16 Years On: End Goal of Afghanistan is ‘Admit No Failure’

21st Century Wire says…
Today, 7 October 2017, marks the 16th anniversary of United States and British military action in Afghanistan – aka ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ – and all signs point to a policy of not admitting failure.
The war operation in Afghanistan has indeed been enduring. It has taken countless lives, and for what benefit to the Afghan people? What is the end goal?
From Bush to Obama to Trump, and NATO, there are few signs of any end to this perpetual war – now known in the mainstream as ‘America’s Longest War’ – a war that 21WIRE contributor Andre Vltchek called ‘one of the most destructive and brutal occupations in NATO’s history.’

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on OCTOBER 7, 2017.


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