Taking apart psychiatry: fraud-kings of the mind

‘Promoting diabolically false science, psychiatry creates a gateway for defining many separate states of consciousness that don’t exist at all. They’re cheap myths, fairy tales.’(The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
USA Today, January 26, 2016: ‘Primary care doctors should screen all adults for depression, an expert panel recommended Tuesday.’
– Let’s screen everybody to find out if they have mental disorders. Let’s diagnose as many people as possible with mental disorders and give them toxic drugs –
Wherever you see organized psychiatry operating, you see it trying to expand its domain and its dominance. The Hippocratic Oath to do no harm? Are you kidding?
The first question to ask is: do these mental disorders have any scientific basis? There are now roughly 300 of them. They multiply like fruit flies.
An open secret has been bleeding out into public consciousness for the past ten years.
And along with that:
ALL SO-CALLED MENTAL DISORDERS ARE CONCOCTED, NAMED, LABELED, DESCRIBED, AND CATEGORIZED by a committee of psychiatrists, from menus of human behaviors.

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It’s been over a week since the Macedonian government shuttered its borders, which cut off the flow of refugees into the rest of Europe, and left thousands stranded in Greece. The Greek government has since begged other European nations to keep their borders open, for fear that their nation will become a choke-point where hundreds of thousands of migrants will be forced settle.
Obviously, the refugees are not very happy with this arrangement either. Very few of them have any intention of settling down under an insolvent government, nor do they want to turn around and go back the way they came. The refugees are so desperate to get through Greece, that a mob of them tried to break through the Macedonian border with a battering ram on Monday.

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The Calm Before The Storm As Military Assets Are Moved Into Place – Episode 906b

The following video was published by X22Report on Feb 29, 2016
New poll shows Obamacare has only helped 15% of the people, the rest are paying high premiums and are being taxed. The stingray device has been used over 6,000 time US Marshals. Ukraine is collapsing, Yatsenyuk says that there are external forces trying to control Ukraine. UK now transporting troops to Tunisia for the offensive in Libya. France now has their aircraft carrier moving into position off the coast of Libya. US warning US citizens to evacuate Mosul. Syria ceasefire is holding but the US is preparing plan ‘?’ to create chaos in the region to reignite the war in Syria.

Two FBI Whistleblowers Take on Unresolved Case of Suspicious Letters Targeting Oregon Sheriffs

Dr. Fred Whitehurst, the nation’s leading forensic expert, former Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory, and a whistleblower, joins FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on the highly questionable aspects of the suspicious letters targeting Oregon Sheriffs. After 7 months the case of suspicious letters sent to Oregon Sheriffs’ offices still remains unsolved. Dr. Whitehurst and Edmonds take on the case-from chain of custody and adherence to national forensic examination guidelines, to the singular questionable suspect, motive(s), timing, and the absence of any federal or state charges against the suspect.

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Trump vs. Clinton – Two Tweets That Say It All

So the Democrats in all their idiocy are about to nominate Hillary Clinton, which all but guarantees a Trump Presidency.
I came across two tweets today that summarize the mood perfectly. If you think Trump is going to destroy the GOP, Hillary is just as likely to destroy the Democratic Party by losing to Trump. Enjoy:
The only thing I really take away from the trump outrage is that the privileged are worried about losing theirs. Not racism, fascism, etc.
— (@umairh) February 29, 2016

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London Bubble Trouble – Visas Issued to Wealthy Foreigners Plunge 84%

It appears the music may have finally stopped for one of the world’s largest luxury real estate bubbles: London.
It’s well known that foreign oligarchs love London real estate as a means to launder funds, typically ‘earned’ by soaking their host countries dry via corruption and fraud. This has caused absurd and irrational spikes in high-end residential real estate in the English capital, as well as a flood of new construction.
With emerging markets now completely collapsing, the seemingly endless flood of foreign money is drying up, and with it, London real estate.
So has the London real estate bubble popped? Probably.
– From the September 9, 2015 article: Luxury London Home Sales Plunge 26% – Has this Mega Real Estate Bubble Finally Burst?
London’s luxury property bubble seems to have popped sometime during the second half of last year, something I’ve written about repeatedly over the past several months.
One of the primary drivers behind the weakness in this ‘asset class’ is a sharp reduction in the numbers of foreign criminals laundering money via London real estate. Just in case you still harbored any doubts about high-end London property being little more than bank accounts for shady foreign oligarchs, we learn the following from Bloomberg:

