5 Charts To Remove The Bubble ‘Blinders’

The stock market continues to show volatile signs of a market bubble. Here’s five charts that show that a very real bubble is on the horizon.
1. Economic Bubbles and The Breadwinner Economy
Former Congressman and Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman highlights that, ‘Another month has passed in which the number of Breadwinner jobs remain below where it was when Bill Clinton was in the White House. Since then two presidents have come and gone, and now possibly a third. Yet there are still 300,000 fewer jobs in the productive center of the U. S. economy than there were in early 2001.’
Stockman levels, ‘This suggests something isn’t right, and that point is further driven home by the pancaking of the industrial economy over the last decade. Specifically, industrial production in June was still lower than at the pre-crisis peak’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 16, 2017.


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