US Advising Soldiers to Be ‘Less Masculine’ as Military Tries to Curb Flood of Sexual Harassment Cases

21st Century Wire says…
While military forces are fighting one enemy in the theatre of combat, another multi-front culture war is also being fought within their institutions. According to a recent report in, US military lawyers have begun speaking about how sexual assault cases are flooding the military courts – threatening to break the back of the military’s legal system, and perhaps radically alter the institutional culture.
After the release of the documentary, ‘The Invisible War,’ the issue of sexual assault in the military has again been thrust into the national spotlight, claiming that 1 in 5 U. S. female veterans have sustained some form of sexual assault.
The issue of sexual assault in the US military first rose to national prominence in 1992 with the emergence of the infamous ‘Tailhook Scandal.’
One likely reason for this new spike in reported cases could be because each military service branch has recently implemented new ‘awareness programs’ as well as ‘sexual assault prevention’ campaigns – which actively encourage female troops to report anything they might feel constitutes sexual harassment or a constitutes a sexual assault.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on DECEMBER 29, 2017.


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