The Stupidity of Jeff Sessions Could Single-Handedly Bring Down Trump

The corporate media would have you believe that the key to resisting Trump lies in the embrace of heinous individuals and institutions such as themselves, George W. Bush, and the CIA, as well as clownish figures manufactured by neocons such as Evan McMullin (formerly of both Goldman Sachs and the CIA). Ironically enough, though Trump supporters see these nefarious outside forces as the biggest threat to his administration, I believe that if Trump’s Presidency goes up in total flames it most likely will be the fault of the ridiculous fossil he chose as Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.
Personally, I don’t think Trump cares one bit about recreational marijuana, but if he’s foolish enough to let Jeff Sessions run wild with his petty and moronic little Drug War, he runs a serious risk of having his administration destroyed from within. While the deep state and its various rent-seeking institutions are indeed very powerful, they are not popular amongst the American public for very good reasons. While they will continue to shamelessly and relentlessly target Trump for the most absurd of reasons (such as Russia conspiracy theories), I don’t think these tactics can bring Trump down. In fact, these blatant attacks tend to solidify Trump’s support amongst his base.

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‘7 Bodies Since Election Day’: Why Are So Many Russian Officials Turning Up Dead?

Editor’s Comment: Ex-CIA interim head Mike Morrell went on PBS last year to announce that ‘he wanted’ to take out Putin’s guys, those who most closely surround him. He also wanted to get to Assad in Syria, and the officials in Iran – openly indicating that he wanted them to feel stalked, and messed with.
Now, bodies are dropping at a curious rate, as a covert war is heating up. How much more prodding would it take to start a real war? The Deep State is certainly ready and willing to find out – and President Trump may have no power over it.
Deep State War? 7 Russian Officials Murdered or Found Dead Since Election Day
by Claire Bernish
Russian diplomats seem to be an endangered species, as seven officials have been found dead under mysterious or unexplained circumstances just since Election Day, and – although any link remains as yet unprovable – the deaths certainly provoke a number of questions.

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Is The Deep State Pushing The US Into A Nuclear Confrontation? – Episode 1216b

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Google reinstates Natural News. New report showing that CIA creates the stories for the corporate media. EU parliament stripped Marine Le Pen immunity. CIA might have been responsible for Vitaly Churkins death. SK protesters do not want the THAAD system in their country. SK says NK is ready to use their chemical weapons. US Special Forces have arrived in the Kurd area. The Kurds have now received new weapons from the US. Putin says its inappropriate to push sanctions on Syria. Will the establishment push the US into a nuclear confrontation?

Police Sharpshooter Accidentally Opens Fire At President Hollande Speech, Two Injured

Incident de l'inauguration de la LGV Tours-Bordeaux. Coup de feu accidentel. Un vigile s'est tir dans la jambe…
— Eric Bziat (@ericbeziat) February 28, 2017

A police sharpshooter accidentally opened fire during a speech by French President Francis Hollande, injuring two people in the process, AP reported. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in Villognon, Charente in western France where Hollande was preparing to reveal the LGV high speed rail line, when a shot was clearly heard in the background of event, prompting the French president to stop and look around concerned.
“I hope that wasn’t serious,” Hollande said nonchalantly after the loud shot rang out, before continuing with his speech at the unveiling of the LGV high speed rail line.

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In order to determine the truth when it comes to the mainstream media’s coverage of American-led offensives in the Middle East, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of any article. This is where the most important information can be found. As can be seen in a BBC report on the U. S.-backed offensive to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State, the last line of the article reads:
‘The UN said in late January that almost half of all the casualties in Mosul were civilians. At least 1,096 have been killed and 694 injured across Nineveh province since the start of October.’ [emphasis added] Compared with a separate BBC report on the Russian-backed offensive to retake the Syrian city of Aleppo, the media’s coverage of these two military operations can hardly be viewed as balanced. In that report, the idea that Russia is constantly killing civilians is laid out in almost every paragraph.

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“Time For Small-Thinking Is Over”: President Trump’s First Address To Congress – Live Feed

“It’s T-Day” as one trader put it this morning. President Trump will address a joint session of Congress tonight for the first time as president in a much anticipated speech in which he will tell lawmakers the ‘time for small thinking is over,’ and ‘the time for trivial fights is behind us,’ as he lays out his policy agenda.
The Guardian reports that in a contrast to Trump’s gloomy inauguration day ‘American carnage’ speech, the mood this evening is expected to be lighter.
‘My speech will be a message of optimism, hope, and love for the greatest country in history. I will lay out our agenda for a stronger, freer, and more prosperous America,’ Trump said in an email to supporters this afternoon, calling on donations for his re-election.
But while the administration is touting it as optimistic, advisor Steve Bannon, seen as Trump’s most influential advisor, spoke this week at CPAC about the three ‘verticals’ the Trump administration will focus on, and it’s a less positive affair: national security and sovereignty; economic nationalism; and ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’.
Bloomberg notes:

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Editor’s Note: The media is purposefully overlooking these points and baiting left-right division based on identity politics and inane ‘non-news’ like Kellyanne Conway wearing shoes on a couch in the Oval Office. Anything to keep the populace at large distracted from the bigger point that we’re being marched toward another big war.
In January of this year, former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that the whole world is preparing for war. There are many indicators that back up Gorbachev’s assertion, but to discuss them in their entirety would take a dissertation or two. Instead, we have put together a list of the five most obvious signs of impending war currently being overlooked by the media. As a result of these oversights, the public is also missing them.
1. Travel Ban
The Trump administration’s travel ban, which targeted seven majority-Muslim nations, makes little sense in the context of fighting international terrorism. A Department of Homeland Security report already found no evidence of any extra threat posed by the nations on the travel ban. Conversely, a Saudi official has admitted Saudi Arabia’s longstanding practice of supporting terrorism as a political tool, yet Saudi Arabia managed to escape the list. So did Turkey, a country that has extensively aided ISIS fighters; Qatar, which has spent immense amounts of money arming fanatical jihadists; the United Arab Emirates (where the majority of the funding for the 9/11 attacks passed through), and the list goes on.

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While U.S. Targets Illegal Immigrants, Spain ‘Jails 65 Illegal Bankers’

Is everyone focused on the right enemy?
At the heart of every truly wicked and dark corner of the system’s activities is the central bank, and a scheme for domination.
It’s probably why everyone always advises ‘follow the money.’
While the Trump Administration is cracking down on immigration, and scoring big populist points for being tough on foreign criminals and undocumented families, he holds in his administration a who’s who of Wall Street’s banking elite, the very leaders of the mega-banks that caused the 2008 economic crisis, and who continue to drag the economy dangerously close to repeat disaster as the atmosphere of predatory financial dealings continues…
A lot of Americans would cheer on putting some of those guys on trial, those most responsible for rigging the economy and looting from the American people.
Instead, they remain at the helm of the ship.
Perhaps instead, they should take a lesson from Spain – and Iceland before it – by charging elite bankers for their roles in illegal banking.

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Editor’s Note: OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though she has largely faded from public prominence after her ‘crushing’ defeat last November, Hillary Clinton is determined ‘not to fade into the background,’ according to Clinton insiders. Apparently unable to register the fact that she was arguably the most unpopular and unelectable presidential candidate of all time, Clinton is already plotting her come-back for a run in the 2020 presidential election. According to Clinton insiders who spoke to best-selling author Ed Klein, Clinton has ‘been talking very seriously about the idea of having her own television show.’

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