Unless Healthcare is Revamped – Unemployment Will Rise

Healthcare costs have continued to outpace inflation and just about everything else within the economy. Generally speaking, prices rise when demand increases relative to supply. The scheme of Obamacare was to force the youth to buy healthcare they did not need to pay for everyone else. The fines have been less than the costs so many of the youth just pay the fine. Forcing people to buy insurance to artificially lower the costs failed because healthcare is no different and has risen, not declined, with the false rise in demand.
Additional forces have also been contributing namely political decisions from Obamacare, additional taxes, and increased regulations have combined to impact healthcare costs. There has also been the notorious increase in lawsuits which influence the cost of malpractice insurance for medical practitioners forcing costs to also rise. Congress would never introduce Tort Reform because there are too many lawyers who would see their big paydays vanish.

This post was published at Armstrong Economics on Mar 2, 2017.


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