Seattle Mayor Colluded With UC-Berkeley To Preempt Minimum Wage Law Study

Seattle’s experiment in raising the minimum wage to help low-income workers was a disastrous failure. Many went from low income to no income after losing their jobs, and the prices in the city have risen so much to combat the law’s inflation that the remaining workers actually are taking home less income.
Anyone with a minute understanding of economics knew exactly what would happen. Government interference in the private market is always a disaster, but socialists insist on butting in and using force to ‘help’ those they think are beneath them. All they end up doing is more harm. But that isn’t all. Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray knew the law was making life worse for people in Seattle. He was caught red-handed colluding with UC Berkeley in an attempt to hide and lie about the economically disastrous new $15/hr minimum wage law.
The timeline seems to have gone like this:
The UW (University of Washington) shares with City Hall an early draft of its study showing the minimum wage law is hurting the workers it was meant to help; the mayor’s office shares the study with researchers known to be sympathetic toward minimum wage laws, asking for feedback; those researchers release a report that’s high on Seattle’s minimum wage law just a week before the negative report comes out. – Seattle Weekley

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on July 6, 2017.


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