8 TPP Facts the Whole Country Can Get Mad About

‘Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.’ -James Thurber
You know what’s funny?
In all this clamor about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, no one is noticing… and this is going to sound strange… how beautiful it is.
Beautiful? Yes, beautiful.
The beauty of the TPP is that there’s something inside it… at least one thing… that every single sane individual can abhor. And that unprecedented level of disgust is magnificent.
Today and tomorrow, we’ll prove it. We’re going to pull opinions from all bands of the political spectrum and show you why the entire hue cycle disapproves of the TPP.
We’ll also explain why this is good… and how the people can use this as a springboard to fight the power.
[Cue Public Enemy intro.] It’s all part of this week’s LFT series: ‘Eight TPP Facts the Whole World Can Get Mad About.’
Or, if you’d like, ‘Eight TPP Facts to Make Your Blood Boil.’
Either one works.
We’ll get to the facts in a moment.
First, though, let’s talk about how you too can find beauty in the TPP’s wart-faced horrendousness. It’s there.
You just have to dig deep.
If you’ve never heard of Robert Greene, it’s time to get acquainted.
He has written two excellent books – 33 Strategies of War and The 48 Laws of Power. Both of them outline how governments, kings, and tyrants have lorded over people with continuing success for thousands of years.
And, more interestingly, he sprinkles in tidbits on how to fight back.
One strategy Greene outlines in 33 Strategies is ‘The Guerilla-War-Of-The-Mind Strategy.’ The key concept, he says, is simple: ‘Do not fight the last war.’
Greene elaborates:

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