Welcome to the Banana Republic – Highlighting the Comment Section of Bernanke’s WSJ Propaganda Piece

There’s nothing like the comment section when it comes to Federal Reserve propaganda in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. Liberty Blitzkrieg readers will remember the last time the WSJ published a disconnected piece of Central Bank stroking garbage from Fed propagandist John Hilsenrath, and the riotous anger which ensued in the comment section. If you missed it, I strongly suggest taking a read: ‘Revolution is Coming’ – The Top 20 Responses to Jon Hilsenrath’s Idiotic WSJ Article.
Fast forward a few months, and here we have Ben ‘the courage to bail out billionaires’ Bernanke writing an almost unreadable piece of propaganda in the WSJ titled ‘How the Fed Saved the Economy.’
At this point in a post I’d typically highlight the more egregious parts of an Op-Ed, but this one is so bad, so poorly written and completely uninteresting, there’s really no point. If you feel like wasting two minutes of your life go ahead and read it yourself, but it appears to me that it was put together in a couple of seconds by an intern instructed to boost book sales.

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Oct 5, 2015.


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