I’ve had fun at the expense of Mark Cuban before (calling him a brainwashed slave and a useless idiot)… but he just makes it so easy!
He opened his mouth today on CNBC stating that Alibaba should not have been allowed into the US because it is based in a “communist country”. It took me a moment to wrap my head around his words… and then I realized as I read on that he was referring to China. I was confused because China is far less communist in many ways than the USSA.
Perhaps Mark hasn’t noticed the changes in the last few decades since Mao has passed on? Or didn’t notice that the new very capitalist China has surpassed the US as the largest economy on Earth?
The Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA) was started out of Jack Ma’s apartment in Hangzhou, China in 1999 and is now worth over a quarter of a trillion dollars and serves more than 79 million members from more than 240 countries and territories. That is staggering growth rarely seen anymore in the fasco-communist USSA due to all their central planning and regulations.
Cuban stated that his biggest problem is that USSA centrally planned “insider trading” laws are hard to apply in capitalist China where they just don’t have a massive, centrally planned overseer of the securities market.
“Insider Trading” laws, upheld by large bureaucratic organizations who wiretap and eavesdrop on people like Martha Stewart, are ridiculous to begin with. The idea that big government should be watching over the markets to make sure that no one, ever, acts upon information they have is the height of big government and is typical of former-communist places like East Germany and Mao’s China. Yet, Mark Cuban, seems to think the opposite.

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What Will Happen First, Impeachment Or A Military Coup?

If Congress allows President Obama to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for two more years, the following will be an accurate depiction of the opportunities that we are leaving our children.
Obama has let our enemies, in Russia, isolate America, erode and destroy the petrodollar, form military alliances with our neighbors in Latin America and Obama is allowing the fragmentation of our alliances within NATO (e.g. Turkey and Germany). From a national security standpoint, America has never been more vulnerable.
Obama’s conduct in the White House makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. Never before in American history have we had a president, all at the same time, use the IRS to harass his enemies, spy on and harass the media, be complicit in the political assassination of an ambassador, allow his Attorney General to run guns to the drug cartel in Mexico (i.e. Fast and Furious), totally open our borders to a completely form of unrestrained illegal immigration, provide illegal immigrants with free healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, provide the same population with access to social security benefits and other social services paid for without tax dollars. I could go on, but you get the idea. This President has not done one thing to improve the plight of one American citizen who is not a member of the elite power structure. However, this President has done much to weaken our country and make it vulnerable to invasion (i.e. firing over 260 command military officers including our entire nuclear weapons command structure). THIS COUNTRY CANNOT TAKE TWO MORE YEARS OF OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY. HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!

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College President Under Fire For…. The Truth?

Red-faced and apologetic?
The president of prestigious Smith College is red-faced and apologetic Tuesday for telling students on the Northampton, Mass., campus that “all lives matter.”
Kathleen McCartney wrote the phrase in the subject line of an e-mail to students at the school, whose alumni include feminists Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, former First Lady Nancy Reagan and celebrity chef Julia Child. McCartney was attempting to show support for students protesting racially charged grand jury decisions in which police in Missouri and New York were not charged in the deaths of unarmed black men.
So Kathleen tells the truth — which, incidentally, is reflected in the statistical fact that if you’re white you’re about 7 times more-likely to be shot by a cop in a questionable (or worse) circumstance than if you’re black.

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Keiser Report: Real Reasons behind UK Porn Law (E691)

The following video was published by RT on Dec 11, 2014
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the ‘death eaters’ and ‘deglobalizers’ longing for suffering by ordinary people, especially if the ruling elite can’t be the guaranteed winners. They look at currency crisis due to balance of payments and deglobalization and those cheering it on. In the second half Max interviews Itziar Bilbao Urrutia – aka Ms Tytania – about the new ban on certain female acts in porn and the real reason behind the ban being censorship and fear of another Wikileaks or Snowden. Max also suggests if Westminster wants to help children, they should stop harming them first.

America Sets Six Record Lows This Year

Just as a business succeeds or fails on the basis of trust by its customers, it can also be said that a nation succeeds, over the long term, through the trust and confidence of its citizens. There are now ample warning signs that America is dangerously heading in the wrong direction.
As income and wealth inequality in the United States have set records, Americans’ are acknowledging their awareness that this could not have happened without the willful participation of key institutions and leaders.
Historic record lows were set at various times this year in polls measuring Americans’ trust in Congress, approval of President Obama, confidence in the Supreme Court, faith in media, and the popularity of the Democratic party – the party commonly seen to care about leveling the playing field for the little guy. This alarming level of cynicism on the part of citizens can have wide-ranging impacts on everything from consumer spending to worker productivity to volunteerism and voter turnout. In essence, it has a shriveling effect on participatory democracy and the economic well being of the nation.