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There have been a lot of attacks on Trump lately. Even the Pope took what many considered to be a hypocritical stance against the man. The elite do not want him anywhere near the White House, that much is obvious… at least, that’s the clear message they are sending.
Former CIA director Michael Hayden is claiming the U. S. military might disobey President Donald Trump.
First, Bill Maher says that the election is basically hinging on a terrorist attack because if one goes down, Trump will win. (Nice, right?) Hayden agrees.
Then –

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WW3: Fighters From Turkey Are Pouring Into Syria And Attacking Targets Despite The Ceasefire

The ceasefire in Syria is a joke. Turkish military units continue to mass along the border, and militants are pouring across the border to attack targets in northern Syria. The Prime Minister of Turkey is now openly admitting that his government is supporting the militants that are trying to overthrow the Syrian government, and the Turkish government has also made it abundantly clear that they have no plans to stop shelling the Kurds on the other side of the border. So despite the ‘ceasefire’, the truth is that the threat of World War 3 breaking out in the Middle East is greater than ever.
At times it is difficult to see the dividing line between the Turkish military and the radical jihadists that are hopping back and forth across the border with the full support of the Turkish government. Over the weekend, militants from Turkey that crossed over into northern Syria were supported by artillery fire from the Turkish military as they attacked a key Kurdish town…
In the Raqqa province, a group of some 100 fighters crossed into Syria from Turkey. The group later joined forces with other militants and attacked the Kurdish town of Tell Abyad.
The 250-strong group was supported by artillery fire from the Turkish territory, a fact that Russia said the US should explain. The Kurdish YPG militia fended off the attack, the report said.
This is an act of war, and yet the Obama administration does not seem to mind.
If Turkey will not even honor the ceasefire, what hope is there that anything will be able to stop them from acting so aggressively?
At this point, the Turks are not even pretending anymore. Just the other day, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu openly admitted that his nation is backing the militants that are trying to overthrow the Assad regime…

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It’s Not Just the GOP – The Democratic Party is Also Imploding

Whichever side emerges victorious, both Republicans and Democrats should face up to a much bigger truth: Neither party as currently constituted has a real future. Fewer and fewer Americans identify as either Republican or Democratic according to Gallup, and both parties are at recent or all-time lows when it comes to approval ratings. Just 39 percent give Democrats a favorable rating and just 33 percent do the same for Republicans. Not coincidentally, each party has also recently had a clear shot at implementing its vision of the good society. If you want to drive down your adversary’s approval rating, just give him the reins of power for a few years.
– From the post: Thoughts on Election Day: Relax – Both Parties Are Going Extinct
Political pundits throughout the land are tripping over each other to compose the latest bland, uninsightful screed proclaiming the death of the Republican Party. This makes sense, because the primary purpose of a political pundit is to state the obvious years after it’s already become established fact to everyone actually paying attention.
Yes, of course, Trump winning the GOP nomination marks the end of the party as we know it. After all, some neocons are already publicly and actively throwing their support behind Hillary. While this undoubtably represents a major political turning point in U. S. history, many pundits have yet to appreciate that the exact same thing is happening within the Democratic Party. It’s just not completely obvious yet.

