This is what someone’s grandma would call turning lemons into lemonade (or making tacos out of a pretty pathetic robbery attempt).

Here’s how it happened, via KTLA:
The security footage shows three men breaking into a closed Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos establishment on Dec. 16 and sacking the restaurant.

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‘Mental’ People Reported by Family Will Be Forced to ‘Have a Time Out, Surrender Their Weapons’

Careful not to seem too angry next time you argue with your spouse. It could spell the end of your 2nd Amendment.
A California law requiring a ‘temporary’ 21-day gun confiscation of those believed to be potentially violent or mentally unstable will take effect January 1st. President Obama has pushed for similar measures nationwide.
The seized weapons will be returned only if the disarmed individual can pass a mental health screening and obtain a judge’s approval.
The Washington Times reports:
Gun control legislation going into effect in California next week will allow authorities to seize a person’s weapons for 21 days if a judge determines there is potential for violence.
Proposed in the wake of a deadly May 2014 shooting rampage by Elliot Rodger, the bill provides family members with a means of having an emergency ‘gun violence restraining order’ imposed against a loved one if they can convince a judge that this person’s possession of a firearm ‘poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself or another by having in his or her custody or control.’

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America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed – Paul Craig Roberts

One hundred years ago European civilization, as it had been known, was ending its life in the Great War, later renamed World War I. Millions of soldiers ordered by mindless generals into the hostile arms of barbed wire and machine gun fire had left the armies stalemated in trenches. A reasonable peace could have been reached, but US President Woodrow Wilson kept the carnage going by sending fresh American soldiers to try to turn the tide against Germany in favor of the English and French.
The fresh Amerian machine gun and barbed wire fodder weakened the German position, and an armistance was agreed. The Germans were promised no territorial losses and no reparations if they laid down their arms, which they did only to be betrayed at Versailles. The injustice and stupidity of the Versailles Treaty produced the German hyperinflation, the collapse of the Weimar Republic, and the rise of Hitler.
Hitler’s demands that Germany be put back together from the pieces handed out to France, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, comprising 13 percent of Germany’s European territory and one-tenth of her population, and a repeat of French and British stupidity that had sired the Great War finished off the remnants of European civilization in World War II.
The United States benefitted greatly from this death. The economy of the United States was left untouched by both world wars, but economies elsewhere were destroyed. This left Washington and the New York banks the arbiters of the world economy. The US dollar replaced British sterling as the world reserve currency and became the foundation of US domination in the second half of the 20th century, a domination limited in its reach only by the Soviet Union.
The Soviet collapse in 1991 removed this constraint from Washington. The result was a burst of American arrogance and hubris that wiped away in over-reach the leadership power that had been handed to the United States. Since the Clinton regime, Washington’s wars have eroded American leadership and replaced stability in the Middle East and North Africa with chaos.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on December 30, 2015.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Our Top Ten Conspiracies of 2015

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to take stock of some of the more gripping conspiratorial events and stories covered by 21WIRE over the past year. Once again, it was a year that defied reason or logic the world over. From Paris to Palmyra, San Bernardino to Sanaa, or from Roanoke to Raqqa – there’s never been a year like 2015.

As was the case in 2014, there were a number of other high-profile news stories we could have included in this year’s conspiratorial expos but within our top ten list, we’ve chosen to focus on not only the most important events, but also the most improbable ones too. While CNN and other majors spent the summer doing a live reenactment of Prison Break ala milk toast, we remained busy digging into the false flag terror, NGO soft power complex, Operation GLADIO 2.0 and deconstructed the active shooter paradox.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on DECEMBER 31, 2015.

NSA Spied on Israeli Prime Minister During US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations

In an unexpected confirmation of what every thinking person realized upfront, the Guardian reports US ‘spied on Binyamin Netanyahu during Iran nuclear deal talks’
Despite Barack Obama’s promise to curtail eavesdropping on allies in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations about the scale and scope of US activities, the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance included phone conversations between top Israeli officials, US congressmen and American-Jewish groups, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The White House did not confirm or deny the report. Ned Price, spokesman for the National Security Council, said on Wednesday: ‘We are not going to comment on any specific alleged intelligence activities. As a general matter, and as we have said previously, we do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. This applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike.’

This post was published at Global Economic Analysis on Wednesday, December 30, 2015.


