So You’re Opposed To Slavery, Eh?

Let’s cut the crap.
There’s a huge brouhaha in the claim that the Confederate Flag was all about slavery and that it was nothing more than that — in other words, it was simple racism.
This is a bald lie.
The truth is that the Confederacy was about much more than slavery. It was also largely about property and state’s rights.
Let’s take this into a context you can deal with. Let’s assume that in one state there is no law on how much interest you can charge (this is true, by the way.) Let’s assume that in a second state there is a maximum (this is also true.) Someone comes into that second state, where you live, charges you an interest rate far beyond the legal limit, and eventually the law starts to come after him.
He flees to the state with the unlimited interest law.
Your Sheriff goes to that other state and demands his extradition.
They shoot your Sheriff and send him home in a bag.
Then the lender’s minions come into your state and burn your banks to the ground in the middle of the night “to teach you a lesson.”

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Everything You Need to Know About the Greek Crisis and ECB Fascism in Two Paragraphs

Yanis Varoufakis just sat down for his first interview since resigning as Finance Minister of Greece. He talked frankly with Harry Lambert of the New Statesman. Here are the two most important paragraphs from the transcript.
There is no democracy in Europe. None.
Varoufakis said that Schuble, Germany’s finance minister and the architect of the deals Greece signed in 2010 and 2012, was ‘consistent throughout’. ‘His view was ‘I’m not discussing the programme – this was accepted by the previous [Greek] government and we can’t possibly allow an election to change anything.
‘So at that point I said ‘Well perhaps we should simply not hold elections anymore for indebted countries’, and there was no answer. The only interpretation I can give [of their view] is, ‘Yes, that would be a good idea, but it would be difficult. So you either sign on the dotted line or you are out.”
Any questions?

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves – Spain Officially Becomes a Police State

On July 1st, 2015, Spain officially became a police state. There’s simply no other way to put it. The ‘gag law’ passed late last year went into effect on that date, and if you still have any doubt about how extreme and oppressive these laws are, let’s take a quick look at a summary published by The Local:
1) Fines for protesting Under the new law, anyone who organizes or takes part in an ‘unauthorized protest’ could be fined between 30,000 and 600,000 if the protest takes part near institutions such as the Spanish parliament.
2) Distrupting public events
Disrupting events such as public speeches, sports events or religious ceremonies could face fines of between 600 and 300,000.
3) Botelln
The Spanish tradition of getting together with mates for outdoor drinking sessions looks to be officially over – drinking in public will be hit with fines of 600 under the new law. And teenagers won’t escape – Parents will be held responsible for the payment of their offsprings’ fines.
4) Social media activism
Using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to call on people to protest will be fined under the new law, an attempt to put paid to the spontaneous protests that have proved very powerful in building the indignado movement.
5) Photographing police
People will be fined for taking unauthorized photographs of the police, a measure introduced with the argument that being publically identified could put officers and their families in danger.

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Shopper Calls 911 to Report Confederate Merchandise

The politically correct mania over historical symbols has officially reached a fever pitch. Last weekend, a shopper was examining the wares of a vendor at the Redwood County Flea Market in Connecticut. There he found (gasp) Confederate and Nazi memorabilia. So what did he do? He called the cops of course.
He later told the newspapers that ‘I was shaking and almost vomiting… I had to run. My grandmother had numbers.’ He said in reference to the numbers tattooed on concentration camp victims. He also complained that the items were replicas, and not genuine historical artifacts. Of course, none of this was illegal. The local police chief told the news that ‘the reason no one was arrested was because the items were being sold on private property’ – not to mention no laws were broken.’

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How The Greek Deal Almost Collapsed At 6am In The Morning

What began at Saturday’s Eurogroup meeting as a contentious exchange between EU finance ministers (who experessed their extreme consternation at the projected size of a Greek ESM package which was suddenly 43% larger than the figure from the Greek proposal thanks to a 25 billion provision for bank recapitalization) nearly ended in a Grexit, both figuratively and literally when, at 6am Monday morning Brussels time, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras headed for the door after discussions with Angela Merkel hit what both leaders deemed to be an intractable stalemate.
Or so the story goes.
For those who enjoy a good narrative, here are the details via FT:

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How the U.S. Government Squandered $1 Billion in Taxpayer Funds on ‘Ghost Schools’ and Warlords in Afghanistan

