Sweden, Submarines, And Propaganda

Sweden’s most recent military cooperation with the US-NATO military alliance involved hosting armed forces of the many countries which participated in Exercise Aurora in September.
As noted by Euronews, ‘Sweden is undertaking its biggest military exercise amid fears of Russian military build up,’ and NATO headquarters announced that ‘In the current security context with heightened concerns about Russian military activities, NATO is stepping up cooperation with Sweden and Finland in the Baltic region.’
NATO is anxious, even desperate, to justify the existence of one of the least-needed and most confrontational military alliances of modern times. In January, before he arrived in the White House, President Trump called NATO ‘obsolete’ but in April went into reverse and said ‘It’s no longer obsolete,’ which was fair warning of what lay ahead in the erratic administration of the most vulgar and spiteful president the United States has ever had.
The fact remains that NATO is indeed ineffective and irrelevant (the notion of Russia invading Sweden is preposterous and, as Der Spiegel observed on October 20, ‘to be sure, hardly anyone really thinks that Russia might attack a NATO member state’), but its nominal leader, Jens Stoltenberg (the real chief is the US General titled ‘Supreme Allied Commander Europe’), has assumed the air of a national head of government and whisks expensively round the world making statements that have nothing whatever to do with NATO

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Oct 27, 2017.


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