Episode #104 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘America’s Maddest Reality Show’ with host Patrick Henningsen

Episode #104 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes this Sunday Oct. 4, 2015 presented by host Patrick Henningsen with 3 hours of power-packed talk radio…
This week’s very special edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE, as host Patrick Henningsen returns to cover the world’s most audacious news and current affairs internationally. Is America really losing the plot? In the first hour, we’ll discuss the Russia’s bold move into Syria this week, as well as the US reaction to it. In the second and thirds hours we’ll look closely into the latest ‘Daily Shooter’ event at Umpqua College in Roseburg, Oregon. In the final half hour we’ll take calls from listeners on our caller line at 1-218-936-0912 (join the cue by entering the caller code 379417#).
Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

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Busted ObamaCare Co-Ops

ObamaCare was going to launch a new era of non-profit co-ops that would bring down prices. It did, too: 23 of them. Problem: 22 are losing money.
It may take a few more years, but they are doomed.
‘If you like your co-op, you can keep your co-op.’ Wrong again!
Here are details.
Remember health care co-ops? No, of course you don’t, because unlike some people I could name, you did not spend most of 2009 and 2010 reading white papers, scouring newspapers and attending panels to keep up with the exciting minute-to-minute details of Obamacare’s evolution.

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Did World War III Start on the Precise Day of the ECM?

Russia began bombing CIA trained rebels in Syria precisely on the day of the turn in the Economic Confidence Model. This bombing has continued as CNN pointed out. Now, hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria to also join a major ground offensive in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government. Clearly, the civil war in Syria is now escalating and we will see this as a proxy war at first directly between US and Russia with China supporting the Russian side in this game. This conflict is turning ever more regional and global in scope drawing in the world powers because the US war machine think this is just a game.

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Doctors Accuse White House Of Lying To Justify “Collateral Damage” In Kabul Hospital Bombing

By way of excuse for what President Obama called “a tragic incident,” (and The UN called a ‘war crime’) US officials have claimed that the Taliban were fighting from within the Kabul hospital (which was destroyed by a US air strike yesterday killing at least 19 including 3 children) using aid workers as “a human shield.” However, this justification for the ‘collateral damage’ has beenvehemently denied by Medecins Sans Frontier (MSF) who have issued a statement dismissing the US claims, “the gates of the hospital compound were closed all night so no one that is not staff, a patient or a caretaker was inside the hospital when the bombing happened…” but, the US strike has done one thing, as one local health official concluded, “this city is no longer for the living.”
In a statement, President Barack Obama offered condolences to the victims of what he called “the tragic incident” where as we detailed previously, the aid group MSF has said an air strike, probably carried out by U. S.-led coalition forces, killed 19 staff and patients on Saturday in a hospital it runs in Kunduz, leaving 37 wounded. The ‘reason’ offered by US officials, as Reuters reports,
The U. S. military said it conducted an air strike “in the vicinity” of the hospital, as it targeted Taliban insurgents who were directly firing on U. S. military personnel.
In Kabul, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said Taliban fighters had attacked the hospital and were using the building “as a human shield”.
But the medical aid group denied this.

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Payroll Disaster: Establishment Survey 142K Jobs, Employment -236K; Labor Force -350K; 59K Downward Revisions

Initial Reaction
This report was a veritable disaster. Although the establishment survey sported 142,000 jobs it was much weaker than expected. Downward revisions for the last two months totaled 59,000.
The labor force fell by 350,000 driving the participation rate to a 40-year low. Government jobs rose 24,000 so private payrolls accounted for a mere 118,000 jobs. Weekly hours ticked down by 0.1 hours.
Topping off the disastrous set of numbers, employment declined by 236,000.
Consensus Estimates
The Bloomberg Consensus estimate was 203,000 jobs total with 195,000 private sector jobs. The actual numbers were well outside of any economist’s estimate. The lowest estimate for total jobs was 180,000. The lowest total for private jobs was 175,000. The latter missed by 57,000 jobs!
Last month I noted, the preceding two months were revised up by 44,000. It seems something went wrong.

