Earlier today, Facebook handed over 3,000 ads to congressional investigators that were bought by a Russian company which intelligence agencies have said were meant to influence U. S. politics. In their ‘fight’ to combat ‘election interference,’ they will also hire 1000 more people to monitor online activities on the social media giant’s site.
According to Tech Crunch, Facebook also announced specifics of how it will implement changes to its advertising systems in order to thwart abuse and specifically election interference that CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised last week. Zuckerberg also later asked for forgiveness for how his products have been used to ‘divide people.’
‘Many appear to exploit racial and social divisions and exploit ugly stereotypes. We find this interference deeply offensive’ a Facebook spokesperson wrote this morning. Facebook will make it possible for anyone to see ads on Facebook going forward. Right now, most only see the ads targeted by the social media giant specifically for them.
The additional 1000 people will be used to review global ads. Zuckerberg is fairly clear that he’s concerned with the ads on his site contributing to ‘election interference’ specifically by the Russians. Tech Crunch says, that the changes should’ boost the integrity of Facebook’s ad systems’ and ‘prevent some of the abuse’ that plagued the 2016 U. S. presidential election.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on OCTOBER 2, 2017.


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