America’s Recent Achievements In The Middle East

Here are before-and-after pictures of what the U. S. government has achieved, in the Middle East:

What’s especially interesting there, is that in all of these missions, except for Iraq, the U. S. was doing it with the key participation of the Saud family, the royals who own Saudi Arabia, and who are the world’s largest buyers of American weaponry. Since Barack Obama came into the White House, the operations – Libya, Yemen, and Syria – have been, to a large extent, joint operations with the Sauds. ‘We’ are now working more closely with ‘our’ ‘friends’, even than ‘we’ were under George W. Bush.
As President Obama instructed his military, on 28 May 2014:

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On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, activists from around the world prepare to come to NYC to continue seeking answers about who funded the attacks and what caused the buildings to fall at near free-fall speed – but do the American people even care?
On Friday July 15, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) published the newly declassified 28 pages of the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. The 28 pages were classified by former President George W. Bush shortly after the report was released in 2002.
The long-classified pages make up the bulk of a section titled ‘Part 4: Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters.’ Former Senator Bob Graham, a previous chair for the House Intelligence Committee who has been extensively involved in the fight to release the pages, told CNN that he was ‘very pleased’ by the announcement.
‘It is going to increase the questioning of the Saudis’ role supporting the hijackers,’ Graham told CNN. ‘I think of this almost as the 28 pages are sort of the cork in the wine bottle. And once it’s out, hopefully the rest of the wine itself will start to pour out.’
The report states:

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If You Disagree With This Harvard Economist You May Be Stupid And A Racist

Shocked by the inexplicable realization that Americans are stubbornly unwilling to bow down and blindly accept the political and economic views of the educated elites in this country, Harvard Professor Gregory Mankiw recently took to the New York Times to pen an oped where he concluded that the only possible reason for the lack of conformity to his point of view is the stupidity and racism of the electorate. An article by Adam Button atforexlive, called our attention to the recent oped which he described as a “dazzling display of contempt for the public from a Harvard professor who can’t believe that voters aren’t listening to the gospel of the economic elites.”
Questioning why American’s object to increasing globalization, Professor Mankiw pointed to three main conclusions:
“The first is isolationism more broadly. Trade skeptics tend to think, for example, that the United States should stay out of world affairs and avoid getting involved in foreign conflicts. They are not eager for the United States to work with other nations to solve global problems like hunger and pollution.” “The second is nationalism. Trade skeptics tend to think that the United States is culturally superior to other nations. They say the world would be better if people elsewhere were more like Americans.”
“The third is ethnocentrism. Trade skeptics tend to divide the world into racial and ethnic groups and think that the one they belong to is better than the others. They say their own group is harder working, less wasteful and more trustworthy.”
In summary, Professor Mankiw concludes that “…isolationist, nationalist, ethnocentric worldview is related to one’s level of education…the more years of schooling people have, the more likely they are to reject anti-globalization attitudes.” So if we understand Professor Mankiw correctly, we disagree with him because we’re stupid, and because we’re stupid we’re also necessarily racist. Got it.
Lest you think that Mr. Mankiw only holds contempt for American dissenters, he points out that the British people are stupid and racist as well:

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Ma Bell Suppressed Innovation for Thirty Grueling Years

for the days of Ma Bell!’ is not a lament we’re likely to hear. And for good reason. Before the breakup of AT&T, America’s telephone system was a government-sanctioned monopoly characterized by stagnant service offerings, high costs, and a glacial pace of consumer-facing innovation.
So it was distressing when a federal appeals court engaged in a bit of 1970s nostalgia last month by upholding the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) ill-conceived net neutrality rules. Under the new FCC rules, Internet service will increasingly be regulated like a public utility, rather than a competitive market.
The likely result? Reduced investment in online communications infrastructure, reduced competition, and innovation slowing down to a crawl.
Technology companies in the United States are our economy’s drivers – making things better, faster, and cheaper while creating new jobs and economic growth. Nothing could be worse for American competitiveness, or for consumers, than returning to the ‘golden age’ of Ma Bell.
In the Belly of Ma Bell
Take it from me. I spent the early years of my career toiling for Ma Bell’s crown jewel, Bell Labs, which gave us technology breakthroughs like the transistor, the laser, the solar cell, and scientific advances in radio astronomy that provided the first direct confirmation of the Big Bang. While these are impressive achievements, they are not the whole picture. To see that fuller picture, we need to apply the most basic test for assessing economic policies, which is to examine not only what is seen, but also what is not seen.