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“The GOP Is On The Verge Of A Meltdown”: Senior Republicans Threaten To Vote For Hillary

With Donald Trump set for a yuuge victory in tomorrow’s Super Tuesday slugfest – oddsmakers see 80% chance of Trump being the nominee – tensions are mounting dramatically within the Republican establishment. As The FT reports, many mainstream Republicans believe Mr Trump would struggle to beat Hillary Clinton and are urgently rallying around their man Rubio with some senior Republicans saying privately that they might consider voting for Mrs Clinton if Mr Trump were to end up as their party nominee as one conservative commentator exclaimed “we are on the verge of a real meltdown in the Republican party.”
Trump’s lead in the polls over his GOP nominee ‘peers’ continues to grow…

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R.I.P. Vox Populi: Democracy Is Dead In The U.S. – Your Vote Is Worthless

Mind-blowing simply can not describe the realization that this country’s populace is willing to accept Hillary Clinton as a bona fide Presidential candidate. The fact that anyone is willing to support her candidacy is beyond imaginable. Notwithstanding her known illegal activities in her career as an attorney while her husband was Governor of Arkansas and then when he was running for President; notwithstanding all the scandals to which she was connected while her husband was in the Oval office; the fact that Hillary is now the Democratic front-runner in the Presidential race is the direct manifestation of just how far into the abyss toward collapse that the United States has fallen.
Based on all the evidence, there is no question that Hillary has been completely ‘captured’ by Wall Street’s siren call of riches. Both she and her husband have been paid millions by the Too Big To Fail banks for speech-making appearances. Hillary’s public financial disclosures show she earned $2,935,000 from 12 speeches to Wall Street banks alone from 2013 – 2015; Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000, Goldman Sachs an astonishing $675,000 for a single speech. Wall Street banks are her leading campaign contributors.
What could either Bill or Hillary possibly teach these bankers other than how to break the law and get away with it? This speaks nothing to the fact that Hillary has been exposed for selling National policy initiatives to the highest bidder abroad per her emails which were hacked and exposed. The entire spectacle of Hillary’s campaign is a nightmare beyond imigination turned into reality.

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Pro-Constitution Sheriff Under Attack in Oregon

The following video was published by corbettreport on Feb 29, 2016
In 2013 Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer became one of the most visible of a score of sheriffs across the US who stood up against gun control measures proposed by the Obama administration. Last year he was hospitalized after receiving a letter containing a suspicious substance. This year he is under investigation as a potential “security leak.” Joining us today to share the details of their ongoing investigation into the political persecution of Sheriff Palmer are Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras of Newsbud.com.

Only In America: An Indiscreet Selfie Can Put A Kid In Prison – Paul Craig Roberts

Did you know that if you are an American under 18 years old and you use your cell phone to send a nude ‘selfie’ of yourself to a friend, you can be convicted of manufacturing and distributing ‘child pornography’ and sent to prison? In case you are too old to be in the loop, a ‘selfie’ is a photo that one makes of oneself.
This is how expansively prosecutors, whose main purpose in life is to ruin as many people as possible, interpret laws passed to protect children from sexual exploitation.
Sexting – the exchange of nude photographs – is now a big thing among the 14-17 year old set, especially among females. They have transitioned from children to women and find the extraordinary change in their bodies an interesting phenomenon. Under the expansive interpretation of child pornography laws, for an under 18-year old to even possess a nude photo of herself or himself is a violation of the law. Thanks to the illegal, unconstitutional surveillence of every communication of every American sanctioned by the US government and the corrupt Supreme Court that serves the government and not the Constitution, a naked photo sent by an under-18 year-old can be intercepted and the sender prosecuted for possessing, manufacturing, and distributing child pornography.
Teenagers can have their life ruined by the government ‘protecting’ them.
In the state of New Mexico, awareness that kids faced the prospect of being ruined by sending explicit images of themselves to one another got the attention of New Mexico state senator George Munoz, a Democrat, and Steven Robert Allen of the American Civil Liberties Union. They got a bill passed that exempts consensual photograph sharing from prosecution. However the Republican Governor Susana Martinez and the state attorney general, Hector Balderas, oppose the new law.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on February 29, 2016.

