see in the city of Baltimore is very real, but there also seem to be a lot of signs that the events of the past several days have been orchestrated and manipulated. This is something that I covered in my previous article entitled ’12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask’. But what we have found out since then is that high school kids appear to have been ‘herded’ by the police into the Mondawmin neighborhood in Baltimore when school was let out on Monday…

This post was published at End Of The American Dream on April 29th, 2015.

Forget Rigged Markets: Here’s How To Hack A Military Drone By Spoofing GPS

As Sarao faces charges for crashing the US market for “spoofing” stocks, there is another seemingly much graver ‘hack’ that is now publicly available for all to utilize (and has been). As SputnikNews reports, the information necessary to hack a military drone is freely available to the public via a simple Google search that explains how to successfully “spoof” GPS signals. NATO has admitted this is possible in a 2013 report, and as we have previously noted Iran has already allegedly brought down and reverse-engineered a US drone.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 04/29/2015.

CA SB277 on vaccines moves toward disastrous passage

California Senate Bill 277 has passed through the Judiciary Committee, and needs another Committee’s rubber stamp before it arrives on the Senate floor for debate – and what looks like a ride into law.
Governor Brown will sign the Bill. Brown has become a standard fool. He’s worn out. Whatever interesting ideas he may have entertained in his former ‘moonbeam’ incarnation are gone in the wind.
Bill277 eliminates the personal belief and religious exemptions from vaccination. It also states that children cannot attend public or private school unless they are vaccinated according to the State’s schedule.
Medical exemptions are still allowed, but these won’t be easy to come by, because physicians who grant them will be scrutinized and harassed.
In Committee, before the vote, the Bill was changed to offer two compromises. Personal belief exemptions will be permitted for all future vaccines, beyond the current 10 mandated shots. And children who are now in school will be allowed to forego vaccination (with some limitations).
Eventually, in years to come, you can expect these two ‘gifts’ to be rescinded.
All in all, personal freedom and choice are gone.
Vaccine manufacturers are popping the champagne corks.
For those California parents who are looking for a way out, there is home-schooling. But you can be sure that, at some point up the road, those children will be falsely blamed for ‘an outbreak,’ and pressure will build to force them to take shots.
This Bill is going to become law, unless there is huge uprising of parents between now and the final legislative vote.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on April 29, 2015.

Study Finds ‘Presence of Professional Protesters to Incite More Violence’ in Baltimore and Ferguson

If the Baltimore riots seem like a tired replay of Ferguson, there might be a good reason as to why.
A data mining firm with government ties that tracks social media reported that they uncovered a core group of accounts who appear to have driven much of the buzz and even more of the calls to actions by crowds on the ground.
The online activity of a few dozen of the same individuals were linked and timed with key moments in Baltimore and Ferguson, leading up to the most intense cases of both sustained demonstrations and episodes of violent riots in both of these cities.
An analysis of social media traffic in downtown Baltimore Monday has unearthed striking connections to the protests in Ferguson, Mo. last year, according to a leading data mining firm that shared its findings exclusively with Fox News.
The firm, which asked to remain anonymous because of its government work, found between 20 and 50 social media accounts in Baltimore that were also tied to the peak period of violence in Ferguson. While further analysis is being conducted on the data, it suggests the presence of ‘professional protesters’ or anarchists taking advantage of Freddie Gray’s death to incite more violence.
[…] One account, which also tracked the recent union protests in New York City as well as other disturbances, tweeted photos of Gray’s funeral and used language that seemed to anticipate violence in Baltimore.
So the spread of violence has been linked to a few paid provocateurs and organized by a small handful of ‘professional protesters.’ Now it is confirmed.

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