Source of Chaos: Tunisia Shooter Trained in LIBYA

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Investigators now believe that it is ‘likely’ that the shooter, who took the lives of at least 39 people at a Tunisian holiday resort, trained in neighbouring Libya.
Yes, that would be the same Libya that was subjected to a ‘humanitarian intervention’, which, far from saving people, turned a functioning sovereign state into a failed state quite literally overnight. Gaddafi’s regime has been seen as a ‘beacon of light’ compared with the state of affairs in Libya today.
An official source told Reuters that their ‘investigations show Saif Rezgui was in contact with terrorists in Libya and he likely trained in a Libyan camp’.
It is estimated that 3000 Tunisians have left the country to fight and train with extremists in Libya, Iraq and Syria; all of which are now facing huge issues with terrorism.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on JUNE 30, 2015.


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