Caught On Tape: 500 Syrians Storm Greek Border Fence With Homemade Battering Ram

Last week, EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos delivered a rather unnerving assessment of the prospects for Angela Merkel’s multicultural utopia: if Turkey and Greece can’t come to some kind of agreement on how to secure Europe’s external border in the next week, the bloc will simply collapse under the weight of the refugee flow from the Mid-East.
That’s right ladies and gentlemen. At least one eurocrat thinks this entire experiment with passport-free borders is going to come to a rather unceremonious end in the next five days.
EU officials are set to meet with Turkey on March 7 to discuss possible remedies to the crisis, but the prospects for that meeting aren’t great.
Erdogan is far more interested in extracting cash from Brussels than he is in helping to stem the flow of refugees. Indeed, if you had to point to one man who has contributed the most to the exodus of civilians from Syria, you’d have to look at Erdogan, whose support for Sunni extremists and anti-Assad elements has plunged Syria into chaos.
Meanwhile, Brussels somehow expects beleaguered Greece – which is completely broke and has resorted to doubling taxes on farmers to meet Berlin’s budget demands – to control the flow of migrants into Western Europe. Last week, Athens recalled its ambassador to Austria after the country held a meeting on immigration with Balkan countries without inviting Greece. ‘Greece will not accept becoming Europe’s Lebanon, a warehouse of souls,’ Greek migration minister, Yannis Mouzalas told reporters last Thursday.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 02/29/2016.

A Warning To The GOP

So Mitch McConnell thinks that this sort of nonsense is acceptable in American politics eh?
Normally at this point in the election cycle the GOP would be gearing up for attacks on their anticipated Democratic rival for the White House. But party leaders are so distraught at the idea of the blustery businessman heading the ticket, that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken to advising candidates to keep their distance from Trump.
According to the New York Times, McConnell is assuring Senate candidates running for reelection that they should feel free to run ads against Trump if they feel he is hurting their own campaigns. According to senators attending private lunches with the Majority Leader, McConnell is taking the approach that Trump will lose badly in the general election and that senators should sell themselves as a bulwark against a Hillary Clinton presidency.
So Mr. McConnell, you supported your party when they demanded a “loyalty oath” from Trump, but that doesn’t extend to the party? It’s one-sided?
Like hell it was — and is.
Let me point a few things out to you Mitch, and more than a few others — like Limbaugh, Levin, McMorris-Rodgers, Fox News, the Koch clan, Ryan and the rest of you.
You all exist politically and on a business level because we the people put up with you, and for no other reason.
That’s not a threat, it’s a fact. Nobody is or remains in business because they have a right to, they do so because people buy their product or service, either directly or indirectly. In the case of media it’s (mostly) indirect through advertisers. Nobody is or remains in a political office because they have a right to, they do so because people vote to allow them to.

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Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies Jump to Highest Level Since 2010

Just in case you need some more evidence that the U. S. economy is rolling over.
Bloomberg reports:
More borrowers with spotty credit are failing to make monthly car payments on time, a troubling sign for investors who have snapped up billions of dollars of securities backed by risky auto debt.
Delinquencies on subprime auto loans packaged into bonds rose in January to 4.7 percent, a level not seen since 2010, according to data from Wells Fargo & Co.

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Beating the Bully State

Read the following posting with caution. If you choose to read it you may be placed on a watch list.
I am on a flight from the West Coast to New York City, writing at 35,000 feet in the sky. I have been passing the time on a 4.5-hour flight reading John W. Whitehead’s bookBattlefield America. Maybe here at this high altitude, the keystrokes on my laptop computer cannot be monitored by the National Security Agency.
I am only synopsizing part of Whitehead’s book because you, like me, are likely to be so distracted you have little time to read its entire text. However, you should really purchase a copy of this book if for nothing else but to hide it in your attic before all remembrance of freedom and liberty in the U. S. has vanished.
You, like me, have been lulled into the complacency of illusory democracy, of reveling over historical but not present freedoms. You can’t imagine your right to bear arms, your right to free speech, the checks, and balances of three branches of government, the role the news media plays in making government accountable as the ‘fourth estate,’ have been drastically diminished, all by something called fascism.

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