After the San Bernardino shooting, the most pressing issue for progressives was closing the gun ‘loophole’ that allows suspected terrorists to buy firearms. Specifically, they seem to think that people who have been flagged by the government, and placed on the no fly list, should also be prevented from buying a gun. At first glance it makes sense. After all, why should suspected terrorists ever be allowed to buy a weapon?
However, it stops making sense the moment you take a look at what the no fly list is, and what it entails. It also completely ignores the idea that people should never be punished for crimes they haven’t committed.
This is a list that contains millions of names. We don’t even know the exact number. We don’t know the country of origin for all these people. We don’t know how they got there, or what conditions and procedures were used to put them on the list. And we have no idea how anyone can ever get off the list. Everything about the no fly list is a secret, and more importantly, there is nothing judicial about it. There is no trial, judges or juries, and there is certainly no defending yourself. That’s because you don’t necessarily need to commit a crime to be on the list.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on DECEMBER 31, 2015.

NSA spying rolls up US Congress. Bombshell? Kidding?

Breaking: While Obama was pursuing the Iran nuclear deal, he wanted to know what Israeli leaders were up to, so he accessed NSA reports. NSA was spying on Netanyahu and other Israeli officials. The thing was, the Israelis were talking on the phone to members of the US Congress. Oops. So it turned out NSA was spying on Congress, as well.
But wait. This story, now being reported as a shocker, is…no surprise at all. It’s business as usual for the NSA. The shock and outrage is fake. Who’s kidding who?
The NSA is a Pentagon agency, and the Pentagon is part of the Executive Branch of government. Of course it’s been spying on the Legislative Branch. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be doing its job.
Several years ago, Ed Snowden made the following statement (ABC News aired the video clip): ‘I, sitting at my [NSA] desk, certainly had the authority to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if I had a personal email.’
There was a brief ‘firestorm’ in the press about it, and it went down the memory hole.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on Dec 30, 2015.

Iran ships uranium to Russia, fulfilling a key provision of nuclear deal

Iran shipped thousands of pounds of enriched uranium to Russia on Monday, a key commitment in the nuclear deal that had to be fulfilled before international sanctions can be lifted.
Secretary of State John F. Kerry applauded the transfer, calling it a ‘significant milestone’ toward the deal’s implementation. He said the one shipment alone more than triples the estimated two- to three-month ‘breakout time’ needed for Iran to acquire enough weapons-grade uranium to build one nuclear weapon.
Under the agreement reached July 14 in Vienna, Iran was required to whittle down its stockpile of low-enriched uranium to no more than 300 kilograms, about 660 pounds. Low-enriched uranium can be used to generate electrical power, but it must be enriched further to create weapons-grade material.

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Obama To Hit New “Friend” Iran With Fresh Sanctions Over Contested Ballistic-Missile Program

Spot what’s wrong with the following sentence: ‘The Obama administration is preparing to impose its first financial sanctions on Iran since it forged a landmark nuclear agreement in July.’
That’s from WSJ and it underscores how truly absurd the relationship between Washington and Tehran has become. Just as the US is preparing to lift crippling international sanctions against Iran in connection with the country’s nuclear program, The White House is set to slap new sanctions on the country to punish the Iranians for advances in ballistic-missile development.
You might recall that back in October, Tehran test-fired the Emad, a new generation, precision-guided, surface-to-surface ballistic missile with the capability of hitting arch enemy Israel. According to The Center for Strategic and International Studies, the liquid-propelled Shahab-3 variant has a range of 1,700 kilometers, is accurate to within 500 meters of the target, and can carry a 750-kilogram payload. For those who might have missed it, here’s the test-fire:

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This guy is such a slick fake. If the Powers that Shouldn’t Be didn’t in some way really want him and his terrible politics in office, even as a potential VP, he wouldn’t still be in the running.
If you watched the last debate, it’s a good thing you finally got to see how authoritarian Rubio really is. He drooled all over the NDAA and begged for more NSA surveillance state to fight the turrurists. He was roaring for boots on the ground and more war in the Middle East. Don’t forget, not only was Rubio ‘totally committed’ to Obama’s unconstitutional immigration bill, but he’s also Israeli billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s favorite GOP lapdog. In fact, while he’s perfectly fine with even more spying on Americans here at home (to keep you safe), he’s apparently somehow outraged that spying on Israel may be worse than reported (just so you know where his allegiances truly are first and foremost).
Well now he’s saying if he becomes president, the first thing he’s going to do is call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the U. S. Constitution:

