Theresa May Wins Round 1 Of Tory Leadership Ballot, Demands Early Talks On Britain Departure From EU

Moments ago, UK Home Secretary Theresa May largely as expected, topped the first ballot of Conservative members of Parliament in the contest to replace David Cameron as party leader and prime minister. Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox came last, meaning he is eliminated from the race. The votes cast for each candidate were as follows:
Theresa May: 165 Andrea Leadsom: 66 Michael Gove: 48 Stephen Crabb: 34 Liam Fox: 16 A BLoomberg adds, tory lawmakers will vote again on July 7 and July 12. Party members will then choose between the two remaining candidates in a postal vote, with the winner due to be announced by Sept. 9.
Why is this important? Because while some may assume that May ultimately winning the race for next UK leader and PM could result in some or all unwinding of Brexit, today the UK Standard reported that contrary to her prevailing image, Theresa May “squared up to Brussels boss Jean-Claude Juncker by demanding early talks on Britain’s exit from the European Union.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 5, 2016.


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