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All Senate Republican Staffers To Sign Up For Obamacare

One of the unspoken complaints about Obamacare (in addition to it soaking up all and then some of the $380/year in low gas price “savings” as a result of the oil plunge) is that if it was so good for the general population, then why are most Congressional staffers exempt from its provisions? That is about to change after Senate Republican staffers will be required to obtain health insurance through ObamaCare’s exchanges under a rule passed Wednesday by the GOP Conference.
According to Politico, the proposal from Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) means that Senate Republicans will designate their staff as “official,” moving them automatically onto the marketplaces.
A loophole used in both chambers allows lawmakers to designate staff as “unofficial” or “official staff,” which permits them to keep their insurance coverage under the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.
“Republican senators made a strong, principled statement today in passing my resolution,” Vitter said in a statement. “Washington should have to live under ObamaCare just like everybody else until we repeal it. And we won’t be complicit in Obama’s illegal rule designed to protect Washington insiders.”
Vitter is an outspoken critic of some lawmakers’ decision to keep their staff off the marketplaces.

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CIA & Torture – All Americans Are Now At Risk When Captured

Lost is all the defense of uncivilized and unethical behavior that should be criminally punished in the CIA Torture scandal, is the simple fact that human beings with a conscious do not act that way. It was agreed among nations that torture would be outlawed and the bottom-line is rather clear – no American is now safe for when captured they will be tortured in retaliation. The people who authorized this should be criminally prosecuted and the two psychologists in Spokane, Washington should stand trial for violating international and US law.
James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen, the two psychologists, provided the CIA a list of tactics that ranged from facial slaps to waterboarding, deployed them against some terror suspects, and assessed the effectiveness of the efforts, according to a U. S. Senate report released this week that identified the two contractors under pseudonym. From their office in Spokane, these two disgusting individuals once worked with an Air Force survival school. They launched an extraordinary covert business that, after the 2001 terror attacks, offered one-stop shopping for a CIA wanting to use torture interrogation tactics. The CIA even turned to the two men in June 2007 for help gain to support their torture program with then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to the Senate report. In total, the CIA paid them $81 million before their contract was ended in 2009. At one point, in 2008, 85 percent of personnel in the CIA’s main unit for detention and interrogation were outside contractors, and most were employed through Mitchell and Jessen. They belong in prison for life – the ultimate torture.

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Oil price drop a conspiracy, Iran’s president says

While describing the slump in oil prices as a plot against Middle East producers, Iran's president said Wednesday it's time to wean the budget from oil.
"The slide in crude oil prices is not merely an economic issue, and it stems from a conspiracy and political planning by certain countries," President Hassan Rouhani said.
Price variances among the 12 blends from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are seen by some as a sign of internal rivalries among producers that can withstand lower oil prices and those that can't.
Western economic sanctions on Iran's energy sector are already impacting the health of the Iranian economy. For fiscal year 2013-14, the World Bank estimates the Iranian economy has contracted at an annual rate of 1.7 percent.

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E.U. leaders to pledge more Ukraine money, threaten Russia sanctions

The E.U. is prepared to inject more money into Ukraine and to impose further sanctions on Russia if need be, draft summit conclusions say.
The provisional text – agreed by EU states ambassadors’ on Monday (8 December) and seen by EUobserver – “congratulates Ukraine on its new government and welcomes its determination to carry out political and economic reforms”.
It says that following a recent E.U. aid payment of €500 million “the Union and its member states stand ready to further facilitate and support Ukraine's reform process”.
It notes the “situation in eastern Ukraine remains a strong concern” and urges both sides to implement the 5 September ceasefire accord.

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USDA Reports – Focus shifts to Global Supply Numbers

USDA issued its December Supply and Demand report today and as usual, it set off some expected reactions across the grain floor.
About the only surprise in the report that I can see at this time came in the corn numbers. The trade was looking for a corn carryover near last month’s numbers of 2.008 billion bushels. Instead USDA upped usage reducing the amount of corn leftover to 1.998 billion bushels. However, they also raised the expected GLOBAL stockpiles to 192.2 million metric tons from last month’s 191.5 million. Apparently, corn sweeteners will find the cheap corn prices attractive and as a result use more of the stuff in making HFCS. They came up with an additional 10 million bushels worth of demand from that sector ( note that it includes the feed sector but based on what I can see, USDA had already factored in the livestock and poultry industry numbers last month.
Strangely enough, they also RAISED the US export numbers by 10 million bushels. That makes ZERO sense to me since corn exports thus far this year have been lagging behind expectations in the trade. With the projected increase in global supplies increasing combined with the US Dollar as strong as it has been, (and with the greenback expected to resume its uptrend nextyear,) I have no idea why USDA would expect US exports to increase given the fact that corn is plentiful and cheap globally. The US is not the only game in town anymore when it comes to corn and currency differentials make a big deal when it comes to sourcing grain by foreign buyers.