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Missouri Ravaged By Historic Flooding As Disaster After Disaster Continues To Hit America

Why does this keep happening to America? Since the month of September, the United States has been absolutely pummeled by a devastating series of disasters, and this most recent one may be the worst of all. Right now, communities all along the Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas rivers are dealing with ‘historic’ flooding. In Missouri, it is being said that nobody ‘that is living has ever seen anything like this’, and it is being projected that rivers could reach levels not seen since ‘the Great Flood’ of 1993. Portions of Interstate 44 have been totally shut down, and thousands of people have either already been evacuated from their homes or are preparing to evacuate. It would be difficult to overstate the utter devastation that we are witnessing. Personally, I have some very good friends in southern Missouri, and I will definitely be keeping them in my prayers.
The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, is warning people to be very careful. Thirteen people have already been killed by the flooding, and Nixon says that the waters are going ‘places they’ve never been before’…
Thirteen people in Missouri have died in floods caused by severe storms over the weekend, and although the rain has moved on, swollen rivers are still rising and won’t crest for days, Gov. Jay Nixon said.
‘It’s very clear that Missouri is in the midst of a very historic and dangerous flooding event,’ Nixon told reporters Tuesday. ‘The amount of rain we’ve received, in some places in excess of a foot, has caused river levels to not only rise rapidly, but to go to places they’ve never been before.’
A state of emergency was declared in Missouri on Monday, and yesterday Governor Nixon activated the National Guard. But the river is still rising, and the worst is yet to come.
At this point, some communities have already been totally wiped out. This includes the little town of Rockaway Beach, which is not too far away from Branson. The following comes from USA Today…

This post was published at The Economic Collapse Blog on December 30th, 2015.

Manufacturing Insourcing is More Comic in Fact than in Fiction

Here’s a TV-watching tip for the upcoming holiday – and No, it’s not the college football championship games. Catch or stream the 2012 Will Ferrell comedy ‘The Campaign.’ And it’s not mainly because I’m a big Will Ferrell fan. Rather, the film deals with the idea of manufacturing insourcing in an especially funny way. In fact, make that ‘two funny ways’ – only one of which the scriptwriters seems aware of.
‘The Campaign’ is about a Congressional race in a small-town North Carolina district between the worthless – though sort of lovable – gadabout of an incumbent (Ferrell). and a humble, endearingly wholesome political novice unwittingly fronting for ruthless tycoons. The puppet is played perfectly, touchingly old-fashioned sense of honor and all, by (get this) Zach Galifianakis. Special casting bonus for fans of the near-classic ‘Trading Places’: Dan Aykroyd, whose arrogant young financier character in that 1983 feature was chewed up and spit out on a bet by his bosses, the nefarious Duke brothers, plays one of the equally villainous ‘Motch Brothers’ in ‘The Campaign.’
I’m betraying no momentous secret by revealing that the climax involves the challenger indignantly refusing to go along with the Motches’ plan for the district. But the scheme itself was striking (at least for a policy wonk) and creative: The moguls need a pliable Congressman to help them buy up huge tracts of land, build factories on them, and then sell them for a ginormous profit to a Chinese manufacturer. He, in turn, would staff them not with the locals, but with 50-cent-an-hour workers shipped in from the PRC. As the Motches proudly announce, ‘We call the concept ‘insourcing.”

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner by Alan Tonelson ‘ December 30, 2015.

Caught On Tape: Saudi Warplanes Vaporize Coca Cola Plant In Yemen

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia released budget numbers which showed that the kingdom ran a deficit in 2015 that amounted to some 15% of GDP.
To be sure, that was far better than feared, but it’s still a disaster and reflects just how much damage Riyadh’s two wars are inflicting on the monarchy’s finances.
When we say ‘two’ wars, we’re of course talking about the figurative ‘war’ on US shale production and the literal war against the Iran-backed Houthis in neighboring Yemen. The following graphic from Deutsche Bank should give you an idea of just how much Riyadh spends on the military:

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Switzerland is well-known for being an incredibly safe country with a high standard of living. And historically speaking, it’s one of the most defensible nations on Earth. Between the rough terrain of the Swiss Alps, and their massive well-trained conscript army, Switzerland is not an easy country to threaten. Their borders appear secure, and internally their society seems prosperous and peaceful.
So when the military leadership for a country of this caliber begins to express concerns for the future, you should take notice. In a recent interview, Chief of the Swiss Military Andr Blattmann, noted that Swiss prosperity ‘has once again been called into question.’ He went on to compare the current state of affairs with what Switzerland faced during World War One and Two.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on DECEMBER 30, 2015.