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Just Before Shooting, Oregon College Voted Down Armed Guards: ‘Lockdown Procedures a Joke’

Editor’s Comment: It is clear over and over again that concealed carry individuals save lives. No wonder that nearly every shooting happens in a gun free zone – like a liberal state, at a school or college campus or on government property. Though the politicians are very good at grandstanding on the reasons why we should let down our guard about the 2nd Amendment and enact gun control – they can’t and won’t save us.
That is the fallacy of gun control, which everyone knows – criminals don’t follow laws. Mass shooters are likely suicidal and rarely outlive their actions at scene of the crime. Armed guards, armed teachers and armed citizens are all better options than leaving people helpless. The fact that the shooter reportedly asked victims if they were Christians before killing them just makes the persecution that much more pointed and obvious.
Former Security Guard at Oregon College: Lockdown Procedures Were a ‘Deathtrap’
by Paul Joseph Watson
A former security guard who worked at the Umpqua Community College where nine people were shot dead yesterday exclusively reveals to Infowars that the college voted against hiring armed security guards just last year and that inadequate lockdown procedures ensured the campus was a ‘deathtrap’ for potential victims in an active shooter situation.
Although wishing to remain anonymous, the individual provided us with his photo ID and a reference which confirmed his employment at the college. The man is also in close contact with people who still work at the college.
Confirming media reports that the college only had one unarmed security guard on duty, the individual reveals that the schoolboard voted just last year against providing armed security on campus.

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Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day

While the US has certainly made some epic strategic blunders in Syria that raise serious questions about just how ‘intelligent’ US intelligence actually is, there’s little doubt that if one were to look behind all of the media parroting, the Pentagon and Langley understand all too well what’s going on in the Middle East.
That is, the significance of the Russia-Iran ‘nexus’ in Syria isn’t lost on anyone in the US military and you can bet there have been quite a few high level discussions over the past 72 hours about the best way to counter Moscow and Tehran’s powerplay before it spills over into Iraq and ends up degrading Washington’s influence in Baghdad.
As we put it on Friday, ‘if Russia ends up bolstering Iran’s position in Syria (by expanding Hezbollah’s influence and capabilities) and if the Russian air force effectively takes control of Iraq thus allowing Iran to exert a greater influence over the government in Baghdad, the fragile balance of power that has existed in the region will be turned on its head and in the event this plays out, one should not expect Washington, Riyadh, Jerusalem, and London to simply go gentle into that good night.’
Sure enough, some experts now predict Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey will move to counter Russia militarily if Moscow continues to rack up gains for Assad. Here’s The Guardian with more:
Regional powers have quietly, but effectively, channelled funds, weapons and other support to rebel groups making the biggest inroads against the forces from Damascus. In doing so, they are investing heavily in a conflict which they see as part of a wider regional struggle for influence with bitter rival Iran.
In a week when Russia made dozens of bombing raids, those countries have made it clear that they remain at least as committed to removing Assad as Moscow is to preserving him.

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Hershey Sued for Sourcing Cocoa from Suppliers That Use Child Slaves

The consumer rights law firm known as Hagens Berman filed a lawsuit against Hershey, Mars, and Nestl on Monday, on the behalf of three California residents. The crux of the lawsuit suggests that these companies not only knowingly sourced their cocoa from farms in West Africa that used child labor (and in many cases, child slave labor) but that they broke California state law by failing to disclose this fact on the packaging of their products.
Essentially, they are suing for false advertising, and claim that they never would have purchased products from these companies if they knew how they were made. All three companies have since responded to the lawsuit, and have predictably claimed they are not guilty of any wrongdoing.
In an email to Refinery29, a Hershey spokesman said the company is ‘committed to the ethical and responsible sourcing of all of our product ingredients and have no tolerance for illegal practices, including children used as forced labor in cocoa farming.’ He cited the company’s role in industry-wide efforts to curb such labor practices, saying the ‘combined and focused effort of the entire industry and other stakeholders is a very encouraging and positive development. ‘

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U.S. President Obama says Syria ‘is not some superpower chessboard contest’

