The Ukraine Imbroglio: John Batchelor Interviews Stephen F. Cohen

A lot has happened since Sec. State, Kerry made his dramatic turnaround visit with Putin in Sochi, and our favourite pundits note that not a lot of it sees a good outcome for Minsk2 and the Ukraine Civil War. In brief the hostilities have not ceased there, nor has the New Cold War warmed any. For example, on May 17, Assistant Sec. State Nuland (f**k the E.U.) was in Moscow to see if Washington could be involved in Minsk2 discussions and stated in leaving that Minsk2 would not be realized until Russia stopped attacking in the Donbass – thereby torpedoing the diplomacy herself. The Ukrainian Rada withdrew its transit permission for Russian troops to supply the breakaway province of Transnistria from Moldova. And ignoring the Western troops already in Ukraine, NATO hypocritically demands the withdrawal of all Russian troops from the Donbass. And lastly, Kiev is calling out frantically for financial aid from the West.
Once again Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor discuss all these points in all their horrendous greater details, and especially the infighting of the various war parties in NATO, the EU, and Washington. All is revealing that Putin is likely still on his game plan of allowing the economic collapse of Ukraine to resolve itself in regime change. It is very clear from this discussion that Cohen understands that there is a real trust issue that is going to hinder any détente possible with Washington, and that Ukraine still remains the hot bed of instability for war between Russian and the West.

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