Deception Inside Deception: The Alleged Sarin Gas Attack

Seymour Hersh, America’s most famous investigative reporter, has become persona non grata in the American Propaganda Ministry that poses as a news media but only serves to protect the US government’s war lies. Among his many triumphs Hersh exposed the American My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Abu Ghraib torture prison run by the Americans in Iraq. Today his investigative reports have to be published in the London Review of Books or in the German Media.
From Hersh’s latest investigative report, we learn that President Trump makes war decisions by watching staged propaganda on TV. The White Helmets, a propaganda organization for jihadists and the ‘Syrian opposition,’ found a gullible reception from the Western media for photographs and videos of alleged victims of a Syrian Army sarin gas attack on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun. Trump saw the photos on TV and despite being assured by US intelligence that there was no Syrian sarin gas attack, ordered the US military to strike a Syrian base with Tomahawk missiles. Under international law this strike was a war crime, and it was the first direct aggression against Syria by the US which previously committed aggression via proxies called ‘the Syrian opposition.’
Reporting on his sources, Hersh writes: ‘In a series of interviews, I learned of the total disconnect between the president and many of his military advisers and intelligence officials, as well as officers on the ground in the region who had an entirely different understanding of the nature of Syria’s attack on Khan Sheikhoun. I was provided with evidence of that disconnect, in the form of transcripts of real-time communications, immediately following the Syrian attack on April 4.’

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Russia, Syria Respond to White House Chemical Attack Allegation, Threaten Retaliation

The Syrian and Russian governments have responded to allegations by White House officials made earlier this week that the Syrian regime was planning to carry out a chemical weapons attack, with the Russians threatening retaliation to any ‘preemptive’ American strike.
‘We will react with dignity, in proportion to the real situation that may take place,’ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference on Wednesday.
‘I expect that our partners in the region – American, European – will also have an open and comprehensible approach, aimed at de-escalation through normalization of the humanitarian situation,’ Lavrov added, perhaps charitably.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters he was ‘not aware of any information’ about a chemical attack, adding that ‘such threats to Syria’s legitimate leaders are unacceptable.’
The claims initially emanated from the White House on Monday, when officials said they had intelligence that indicated the Syrians were preparing for a chemical weapons attack and warned that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would ‘pay a heavy price’ if his military did so.

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Furious China “Outraged” By U.S. Sale Of $1.4BN In Weapons To Taiwan

One day after the US announced it would sell $1.42 billion in weapons to China’s offshore nemesis Taiwan, Beijing lashed out at the United States, saying it was “outraged” and demanded the US revoke immediately its “wrong decision”, saying it contradicted a “consensus” President Xi Jinping reached with his counterpart, Donald Trump, in talks in April in Florida.
The proposed U. S. package for Taiwan includes technical support for early warning radar, high speed anti-radiation missiles, torpedoes and missile components.
The sales would send a very wrong message to “Taiwan independence” forces, China’s embassy in Washington said in a statement. A U. S. State Department spokeswoman said on Thursday the administration had told Congress of seven proposed sales to Taiwan, the first under the Trump administration. “The Chinese government and Chinese people have every right to be outraged,” the embassy said.
Besides token bluster, however, this time China also warned that Trump’s action was counter to the agreement reached with Xi in Palm Beach, suggesting retaliation will likely be imminent. “The wrong move of the U. S. side runs counter to the consensus reached by the two presidents in and the positive development momentum of the China-U. S. relationship,” the embassy said.
This was the second major diplomatic escalation between the US and China in just the past 24 hours, with the US announcing late yesterday the first sanction imposed on Chinese entities for ties with North Korea, a move which likewise was slammed by the Chinese press.

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‘It Can Easily Be Surmised That Military Action Is About To Occur’ – Is Trump Preparing For A First Strike On North Korea?

This past week there were many sources reporting on different events that come to play in the overall significance of a possibility of escalation into a war between the U. S. and Russia. Apparently, the Russians shot down an EQ-4 Drone, estimated to cost more than $200 million. The cost is not the most alarming thing: the function of this particular type of drone is to tie in communications between different units and branches in different areas of an operational region. The Russians allegedly shot down the drone with an S-300 interceptor missile over neutral waters of the Mediterranean from Tartus in Syria.
Hal Turner reported extensively on this event. At roughly the same time, numerous sources and sites released a tweet from President Trump dated 20 June 2017 that was worded both vaguely and with the potential for an ominous undertone. The tweet is as follows:
‘While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!’
From such a statement, it can easily be surmised that military action is about to occur, taking the form of a potential first strike by the United States. Backing up such an expostulation is the fact that President Trump on the 21st of June extended the state of emergency against North Korea in existence with several previous presidential Executive Orders already in effect. The President extended the state of emergency for another year. Plans for military action against North Korea are very much on the table and we are on the cusp.

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