Who’s Most Oppressed? Tensions High at Students of Color Conference

Is it wrong or juvenile of me to take secret delight in stuff like this?
This year’s University of California Students of Color Conference degenerated into infighting over the conference theme of fighting ‘anti-blackness.’
Why, members of other groups demanded to know, should we focus on only one group’s oppression?
Because everyone knows blacks are the most oppressed group in America, came the reply.
Well, not everyone in the room accepted that.
The result was fighting, formal complaints, and canceled sessions.
‘Students of other minority groups felt less inclined to protest for the causes of ‘Fighting anti-blackness’ and ‘Black Lives Matter,” said UCLA student Jacqueline Alvarez. ‘They did not think that these issues applied to them and therefore had no reason to protest for them.’

This post was published at The Tom Woods Show on 29 December 2016.


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