Kushner Said To Consider Shake Up Of His Legal Team

After the Washington Post twice reported that Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son in law and a senior adviser to the president, is facing scrutiny from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Kushner is reportedly considering a shakeup of his legal team due to a potential conflict between one of his attorneys, Jamie S. Gorelick, and Mueller, as the New York Times reports. Before Mueller was appointed to the special counsel role he and Gorelick were both partners at the DC-based law firm WilmerHale.
Following Mueller’s appointment, Gorelick says she advised Kushner to consult with other representation. However, conflicts like this aren’t unusual in Washington legal circles, and have in other instances been absolved with a written acknowledgment from the client.
But there might be another, more pressing, reason that Kushner is searching for alternatives to Gorelick. Several sources told the NYT that Trump has expressed his displeasure with Gorelick, which stems from her relationship with Mueller, whom the president has accused of organizing “the single greatest witch hunt in American history.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jun 19, 2017.


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