Reason Enough to Vote…

…for Trump or Cruz? Yes, because George Soros tells me not to:
That is why, as 2016 gets underway, we must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.
Why? He says we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Not exactly, but that is what he says.
Trump and Cruz offer an irrational, fear-based response to Muslim terrorism, according to Soros (he is right, but not for the right reasons). We must not let this irrationality control how we vote (I suspect Rubio or Clinton are preferred).
He also comments on the ‘existential threat’ of Muslim immigration to Europe (again, he might be right about the threat, but not for the reason he wants you to read into his statement):

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Deeper truth for millions of people: the substance of reality

There are many people who have discovered that the Information Chiefs on this planet are lying to them. They have discovered more: these lies are stitched together, day by day, to form a series of images and meanings, in a kind of continuously running movie –
And this movie is called Reality.
Many people have discovered this. Based on experience, I would say millions of people out there know this.
They don’t know the names of all the Information Chiefs or the names of the men behind them. Nor do they know all the techniques of propaganda that are being deployed. But they know enough.
They don’t know all the names of the groups and secret societies to which the Reality Makers belong, but they know enough. They’ve seen the movie and identified it as a movie.
They have not fully considered that these Reality Makers are artists. Perverse artists who are trying to monopolize the production of What Exists.
This is an important clue. Why? Because it suggests that other kinds of art and artists exist, who can do something else, who can perform an end-run around the central movie of reality and invent their own movies – their own highly individual and unique and powerful movies of exceedingly different Realities.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on Jan 1, 2016.

Russian Imperialism Meets Illusions Of Ottoman Grandeur

Earlier in 2015, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he found it difficult to understand what Russia was doing in Syria, since “it does not even border Syria.” By that logic, Turkey should not be “doing anything” in the Palestinian territories, Somalia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan or any of the non-bordering lands into which its neo-Ottoman impulses have pushed it. In a 2012 speech, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, then foreign minister, predicted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s days in power were numbered and that he would depart “within months or weeks.” Almost three and a half years have passed, with Assad still in power, and Davutoglu keeps on making one passionate speech after another about the fate of Syria.
Turkey’s failure to devise a credible policy on Syria has made the country’s leaders nervous. Both Davutoglu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have lately resorted to more aggressive, but less convincing, rhetoric on Syria. The new rhetoric features many aspects of a Sunni Islamist thinking blended with illusions of Ottoman grandeur.
On December 22, Davutoglu said, “Syrian soil is not, and will not be, part of Russia’s imperialistic goals.” That was a relief to know! All the same, Davutoglu could have been more direct and honest if he said that: “Syrian soil will not be part of Russia’s imperialistic goals because we want it to be part of Turkey’s pro-Sunni, neo-Ottoman imperialistic goals.”

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We’re All Fascists Now

After decades of bitterly partisan acrimony, a consensus has been forged. Americans on all sides of the political compass finally agree on something: Donald Trump is a ‘fascist.’
And they say our country is too divided politically to see eye to eye on anything.
Liberals, who are more apt to liken someone they disagree with to Hitler than any other group, get their rocks off pinning the fascist label on Trump. The Week’s Ryan Cooper is the biggest perpetrator of this linguistic stratagem. He’s written numerousarticles on why Trump is a fascist threat to the nation. Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley is also fond of calling the Donald the F-word.
Fascist-mongering is not exclusive to the left. A national security advisor for illegal-alien-loving Jeb! Bush is guilty of the verbal slander. One of Ohio governor John Kasich’s super PACs is subtly linking Trump to fascism by comparing him to Nazi Germany. Marco Rubio’s war cheerleader Max Boot called Trump a fascist while admitting it’s not a term he ‘uses loosely or often.’ Libertarian writer Jeffrey Tucker says that Trump’s ideology ‘is best described as fascism.’

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Office Pool 2016

1) The Republican nominee for president in 2016 will be
Donald Trump by unanimous acclamation of the Republican National Convention. Ted Cruz by unanimous acclamation of the convention. Mitt Romney after a contested, bitter, brokered convention. none of the above. 2) The Democratic nominee for president in 2016 will be
Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders. Al Gore after a contested, bitter, brokered Democratic National Convention. not Hillary Clinton, because she will be indicted by a federal grand jury for various crimes. 3) The voters will elect in a landslide
whoever promises to give them the biggest piece of the federal pie. whoever scares them the most.

