Louisiana Wal-Mart Creates ISIS Flag Cake After Rejecting Confederate Flag Cake

Last week, I weighed in with my thoughts on the whole Confederate flag debate in the post: Video of the Day – CNN Reporter Dumbfounded as Black College Student Defends the Confederate Flag. If you never had a chance to read it, I suggest taking a look now.
When it comes to the Confederate flag, I think it is completely appropriate to debate whether or not states should have the symbol on their flags. When it comes to private businesses, that’s an entirely different story. Whether a business wants to sell Confederate flag merchandise, or ban them, should be entirely up to the business. That being said, it is certainly clear that the Confederate flag means many different things to many different people. If Wal-Mart or any other company wants to ban such items without taking context into consideration, that’s fine. I just happen to think it’s a pretty stupid decision.
It’s a stupid decision because of events like the incident that just happened in Louisiana, in which Chuck Netzhammer asked his local Wal-Mart to make a cake with the following image on it:

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Jun 30, 2015.


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