Kremlin-Baiting Trump: Allegations So Far — John Batchelor Interviews Stephen F. Cohen

What is immediately surprising about this broadcast is the lack of significance put on the resignation of Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Although a serious event and disruptive for the Trump presidency Cohen looks upon this event as but another form of damage to the seemingly ever escalating efforts to unseat this presidency. He further opines that the transcripts of conversations between Flynn and the Russians are not particularly conclusive of wrongdoing. The rabble of the MSM (NYT et al) are also very frothy about a new Russian cruise missile (allegedly, as this smells like fake news) revealed to have been ‘secretly’ deployed in violation to a 1987 treaty banning new land based intermediate ranged missiles. But Cohen is most upset with the escalating rants by the MSM that the president has committed treason when using Russian help in his election win – constantly encouraged by ‘facts’ leaked from the Intelligence Community. Cohen also explains how all of this is very damaging to a Washington two party system.
Then follows a discussion about the foundations of the MSM in its campaign of Kremlin-baiting of Trump; there are six main ‘categories’ of disinformation that were used, and as Cohen states, room for additions. Cohen debunks all of them using facts, and comparisons with past presidents to put the argument into historical context. Again we should be reminded that this monstrous artificial and downright treasonous attack on a constitutionally elected president is very visible to other world leaders, populations, and Americans, and Cohen is absolutely correct that this is very damaging to U.S. national security. To sum up, the world can see that American foreign policy is made up of fake facts, and that the U.S. electoral system is a sham. This is profound institutional damage to the United States.
The discussion next shifts to the Ukrainian connection and how Paul Manafort, Trump’s ex-campaign manager was central to an unsubstantiated smear campaign to target Trump. This explanation well shows the extent to which the anti-Trump side can manufacture realities to fit any complaint. Essentially a campaign to defame based on tabloid news level ‘information’. The truth is in the details and these examples are important for context and to measure how extreme is this campaign. Everything is fed back to supporting the allegation that the Russians hacked the DNC, fed WikiLeaks information, and supported Trump’s win in the election. It is only at the end of the broadcast that Cohen explains what probably happened to Michael Flynn and it is an important listen. There was historical precedence for his behavior which was, in its communications with Russia neither illegal nor even improper. And no, this is not the end of the Trump administration according to Cohen.
It is not difficult to see that if there is no official dissent of the ‘facts’ against Trump and his alleged relationship with Moscow, that at some point there may be an effort to impeach. If everyone is properly on board – from the Judiciary to Congress – then the salacious nature of the charges, and worse, the ‘proof’ or lack of it may be acceptable to TPTB. We can expect to see testimony of the top people in the Intelligence Agencies all uniformly condemning of the ‘official’ crimes’ of Trump, and the glaring poisonous defamations will be accepted for truth – as they have been up to now. What we are watching is a new level of deceit being institutionalized, deemed acceptable, in the functioning of Washington politics; for perpetrators and victim alike the end result will eventually be fatal for the whole government and the country. And the world looking on can expect the same treatment and knows it.

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