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No, We don’t Need This Bloated Military

I got a couple emails that asked me, ‘Hey, don’t you think we NEED a military?! What are we going to do if we’re attacked?!’ Very well. I’ll play. Pay attention, boys and girls. Get up and make coffee and settle in for a nice winter’s chat.
NUMBER ONE: The reason we end up being ‘attacked’ in this day and age is because we stick our rather big nose into everyone else’s business. Listen, we all cannot stand neighbors that do that, so how much more would another country hate that behavior? Especially when it comes in the form of killing their citizens for vague political objectives none of them signed up for, wanted, or asked for. Most people on this planet want the following: Food, clean water, shelter, and safety. Ok, now, if Bashar al-Assad provides all of that, so what is that to us? We didn’t vote for the man, but the Syrians did. So butt out of it. There’s a lot to be said for minding your own business. Every war we’ve been into could have been avoided had we done so. I wonder how many MILLIONS of lives would have been saved had we just minded our own business? Right, we’re always the poor, innocent little waif minding his own business and we got blindsided. Sure. But when America does that, we call it a ‘decapitation strike’ and high-five all the way to the press conference where we gloat about it for weeks. Or we call it a ‘pre-emptive strike’ as if we’ve got The Psychic Hitline, er, Hotline working for us in the Pentagon.
NUMBER TWO: This isn’t a re-make of ‘Red Dawn’ over here, got that? No one is going to invade America. Not when we have enough nuclear weapons to literally destroy the entire planet and have enough left over to work on obliterating the entire solar system itself, just for kicks. The interstellar Circle K’s would be talking about that for eons. Extraterrestrial rockhounds would be collecting pieces of the Earth for their collections for billions of years to come.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on December 31, 2015.

Your vision, your life

I decided to sprinkle this article with quotes from my work-in-progress, The Magician Awakes –
Who is in charge of your life?
Quote 1: There are those who believe life is a museum. You walk through the rooms, find one painting, stroll into it and take up permanent residence. But the museum is endless. If you were a painter, you’d never decide to live inside one of your canvases forever. You’d keep on painting.
In a climate of mediocrity, the independent individual is not moved to agree with the prevailing narrative or some fabricated need to go along with the crowd.
Quote 2: There is a non-material faculty called imagination. If that is stimulated, perception immediately expands.
Who can tell you what to do, how to think, what to envision? Who, besides yourself?
Quote 3: We re-learn to live through and by imagination, and then we enter and invent new space and time. But space and time aren’t superior forces. They operate and come into being at the tap of imagination.
The person who is enmeshed in a thousand excuses for opting out of the future he wants – that person is never going to move off the starting blocks. He’s going to become an artist of his own stagnant swamp.
Quote 4: With imagination, one can solve a problem. More importantly, one can skip ahead of the problem and render it null and void.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on December 28, 2015.

A Year In The Fabulous Life Of Kim Jong-Un, In Pictures

As the November attacks in Paris and the downing of a Russian passenger jet over the Sinai Peninsula vividly demonstrate, we live in a dangerous world.
Indeed, these are trying times for civilized society as countries across the globe struggle to comprehend the phenomenon that is Islamic State whose atrocities have reminded us all that man is capable of committing unspeakable acts of violence.
But by focusing squarely on ISIS or on other jihadists inspired by radical Islam, we risk forgetting about the most dangerous man on the planet, whose evil knows no bounds and whose military genius is rivaled only by the likes of Napoleon:

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Why CIA’s Richard Helms Lied About Oswald: Part 2