October 2015 – DAMASCUS, Syria – President Obama defended his response to the growing crisis in Syria on Friday by pointing to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, cautioning against a commitment that risks drawing the U. S. into a new quagmire in the Middle East. Obama appeared determined to take on critics whom he portrayed as impatient and ignorant of the complexity of the warring factions in Syria. He laughed off suggestions that Russian airstrikes in recent days against fighters opposed to President Bashar Assad, an ally of Moscow’s, have President Vladimir Putin looking stronger than Obama in Syria. ‘We’re not going to make Syria into a proxy war between the United States and Russia,’ Obama insisted during an afternoon news conference at the White House. ‘This is not some superpower chessboard contest. And anybody who frames it in that way isn’t paying very close attention to what’s been happening on the chessboard.’
He acknowledged that U. S. strategy, particularly his program to train and equip Syrian fighters to counter Islamic State extremists who have taken over parts of the country, has been less successful than he had hoped. But a deeper military engagement won’t necessarily result in success, Obama warned. Once we start something, we’ve got to finish it, and we’ve got to do it well,’ Obama said. ‘Unless we can get the parties on the ground to agree to live together in some fashion, then no amount of U. S. military engagement will solve the problem. ‘And we will find ourselves either doing just a little bit and not making a difference and losing credibility that way or finding ourselves drawn deeper and deeper into a situation that we can’t sustain.’

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There are some very disturbing reports coming in about the Oregon shooting.
First off, it was clear within minutes that the shooter targeted Christians. How many people in our political system have been outraged that Christians were targeted for execution while others were either shot in the leg or not shot at all? I have heard exactly nothing from Obama or anyone else in political power in that regard. Why not?
Second, you’ve heard my screeds over the years about The Second Amendment. If you cannot argue facts and logic then get the hell off my lawn — you’re unwelcome around me. In matters of life and death there is exactly zero room for any sort of “squishy”, “touchy-feely” or “feel good emotionalism.”
Let me be clear: If you resort to emotion when life or death are on the line you are going to die.
If you wish to entertain the debate here on firearms, gun control or anything of the sort then you are going to argue logic and facts. Here they are:
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. You call the police when there is an active shooter and they show up with guns. They don’t willy-wally around; they look for a tactical solution and if they get one that works they shoot the bad guy. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. We cannot have cops everywhere, all the time. We are not only incapable of paying for it nobody would want to live in such a world. Even if a cop is just one minute away from anywhere in the United States (an utterly fanciful expectation even in a big city) a person with a bolt action rifle or single-shot pistol can shoot a dozen people (or more!) in that one minute. As a result the faster any good guy with a gun can engage the bad guy with a gun the lower the risk is of everyone in the vicinity winding up dead — and the more good guys with guns and the closer they are to the situation the better the odds are for you and everyone else.

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The Ugly Untold Truth About the Pertussis Vaccine

The New York Times reports on a new study finding that the greatest risk to infants of being infected with the bacteria that causes whooping cough, or pertussis, now comes from their older siblings. TheTimes explains that this is ‘probably a result of waning immunity among children and adolescents who had received the DTaP vaccine.’
Indeed, waning immunity is a serious problem with the DTaP combination vaccine (which contains diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis antigens). One recent study published in Pediatrics concluded, ‘Tdap protection wanes within 2 to 4 years. Lack of long-term protection after vaccination is likely contributing to increases in pertussis among adolescents.’
But the Times is misleading its readers by telling only one part of the story, leaving readers with the impression that simply giving more ‘booster’ shots would solve the problem.
It wouldn’t.
Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease
Waning immunity by itself doesn’t explain the trend described. As another recent study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases points out, ‘pertussis is currently the least well-controlled vaccine-preventable disease despite excellent vaccination coverage and 6 vaccines doses recommended between 2 months of age and adolescence’ (emphasis added).
Undervaccination is hardly the problem.

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U.S. group warns a potential conflict is brewing in the South China Sea

