Markets, Not Government, Improve Race Relations

Politically we seem to be living in some trying times. The political polarization, as captured in the mainstream news media, appears to be intensifying with even acts of destructive violence on the streets and campuses of American cities. At the same time, pictures out of Houston during and following Hurricane Harvey show empathetic assistance and cooperation between people and groups that supposedly are in heated contention with each other. How do we reconcile this?
To begin with, I am persuaded that the supposedly racial and social ‘class’ tensions that some assert is on the rise in America is not true. In fact, I would argue that in everyday interaction and association race relations are far, far better than they were, say, twenty-five years ago, and most certainly compared to fifty or seventy-five years ago.
Race Prejudices of a Few Decades Ago When I was a young boy the evening news carried the imagery of violence on the streets of some Southern cities as people marched against segregation laws and faced sometimes brutal force by law enforcement agencies directed to put down the ‘uppitiness’ of blacks and white civil rights workers insisting upon equal rights and equal treatment for all before the law.

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on Sept 5, 2017.


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