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DHS And FBI Issue A New Alert, Threats From Terrorist Could Be On The Rise – Episode 538

The following video was published by X22Report on Dec 10, 2014
The American recovery does not exist. 40% of American live paycheck to paycheck. Real estate delinquencies rise in certain states. Baltic Dry Index falls again. US Treasury ordering survival kits for bankers. Spending to house illegals reaches 200 million dollars. DHS and FBI issue a new terror alert. Founding Fathers opposed torture. US Senate approves sanction on individuals in Venezuela. Ukraine needs 15 billion dollars to keep from collapsing. Kerry asks Congress to allow The President to put boots on the ground. Syrian opposition fighters will be trained in March 2015.

The Game Is Rigged: Why Americans Keep Losing To The Police State

‘The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens.’ – Leo Tolstoy
My 7-year-old granddaughter has suddenly developed a keen interest in card games: Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Blackjack, and War. We’ve fallen into a set pattern now: every time we play, she deals the cards, and I pretend not to see her stacking the deck in her favor. And of course, I always lose.
I don’t mind losing to my granddaughter at Old Maid, knowing full well the game is rigged. For now, it’s fun and games, and she’s winning. Where the rub comes in is in knowing that someday she’ll be old enough to realize that being a citizen in the American police state is much like playing against a stacked deck: you’re always going to lose.
The game is rigged, and ‘we the people’ keep getting dealt the same losing hand. Even so, we stay in the game, against all odds, trusting that our luck will change.
The problem, of course, is that luck will not save us. The people dealing the cards – the politicians, the corporations, the judges, the prosecutors, the police, the bureaucrats, the military, the media, etc. – have only one prevailing concern, and that is to maintain their power and control over the country and us.
It really doesn’t matter what you call them – the 1%, the elite, the controllers, the masterminds, the shadow government, the police state, the surveillance state, the military industrial complex – so long as you understand that while they are dealing the cards, the deck will always be stacked in their favor.
Incredibly, no matter how many times we see this played out, Americans continue to naively buy into the idea that it’s our politics that divide us as a nation. As if there were really a difference between the Democrats and Republicans. As if the policies of George W. Bush were any different from those of Barack Obama. As if we weren’t a nation of sheep being fattened for the kill by a ravenous government of wolves.
We’re in trouble, folks, and changing the dealer won’t save us: it’s time to get out of the game.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 12/10/2014.

‘Voluntary’ Home Inspections for Illegal Weapons, Toy Guns: Police Searches ‘Help People Make Themselves Safer’

The tyranny around us is all an illusion. Everything you see is for your safety.
Repeat: It’s all for your safety.
So are the new, unwarranted police home searches for weapons… in fact, they are just voluntary. Explicit consent instead of implied consent. Even pretend.
While we’re at it, there’s a dress rehearsal for martial law going on in Los Angeles with Marines in full combat gear, just after real martial law in Ferguson during months of protests and riots.
Until today, police in Beloit, Wisconson, a city with about 37,000 people, were asking residents to open their doors to ‘voluntary’ home inspections so police can look for illegal guns… and whatever else they might find:
As part of its new ‘Consent to Inspect’ program, authorities in Beloit, Wisconsin, want residents to open their doors so they can come and inspect for illegal guns without a warrant.
The effort is part of a new push to help get firearms off the streets in an area that has suffered an uptick in homicides this year. Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs feels that gun violence is a disease and his new program, which asks local residents to allow officers to come by and search for firearms and even modified toy guns, is a step to a cure.
It stands to reason that a voluntary search for illegal guns (which ones are they?) might well include police tracing, databasing and verifying serial numbers, owners and/or purchase histories as well. Oh, and of course, investigation of any other contraband or regulated items of interest, etc. Slippery slope.
But it is all just friendly fun and games.
The local news piece made it seem like a favor for a good neighbor:

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Illinois Passes Law Making it a Felony to Video Police; How to Stop Police Abuse; More on CIA Torture

