Third earthquake in one week hits Japan, no tsunami warning or reports of damage

May 2015 – JAPAN – Another earthquake, with a 6.4 magnitude and a depth of 13.4 kilometres, has hit off the Izu Islands in Japan this morning following Saturday’s 7.8 earthquake, according to United States Geological Survey (USGS). There was no immediate tsunami warning following the quake. Saturday’s earthquake which struck off the Japanese coast, geologists said, shook buildings in Tokyo and set off car alarms – tremors were also felt in Nepal and India. Despite the huge power of the quake, there was no risk of a tsunami as the earthquake was located too deep inside the earth, The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre reported. Residential buildings swayed for around a minute as the quake built in intensity around 8:30pm (9:30pm AEST). There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The epicenter was 676 kilometers below the Earth’s surface and was centered on a remote spot in the Pacific Ocean around 870 kilometers south of Tokyo, the USGS said. Yoshiyuki Sasamoto, who runs a traditional guest house on Chichijima, one of the closest inhabited places to the epicenter, said the shaking had been violent.

This post was published at The Extinction Protocol on May 31, 2015.


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