North Dakota Governor Signs Executive Order Evicting Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

After nearly a year since the first protest camp sprung up in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, it looks as if the Governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, has finally had enough and has signed an executive order demanding that protesters evacuate by February 22nd.
Gov. Burgum has issued an exec order reinforcing @OmahaUSACE‘s Feb. 22 deadline for vacating the main protest camp. – Doug Burgum (@DougBurgum) February 16, 2017
Ironically, environmental damage caused by the protesters, including “months of accumulated debris, and human waste generated by the populations that have occupied the aforementioned areas,” and the resulting risk posed to the waters of the Missouri River was cited by the Governor as the primary reason for the eviction notice. Per the Executive Order:
WHEREAS, large populations have ignored the November 28, 2016 evacuation order detailed in Governor’s Executive Order 2016-08 and the separate eviction order issued by the United States Army Corps of Engineers on November 25, 2016. These populations continue to unlawfully occupy and reside in flood-prone areas…

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Feb 16, 2017.


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