October 2015 – SOUTH CHINA SEA – There is a military storm brewing in the South China Sea and it will involve Taiwan, a U. S. national defense and strategic planning consultancy on Friday told a Washington conference. ‘China is maneuvering and building up its military forces with clear intent,’ Global Strategies and Transformation president Paul Giarra said. Giarra told the Heritage Foundation think tank that Beijing had convinced the U. S. not to consider the nation in the context of geography or military operations. ‘We are thinking of Taiwan as a political problem that we want to go away,’ he said at the conference, titled ‘Taiwan in the South China Sea.’ ‘The Chinese have convinced us that in order to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, all we have to do is keep Taiwan quiet,’ Giarra said.
‘The trouble is, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is neither peaceful nor stable,’ he said. ‘Taiwan, in its most appropriate military operational perspective, is a key geostrategic bastion and this is what the Chinese don’t want us to think about.’ Giarra said that China wants to minimize the Taiwan issue and Washington to think of the nation as nothing but a distraction. However, in geostrategic and military operational terms, securing Taiwan would be a great advantage, he said. ‘By virtue of its location, Taiwan challenges the People’s Republic of China’s control of its broad ocean approaches,’ Giarra said. He said this ‘compelling’ geostrategic reality had been lost in the propaganda, psychological and political warfare going on between China and the rest of the world.

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California’s Political Battle on 2015.75

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. of California has advocated raising taxes for climate change as if paying more taxes could somehow alter the universe. Brown has also been staunchly against parents who protest against forced vaccinations.
A reader submitted:
‘On September 29, one day before the ECM turning point, what was to be a peaceful attempt to overturn California’s Mandatory Vaccine Law called sb277 was mysteriously ‘sabotaged.’ Governor Brown signed sb277 into law in July this year removing the parental personal beliefs exemption or religious beliefs exemption to vaccines in order for their children to attend school. The law now requires that children be fully vaccinated in accordance with the CDC scheduled or must be forcibly removed from public or private school from preschool on up to college.

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Why Is Our Politicians Not Learning?

Hey, remember when ol’ Dubya said, ‘Why is our children not learning?’ I think he was on to something there. No, wait, hear me out, I haven’t been on an espresso IV drip. I think we need to apply this theorem to our government. To wit, ‘Why is our politicians not learning?’ The solution is this. Remember back in the day, those of you around my age of 40-and-over, when if you did poorly in school, they made you attend Summer School? Look no further, America! I proudly present: Summer School For Politicians! Yes, it all boils down to education, I suspect. We need to appoint a Schoolmaster to run it and install a big chalkboard right up there in the Capitol Classroom. If they don’t attend, hey, they get an F and then fired and pensions revoked. Let’s see how it’d work, shall we?
‘All right, class, settle down, we’ve got a lot to cover. Hillary? I’ll take those iPads. Hand them over here. I warned you about bringing those to class before. Now then, let’s get started. Senator John McCain! Come up to the blackboard and draw the Persian Gulf and, specifically, Iran. Demonstrate to the class how you’re going to invade Iran and please show your work. More to the point, show how you’re going to win that war.’ ‘I can’t! I’m not a military strategist!’ ‘EXACTLY, John! So sit down there, Alexander the Great, and take out your notebook and pencil. I want you to write 500 times: ‘I will not disrupt class again talking about starting wars without permission’. Anyone else want to come up to the board and solve this problem? Again, the problem was: ‘Is starting a war with Iran a logical course of action. And, if so, can we prove it can be won?’ Remember the other part of the equation; that if we lose the war, everyone who was in favor of it loses his job and pension. Anyone else? Senator Cruz? What about you?’ ‘Huh? What?’ ‘AHA! Sleeping in class again! I want you to go see the principal after class.’

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Iranian troops and Hezbollah ‘massing in Syria for ground battle against rebels’

October 2015 – SYRIA – Hundreds of Iranian troops have reportedly crossed into Syria ahead of a ground operation supporting Bashar al-Assad against his enemies. Sources in Lebanon claim that the soldiers arrived 10 days ago and will be supporting government forces, alongside fighters from the Shia Islamist group Hezbollah, against rebels in northern Syria. An anonymous official told Reuters the operation was being mounted in conjunction with Russian air strikes and aimed to recapture territory lost by the Syrian regime.
‘The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advance by the Syrian army and its allies,’ one of the sources said. ‘It is possible that the coming land operations will be focused in the Idlib and Hama countryside.’ Iran is believed to already have troops backing government forces in Iraq, where Shia militias believed to be funded by the Iranian government are also fighting Isis. The Kremlin had already announced the creation of an operations centre in Baghdad where its forces will work with the Iranians and intelligence operatives from Iraq and the Syrian regime. Officials have insisted that no Russian troops will be deployed on the ground but Vladimir Putin has sent fighter jets, artillery, tanks and equipment to Assad.

