WTF: Rogue Cop Steals Helicopter And Drops Grenades On Venezuelan Supreme Court

#Venezuela | Oscar Perez flying stolen helicopter that dropped grenades on Supreme Court. pics via twitter. #OOTT
— Lee Saks (@Lee_Saks) June 28, 2017

The people of Venezuela have endured unimaginable horrors over the past few years under their corrupt government. Food shortages, record breaking murder rates, rampant inflation, kidnappings, vigilantism, black markets, and civil unrest have all become the norm. However, nothing could have prepared them for the what happened next.
That’s because the unrest in Venezuela took a rather strange turn today, when a stolen helicopter flew over the nation’s Supreme Court and dropped several grenades, before strafing the Interior Ministry with gunfire. The helicopter could be seen waving a flag that read ‘350 Freedom,’ in reference to Article 350 of the nation’s constitution, which grants citizens the right to resist an undemocratic government.

This post was published at shtfplan on June 28th, 2017.


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