In a cringe-worthy but laughable moment which shows CNN’s bias and solidifies their status as ‘fake news,’ the outlet tried to conduct a ‘Trump-hater’ poll. But it didn’t quite go as the leftist propaganda outlet planned. CNN hasn’t tried to hide their mission of kicking Trump out of office, and they’ve done what they can to discredit him. They’ve used sensational headlines and hidden important information in the bottom of articles hoping no one reads their nonsense for that long.
But in an epic and humorous turn of events, the leftist outlet couldn’t even get their viewers to express their distaste for Donald Trump. The poll states, ‘Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?’ The simple question is posed with an unflattering image of the president. As of Monday morning, 2,711,228 votes had been cast. The verdict? 70.2% said ‘no,’ just 29.8% said ‘yes.’ Oh, snap! How do you botch a poll this epically? Well, be CNN, and push propaganda and fake news.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on JUNE 19, 2017.

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