Antifa Set To Terrorize America: Objective Is To ‘Cause Civil Unrest And Initiate Rioting In Many Major American Cities’

The organization known as Antifa has declared its intentions to cause civil unrest and initiate rioting in many major American cities on November 4, 2017. Now, Antifa is supposed to stand for ‘Anti-Fascist,’ concurrently denouncing ‘Capitalism.’ They are comprised of leftists, anarchists, Marxists, and communists. They embrace a policy of ‘direct action,’ loosely interpreted to refer to protests, vandalism and destruction of property, and physical assaults against individuals and groups. Their declared objective is specifically to target the far-right (Conservative) and white supremacists (Whites).
They have many groups that are sympathetic, such as University students and professors, the media, and the Marxist Oligarchy of this country who fund their operations indirectly or promulgate their activities with other forms of support. Antifa is also intelligent enough to not have a central committee or an operating headquarters that could be arrested or targeted respectively. They follow a very ‘fluidly dynamic’ pattern of utilizing social media and cell phones to coordinate overall activities, while keeping individual tasks compartmentalized with insulation between their teams/units to prevent compromise of the movement. Such very closely mirrors the activities of the Viet Cong organizational structure minus the hierarchy of a chain-of-command structure.
It is the appearance of being ‘disorganized’ that is the central tenet to their organizational structure: haphazard, akin to a barbarian horde, but with each individual being focused upon the stated objectives. They accomplish their goals while outwardly appearing to be haphazard or ineffective. The reason: they are forming the ‘template,’ or standard, and their test for its effectiveness will be November 4th. Their protests and demonstrations have notably been waged against conservative groups and meetings.

This post was published at shtfplan on October 31st, 2017.


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