Scandal: Obama Caught Spying On Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu And Members Of Congress

If you found out that one of your ‘friends’ was secretly peeking in your windows at you and your family throughout the day, would that person continue to be your friend? Of course not. But that is exactly what Barack Obama has been doing to Israel. According to the Wall Street Journal, during Obama’s first term the decision was made to monitor the communications of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders. This represents an astounding betrayal of our closest ally in the Middle East, but the scandal doesn’t end there. In the process of monitoring Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, the NSA also collected private conversations that they had with members of the U. S. Congress. So that means that Obama and the NSA were spying on Congress, which is a very serious violation of the law.
This wasn’t supposed to happen. Two years ago, Obama promised that he was going to quit spying on the leaders of other nations that we are allied with.
But just like most of Obama’s other promises, this one proved to be hollow as well. The following comes from the Wall Street Journal…
President Barack Obama announced two years ago he would curtail eavesdropping on friendly heads of state after the world learned the reach of long-secret U. S. surveillance programs.
But behind the scenes, the White House decided to keep certain allies under close watch, current and former U. S. officials said. Topping the list was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
So when did all of this spying on Israeli officials originally start happening?
Apparently, the surveillance of Netanyahu began ‘late in Obama’s first term in office’…

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Another Regime Change “Success”: Ukraine President Less Popular Than State Dept-Ousted Predecessor

Two weeks ago, we noted – with some amusement – that Ukraine has defaulted to Russia on a $3 billion obligation. To be sure, the move wasn’t unexpected.
‘I have a feeling that they will not pay us back because they are crooks,’ Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said previously.
Here, in a nutshell, is what happened.
Back in 2013, Putin bought a $3 billion eurobond from Kiev’s Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovych. As Reuters noted at the time, ‘Kiev needed cash to cover its external funding gap, while the central bank’s currency reserves are depleted by efforts to support the hryvnia and repay foreign debt.’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 12/30/2015.


The storms that devastated the central United States over the Christmas holidays causing tornadoes and leaving scores of people dead has shifted to the North Pole where meteorologists say it is continuing to wreak havoc.
Temperatures at the North Pole, which are usually about 20 degrees below zero at this time of year, have spiked as much as 50 degrees in the last 24 hours creating what scientists call a ‘bomb cyclogenesis.’
The Washington Post reports:
From Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, a mind-boggling pressure drop was recorded in Iceland: 54 millibars in just 18 hours. This triples the criteria for ‘bomb’ cyclogenesis, which meteorologists use to describe a rapidly intensifying mid-latitude storm. A ‘bomb’ cyclone is defined as dropping one millibar per hour for 24 hours.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on DECEMBER 30, 2015.

Obama’s Hawaii Vacation: $8 Million; Secret Service: $317k; Nailing A 40-Foot Chip: Priceless

Thanks to the deep digging from Judicial Watch, we now know that President Obama’s Christmas 2013 vacation to Hawaii cost taxpayers a handy $8.1 million. The itinerary, we are sure, was very similar to this year’s golfing (and shave ice) extravaganza, which explains why, the known total expense to the American taxpayers thus far for all Obama travel is now $70,880,035.78. Well, it’s only fair right?
Judicial Watch announced today that it recently received expense records from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that Secret Service expenses for the Obama family vacation to Honolulu during December 2013-January 2014 cost taxpayers at least $316,698.03. These new expenses bring the total for the Hawaii Christmas vacation trip to $8,098,060.33. The Secret Service waited nearly two years to produce the requested numbers to Judicial Watch.
The heavily redacted records were obtained on December 28 in response to a January 6, 2014, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. According to the records:
$91,751.78 in car rental expenses were paid $224,974.05 in accommodation expenses were paid to Cabana Girl, LLC and Paradise Luxury Rentals The documents are heavily redacted and the Secret Service is withholding 28 pages in their entirety.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 12/30/2015.