This is a rumination on lies – layer upon layer of lies – told by US intelligence agencies and other officials about what Lee Harvey Oswald, or someone pretending to be him, was allegedly doing in Mexico City just weeks before the Kennedy assassination. The original goal, it seems, was to associate Oswald, in advance of the events of Dealey Plaza, with the USSR and Cuba.
The essay focuses on tales told by Richard Helms, a top official of the CIA in 1963 who later became its director – and is based on a talk given by Peter Dale Scott.
Scott is the popularizer of the expression, ‘Deep Politics,’ and a virtuoso when it comes to what sometimes seems like grabbing smoke – capturing proof, however elusive, of motives and objectives that could explain the machinations of US intelligence agencies – and then analyzing the residue.
Not all of the chicanery Scott describes is subtle. For example, in an apparent attempt to bring the Russians into the picture, someone delivered to the FBI’s Dallas office a purported audiotape of Oswald calling the Soviet embassy in Mexico City. That failed, though, when FBI agents decided that the voice did not seem to be Oswald’s.
Then, two days later, the FBI got on board the subterfuge by falsely reporting that ‘no tapes were taken to Dallas.’ Because of this lie, an investigation more than a decade later by the House Select Committee on Assassinations would erroneously declare that there was no ‘basis for concluding that there had been an Oswald imposter.’ (The existence of an Oswald impersonator in the months before the president’s murder would in and of itself have been prima facie evidence of a conspiracy in Kennedy’s death.)
And then there was the attempt to set up a Soviet agent…

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Iraq Threatens War with Turkey

Iraq warns that it will take military action against Turkey if they do not withdraw their troops from their territory. This would get complicated since Turkey is a member of NATO. So who is on whose side? Is Turkey just abusing its NATO status to attack Russia for 7 seconds of violating its air space when it has invaded a neighbor itself?

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Ad Shows Army Prepping for Martial Law: ‘This Is Not Battle Training. This Is Riot Control’

Will martial law be declared on American soil?
Will economic collapse and urban riots result in the final and total loss of civil liberties right here at home?
It could happen, and it is one of the ‘eventualities’ that the military is preparing for, though they are constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the American people.
Part of the U. S. Army’s latest ad campaign, broadcast frequently during football games and sporting events, and widely across many television programs, includes a 30-second spot that shows soldiers training with shields used for domestic riot control.
Watch the ad; the riot shield appear from about :10-:13 seconds in:

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California Law Allowing Government To Seize Legal Guns Goes Into Effect January 1st

Beginning January 1, gun regulations in California will give authorities the right to seize a person’s weapons for 21 days if a judge determines the potential for violence exists.
After a shooting rampage perpetrated by Elliot Rodger in May 2014, the bill was proposed as an ‘emergency restraining order’option for families concerned their loved ones may act out violent urges – if they persuade a judge that loved one’s possession of a firearm ‘poses an immediate and present danger of causing a personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having it in his or her custody or control.’
In other words, the ‘law gives us a vehicle to cause the person to surrender their weapons, to have a time out, if you will,’ Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michael Moore told a local NPR affiliate.

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Turks Warn “We’re One Step Away From Civil War” On Erdogan Crackdown

‘When Justice and Development won by a landslide – a result that Mr. Erdogan interpreted as the public’s demand for stability – many had hoped it would lead to the revival of peace talks.’ That’s from The New York Times, who is out on Thursday with a look at Turkey’s escalating civil war.
To be sure, we haven’t been shy in our assessment of the conflict. We’ve branded the fighting a ‘civil war’ since the summer, when HDP’s strong showing at the ballot box derailed Erdogan’s efforts to transition the country to an executive presidency, a move which would help to strongman consolidate his power.
A subsequent suicide bombing in Suruc prompted the PKK to kill two Turkish policemen the group says were cooperating with Islamic State (which was blamed for the initial attack). That was more than Ankara needed to justify a crackdown on the PKK in the name of the war on ‘terror.’ From there, it was an all-out war between Erdogan and the Kurds, a conflict which quickly transformed cities like Cizre, into warzones.
As al-Jazeera wrote in August, government attacks ‘have put Cizre, a long-defiant bastion of pro-Kurdish sentiment, back on the front lines of a conflict that has cost more than 30,000 lives since 1984.’ Here’s some useful color from Vice:

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BOILER ROOM – New Year’s Cacophony – EP #37