How to Stop Police Abuse
There’s one way and one way only to stop police abuse: Criminally prosecute it, then allow civil penalties.
In a podcast today with Chris Martenson, Chris suggested civil penalties should come straight out of the police retirement fund, not taxpayer pockets.
But as with CIA torture, government does not really want to stop abuse, they want to stop reporting the abuse.
Earlier this year, Illinois passed a law making videotaping of police illegal. However, the Illinois Supreme Curt struck down the law as a violation of free speech.
So what did the Illinois legislature do? They wrote an even worse law.
Illinois Passes Law Making it a Felony to Video Police
Via email from Jacob Huebert, senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, the Illinois Policy Institute’s free-market public-interest litigation center.
Earlier this year, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a state eavesdropping law that made it a crime for citizens to record conversations with police or anyone else without the other person’s permission. The court held that the old law ‘criminalize[d] a wide range of innocent conduct’ and violated free-speech rights. In particular, the court noted the state could not criminalize recording activities where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, including citizens’ ‘public’ encounters with police.
Now the old law is back, with just a few changes, in a new bill sent to the governor’s desk by the Illinois Senate on Dec. 4. The bill not only passed, but did so overwhelmingly with votes of 106-7 in the House on and 46-4-1 in the Senate.
The new version is nearly as bad as the old one.

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US Tanks Are Rolling Across Latvia

Having grown used to images and clips of “Russian” tanks rolling through Ukraine, crossing borders, and generally creating havoc, we thought the following clip was of note. With NATO and Russia rattling sabres ever louder, the site of a trainful of American tanks passing through Latvia will, we are sure, do nothing to calm both sides.

As LiveLeak reports,
According to the representative of national armed forces of Latvia, till December 6 transportation of heavy military equipment of the first cavalry division of army of the USA from Adazhi and Estonia was carried out to Lithuania. As NATO builds its forces…

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Rigging Justice: More Tales of the New Oligarchy and the Supreme Court

“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”
Hannah Arendt
“Those who have crossed With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom Remember us – if at all – not as lost Violent souls, but only As the hollow men The stuffed men.”
T. S. Eliot
The power of Big Money is often ostentatious, heavy with sanctimonious ceremony and media envy, but sometimes it is even more powerfully subtle.
The Supreme Court has a limited docket, and apparently a penchant for choosing certain lawyers of repute to bring cases before them.
So Big Money hires those lawyers.
The people tend to vote for the less repugnant of the choices that the two political parties in their elections.
So Big Money gets ahead of the curve and pre-selects the candidates from the two major parties…

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SJH Show #3 – State Sponsored Terrorism; CIA Torture & US Hypocrisy; Truth about Royal Family’s National Parks

World leaders are denouncing state-sponsored terrorism and the CIA’s Torture Report is exposing the hypocrisy of U. S. policy throughout the world.
In Episode #3 of the SJH Show, watch Special Contributor for 21st Century Wire Stuart J. Hooper break down calls from world leaders for the West to stop sponsoring terrorist activities. You’ll also hear of the extensive hypocrisies exposed by the release of the CIA’s Torture Report.
To round things off, it is asked why American leaders are turning into fawning sycophants at the feet of British ‘Royalty’. Learn about the true, highly disturbing, history of the British Royal Family’s ties to the creation of ‘National Parks’ in Africa.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on DECEMBER 10, 2014.

Leaked document: Ukraine’s government to eliminate… everything.

As the holiday season approaches you might have mistletoe on your mind for cheery, romantic reasons.
What you might not have known however is that the festive flora and its relatives are all actually parasites.
Unable to photosynthesize to feed itself, mistletoe latches on to a host plant and steals away its nutrients and water.
From the mistletoe’s point of view this may seem like a great idea… for a while.
Depleted of nutrients, the host’s growth is stunted. Branches fall off. And eventually if the mistletoe grows large enough, the entire host plant just dies.
Thus, mistletoe can quite literally eat its own self out of house and home. This isn’t exactly a solid long-term strategy.
Given their behavior it seems that most governments belong to the same genus.
The public sector has no ability to support itself. In theory, they’re supposed to survive by taking a modest portion of people’s earnings through taxation, and then providing valuable services in exchange.
Nature calls this ‘symbiosis’. But life rarely follows theory.
In reality, bureaucrats and politicians who produce nothing of value parasitically choke off the productive class through onerous taxation and regulation.
This cannot last forever, because at some point they will have no hosts left to feed off of.
Ukraine is the perfect example of this right now.
In a leaked version of a new budget proposal (in Ukrainian), we are seeing the drastic extent to which bankrupt governments feed on their hosts.
The proposal includes measures to cut public education in Ukraine from 11 to 9 years. And more importantly, education will no longer be funded by the state.

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