One thought to “"I'm Not Going To Allow You To Interrupt Her" Sean Spicer Slams Disrespectful Reporter”

  1. Sean Spicer was defending a hottie female reporter from the interruptions of a male reporter because he wanted to get inside her panties. No doubt she will thank him in her own special way. Sean Spicer was trying to be The Man. The Main Man. Stupid chicks like that type of a man. That’s the kind of man they allow inside them. She must be the one to whom he was wishing a happy Valentine’s Day when he did so from the podium on February 14. When you’re the press secretary it must be so easy to pick up chicks. All you have to do is find a chick you really like, pick on her to ask a question, and then defend her from any interruptions. So Sean Spicer was being The Man. The Main Man. If you notice, the chick actually blushed when he told the guy to shut up. She knew he wanted her. She knew what he wanted from her. She knew that there was only one way to thank him. What he did for her is one sure way to get inside a chick.

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