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Russian Air Force hits 50 ISIS targets in Syria over 3 days, ‘significantly’ damaging militants

October 2015 – SYRIA – The Russian Air Force has conducted more than 60 flights and bombed over 50 Islamic State targets in three days, according to Russia’s top armed forces official. He added the strikes have significantly reduced the terrorists’ combat capabilities. ‘The airstrikes were being conducted night and day from the Khmeimim airbase and throughout the whole of Syria. In three days we managed to undermine the terrorists’ material-technical base and significantly reduce their combat potential,’ Lieutenant General Andrey Kartapolov, head of the Main Operation Directorate of the General Staff of Russia’s armed forces, told reporters on Saturday. He added that according to Russian intelligence the militants are fleeing the area that was in their control. ‘There is panic and defection among them. About 600 mercenaries have left their positions and are trying to reach Europe,’ he said.
Washington has notified the Russian Defense Ministry that there were only militants in the areas of Russia’s military operation against IS in Syria, he added. ‘The Americans informed us during contacts that there was no one except terrorists in this region,’ he said. ‘Over the past 24 hours, Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-24M fighter jets have performed 20 sorties and hit nine Islamic State installations,’ Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, reported. Konashenkov added that yesterday evening Russian aircraft went on six sorties, inflicting strikes on three terrorist installations.

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Inside A Mid-East Coup: A Closer Look At The Russia-Iran Power Play

Earlier today, we ventured to characterize the breakdown of Washington’s strategy in Syria as the worst US foreign policy blunder since Vietnam.
To be sure, that’s a bold claim, but it’s supported by the sheer number of missteps, bad outcomes, and outright absurdities that have developed in the Mid-East as a result of the effort to oust Bashar al-Assad.
At the most basic level, the support provided by Washington, Riyadh, and Doha for the various Sunni extremist groups battling for control of Syria has created a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead and millions are displaced. As tragic as the situation already is, the conditions are ripe for it to get even worse if the move by Brussels to force recalcitrant EU countries into accepting a migrant quota system they are opposed to ends up triggering a dangerous bout of xenophobia in the Balkans.
Washington’s move to train and arm the Syrian opposition has of course also led directly to the creation of a group of black flag-waving jihadists that have taken the term ‘extremists’ to a whole new level on the way to producing a series of slickly-produced videos depicting the murder of Westerners. This same group is now stomping around between Syria and Iraq wreaking havoc on civilians and committing acts so heinous that even al-Qaeda has condemned them.
Of course the outright chaos the West has managed to create in Syria has now come full circle, providing Iran and Russia with a unique opportunity to tip the scales and seize power in the Mid-East.
What’s important to understand here, is that this isn’t confined to Syria.

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The US Is Clearly Losing the Information War Against Russia

As Russia continues its extensive bombing campaign in Syria, the war has quickly developed into two separate fronts. One is being fought with soldiers and airstrikes, and the other front is a pure propaganda blitz.
Not only are both sides fighting to win Syria, but they are fighting to convince the world that their actions are just. As part of this conflict, both sides are waging an information war that began in earnest as soon as the first Russian bomb reached its target. The Russians claimed that they had bombed ISIS strongholds, while the US government was adamant that they had just blown up moderate rebels. President Obama has even gone so far as to say that Russia’s air campaign isstrengthening ISIS. The first shots of the information war had been fired.

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Army begins training for next war – may be much different, bigger: Selective Service reignites registration campaign

October 2015 – WASHINGTON – Are they ready to start thinking about the next war – maybe even The Big One? You hope it wouldn’t be World War III, but you have to prepare for the worst,’ said Lt. Gen. Robert B. Brown, commanding General of the Army’s Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth. ‘We need to be ready to play against the pro teams, not just the amateurs.’ By that he means a nation such as North Korea, even Russia. A ‘pro team’ could even be a band of radicals with the means to acquire nation-like resources in a hurry – such as those fighters who call themselves the Islamic State, recruiting through the global reach of the Web. In Army-speak, the training needed to fight that brand of enemy is shifting away from ‘mission-specific’ toward ‘decisive action.’ And that requires the reacquainting of soldiers with epic battle plans featuring tanks, surface-to-air missiles, Apache choppers and military precision exercised over a broad and rugged terrain.

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