Clintons’ Body Count Mounts

A previous article discussed mysterious deaths associated with the Clintons, dating from when Bill was Arkansas attorney general in the 1970s.
Were they suicides as reported or murders? Cover-ups and lack of proper media investigative work conceal full knowledge of what happened.
Yet one thing seems clear. Anyone able to expose Clinton crime family wrongdoing not already made public runs the risk of dying under mysterious circumstances, indicating possible foul play.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is at risk, especially after saying he’ll release thousands of ‘significant’ documents on Hillary before November’s election.
Asked by Fox News if new revelations could be an election game-changer, he said: ‘(i)t depends on how it catches fire.’
So far, the constant drip of new damning information on Hillary hasn’t affected her v. Trump based on polling results. Will Assange release anything likely to change things? Not easily with media scoundrels one-sidedly supporting her.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on August 31, 2016.


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