Trump Lies And Buttrapes Americans On Health Care

**** you Mr. President and your “Executive Order.”
Double-**** you Rand Paul.
There is no “reform” in your Executive Order; selling insurance across state lines and allowing “skinny” plans does nothing to address cost.
You could, via Executive Order, direct the FTC to go after medical providers of all stripes for refusing to publish prices, declaring such an action to be a deceptive practice and thus in violation of Federal Law and Regulation. Every single business we deal with daily, with the exception of health care, posts prices and thus allows us to shop before we buy. It is only health care that lacks this essential element of a market and in any other line of work such would have long-ago led to enforcement actions and even indictments.
You could, via Executive Order, direct Jeff Sessions to enforce 15 USC Chapter 1 against all medical firms as regard disparate pricing based on one’s insurance status, a clearly-extortionate and illegal act under 100+ year old law which forbids any collusive act intended to limit competition and/or fix prices.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-10-12.


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