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A World War Has Begun

Break the silence
This is an edited version of an address by John Pilger at the University of Sydney, entitled A World War Has Begun.
I have been filming in the Marshall Islands, which lie north of Australia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Whenever I tell people where I have been, they ask, ‘Where is that?’ If I offer a clue by referring to ‘Bikini’, they say, ‘You mean the swimsuit.’
Few seem aware that the bikini swimsuit was named to celebrate the nuclear explosions that destroyed Bikini island. Sixty-six nuclear devices were exploded by the United States in the Marshall Islands between 1946 and 1958 – the equivalent of 1.6 Hiroshima bombs every day for twelve years.
Bikini is silent today, mutated and contaminated. Palm trees grow in a strange grid formation. Nothing moves. There are no birds. The headstones in the old cemetery are alive with radiation. My shoes registered ‘unsafe’ on a Geiger counter.
Standing on the beach, I watched the emerald green of the Pacific fall away into a vast black hole. This was the crater left by the hydrogen bomb they called ‘Bravo’. The explosion poisoned people and their environment for hundreds of miles, perhaps forever.
On my return journey, I stopped at Honolulu airport and noticed an American magazine called Women’s Health. On the cover was a smiling woman in a bikini swimsuit, and the headline: ‘You, too, can have a bikini body.’ A few days earlier, in the Marshall Islands, I had interviewed women who had very different ‘bikini bodies’; each had suffered thyroid cancer and other life-threatening cancers.

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Whistleblower’s Stunning Claim: “NSA Has All Of Hillary’s Deleted Emails, It May Be The Leak”

Over a year before Edward Snowden shocked the world in the summer of 2013 with revelations that have since changed everything from domestic to foreign US policy but most of all, provided everyone a glimpse into just what the NSA truly does on a daily basis, a former NSA staffer, and now famous whistleblower, William Binney, gave excruciating detail to Wired magazine about all that Snowden would substantiate the following summer.
We covered it in a 2012 post titled ‘We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State” – Big Brother Goes Live September 2013.” Not surprisingly, Binney received little attention in 2012 – his suggestions at the time were seen as preposterous and ridiculously conspiratorial. Only after the fact, did it become obvious that he was right. More importantly, in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations, what Binney has to say has become gospel.
Which is why we are confident that at least a subset of the US population will express great interest in what Binney said earlier today, when the famous whistleblower said in a radio interview on Sunday that the NSA has ‘all’ of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails and the FBI could gain access to them if they so desired, William Binney, a former highly placed NSA official.

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Germany’s Merkel stands by refugee policy despite ‘terrifying’ attacks and acknowledged ISIS exploitation of migrant crisis

July 2016 – GERMANY – Germany has been rattled by four attacks in the past two weeks, three of which authorities say have been carried out by asylum seekers or refugees inspired by Islamist extremism. Germany has been rattled by four attacks in the past two weeks, three of which authorities say have been carried out by asylum seekers or refugees inspired by Islamist extremism.
The attacks have given way to mockery by some Germans as well as foreigners, who have dubbed the recent weeks of bloodshed on social media as #MerkelSommer, or even ‘Merkel’s summer of slaughter.’ One Twitter user posted a pair of hands covered in blood, quoting Merkel with, ‘We have already accomplished a lot,’ using the #MerkelSommer hashtag.

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@NickCiletti @CNN @wolfblitzer @GloriaBorger It's delightful seeing HRC lap-dogs celebrate illegally installing a sociopath. #DemExitIsUnity
— #BernieOrJill (@Fredric_Ward) July 29, 2016

Well, they did help her secure the nomination by basically working as a giant PR firm for Hillary every time they flip the camera on. It isn’t called the ‘Clinton News Network’ for nothing!

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