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ starting at its NEW TIME of 6 PM PST | 9 PM EST every Wednesday. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for barfly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.
Join ACR hosts Hesher, & Spore along with Daniel Spaulding from In this final broadcast of 2015 we’re breaking down the State Department’s claims of bringing ‘peace’ to Syria (AKA Kirby having foot in mouth disease), the Google ‘Trump filter’, a liars compilation (AKA Hillary Clinton speaking), McCain going insane, ‘moderate’ violence, Turkey supporting ISIS, feeding the poor becoming an act of ‘activism’, bloated militarized 3 letter agencies armed up against ‘terrorist farmers’ (and the federal judges backing them), FBI grooming disabled people as Patsy’s, just a touch of Star Wars and some armchair philosophy on the heroes and villains of 2015. If you want to participate, bring something interesting to throw into the boiler…

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Google is Collecting Information on Public School Students – Here’s How

As a new parent, the idea of sending my children to public school is a frightening thought. The more you read, the more you realize the importance of extreme vigilance when it comes to what’s happening at whatever place you send your kids to for majority of their day. Quite often, parents are simply left completely in the dark about some very important matters.
One such example relates to Google’s penetration of the U. S. public school system, and how the company employs a loophole in order to collect data on children. Google achieves this by referring to itself as a ‘school official’ under the law. I truly wish I was making this up.
From the Washington Post:
Google is a major player in U. S. education. In fact, in many public schools around the country, it’s technically a ‘school official.’ And that designation means parents may not get a chance to opt out of having information about their children shared with the online advertising giant.

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Dec 31, 2015.

Iran Defies Obama, Orders Expansion Of Missile Program

Earlier today, we outlined Washington’s plan to slap new sanctions on Iran in connection the October test-firing of Tehran’s next generation, surface-to-surface ballistic-missile Emad.
Although the launch itself apparently didn’t violate the letter of the nuclear deal, it did violate a UN ban on developing missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. That triggered an outcry from some members of Congress who feel that the Emad launch amounted to a slap in the face for both the US and Israel considering the ink is barely dry on the nuke accord.
Bowing to the pressure, the Obama administration will now move to sanction around a dozen individuals and companies with ties to Tehran’s missile program.
For its part, Tehran vigorously defends its right to develop what it says are “defensive” weapons. Shortly after the Emad was first test-fired, Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Iran ‘doesn’t ask anyone’s permission to enhance its defense power or missile capability and will firmly pursue our defense plans, particularly in the field of missiles.’
As a reminder, Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the region according to the ironically-named US Institute Of Peace, and on Thursday, an indignant Rouhani has now ordered Dehghan to “expedite” the missile program.
ROUHANI ORDERS DEFENSE MINISTER TO EXPEDITE MISSILE PROGRAM ROUHANI SAYS IRAN HAS A RIGHT TO DEVELOP MISSILES AS THEY ARE NOT DESIGNED TO CARRY NUCLEAR WARHEADS As Reuters reports, “President Hassan Rouhani ordered his defence minister on Thursday to expand Iran’s missile programme, in response to a U. S. threat to impose sanctions over a ballistic missile test Iran carried out in October.”

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China Builds Second Aircraft Carrier As Xi Flexes Maritime Muscle

One topic we’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing is the rise of the PLA navy.
2015 was the year Xi reasserted China’s maritime might – and not just in the South Pacific.
By now, the entire world is well versed in the story of Beijing’s land reclamation efforts in the South China Sea. China has effectively created more than 3,000 acres of new sovereign territory in the Spratlys by piling sand atop reefs. The new ‘sand castles’ – as the US calls them – are now home to an airstrip capable of landing military aircraft, ports, cement factories, a lighthouse, gardens, pigs, soldiers, and Xi only knows what else.
Suffice to say Washington’s regional allies aren’t amused and the Spratly archipelago has been a major foreign policy stumbling block for The White House since at least April.
But the PLA navy’s activities weren’t confined to dredging up sand in 2015. China also showed up unexpectedly at the besieged Yemeni port of Aden to evacuate civilians as the Houthis advanced on the city. That was a rare move for the Chinese. So rare in fact, that it took newswires hours to verify who exactly the soldiers were.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 12/31/2015.