BuzzFeed News obtained internal Ministry of Education data for 2011 that has never before been made public. For Afghanistan overall, the data showed 1,174 schools – almost 1 in every 12 – was a ghost school, an educational facility that the Afghan government publicly claimed was open but that was, in fact, not operating. In the provinces that are the most dangerous to monitor – and into which the U. S. poured the most aid money – that proportion soared. In Kandahar province, where DeNenno served, a full third of the 423 schools the Ministry of Education publicly reported as open in 2011 were not functioning, and in Helmand, it was more than half.
But teacher salaries continued to go to these ghost schools – and still do, according to numerous Afghan and U. S. sources. While the Afghan government puts in some of its own money to pay teachers, more than two-thirds of teacher salaries are provided through a World Bank fund, to which the United States is the biggest donor. The World Bank fund did not respond to requests for comment, but USAID said that World Bank financial controls guard against salaries going to ghost teachers.
And just as with ghost students, the U. S. government has known about ghost teachers for years. Back in 2005 and 2006, an internal education ministry task force calculated that at least $12 million in salaries were going to so-called ghost teachers annually, according to several former employees of the USAID contractors embedded in the ministry. A scathing, confidential 2013 USAID audit of the Afghan education ministry obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals that the United States had been injecting hundreds of millions of dollars for more than a decade into a ministry marred by an ‘inadequate payroll system’ and lacking even the most basic auditing practices.

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Greek Lawmakers Won’t Back Deal; Finnish FinMin Says “Can’t Agree” To New Greek Loans

Is the Greek “deal” falling apart already?
New comments are coming across the wires fast and furious over the last few minutes indicating that not only is Syriza’s Left Platform taking a stand against the new agreement (as expected), but also the Greek junior coalition partner. Meanwhile, Finnish FinMin Alexander Stubb (who has been a thorn in the Greek’s side of late) is out with some very cautious commentary as well.
From Reuters:

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Following Up: Trump & Sanders, Obama’s Katrina Moment, Manufacturing Fakeonomics – & an Overdue Thank You

For some reason, Hillary Clinton’s campaign website isn’t technologically up to speed enough to have posted a transcript of the ‘economic vision’ speech she delivered this morning. So instead of analyzing it, I’ll try something a little different on RealityChek – a ‘Following Up’ offering covering multiple subjects.
The first starts off with an apology. In last week’s piece on how Donald Trump could (but probably won’t) help generate long-term change in American politics, I wrote that his president candidacy nonetheless seemed more likely candidate than Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders’ to foster badly needed ideological realignment. My stated reason was that the big obstacle to Trump efforts along these lines is his personality, whereas the big obstacle to the Vermont Senator playing such a role is his ideology.
But then when I discussed in detail Sanders’ prospects as a change agent, I wrote that ‘he seems to be a more plausible candidate to help create an enduring populist alternative to the two major parties.’ And my stated reasons included the ideological flexibility he’s displayed on issues like gun control! So what gives? In a word, I messed up. So let me try to clarify.

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Greece Today, America Tomorrow?

The drama over Greece’s financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines. As this column is being written, a deal may have been reached providing Greece with yet another bailout if the Greek government adopts new ‘austerity’ measures. The deal will allow all sides to brag about how they came together to save the Greek economy and the European Monetary Union. However, this deal is merely a Band-Aid, not a permanent fix to Greece’s problems. So another crisis is inevitable.
The Greek crisis provides a look into what awaits us unless we stop overspending on warfare and welfare and restore a sound monetary system. While most commentators have focused on Greece’s welfare state, much of Greece’s deficit was caused by excessive military spending. Even as its economy collapses and the government makes (minor) cuts in welfare spending, Greece’s military budget remains among the largest in the European Union.
Despite all the handwringing over how the phony sequestration cuts have weakened America’s defenses, the United States military budget remains larger than the combined budgets of the world’s next 15 highest spending militaries. Little, if any, of the military budget is spent defending the American people from foreign threats. Instead, the American government wastes billions of dollars on an imperial foreign policy that makes Americans less safe. America will never get its fiscal house in order until we change our foreign policy and stop wasting trillions on unnecessary and unconstitutional wars.

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This Is Much More Dangerous to National Security Than Jade Helm

There has been something that has been a battle brewing inside of the United States that is devastating to the American way of life. This is worse and far more of a threat than Jade Helm. Specifically, I am speaking about the destruction of the Christian religion in the United States. The demise of Christianity and Christians is planned and it is deliberate.
As bad as he may be, the country can survive the illegitimate Presidency of Obama along with his fascist policies. America can also survive an economic crash, we have done it before. We can even survive the implementation of martial law so long as individual Americans refuse to accept the obliteration of their civil liberties. However, what America cannot survive is the wholesale the destruction of its cultural underpinnings. No nation can survive the destruction of its culture and remain the same and this is precisely what America is going through now.
Cultural Destruction
Our American history books are replete with examples on how the westward movement in this country destroyed the various Native American tribes. The Navajo, the Sioux et al, were not merely defeated because they lost their land, their freedom as many of them lost their lives. They were defeated, in the finality of it all, because they lost their culture. When the Native Americans were conquered, they were literally destroyed because they lost their right to practice their spiritual beliefs, societal mores and family traditions. Many of the children were sent off to harsh boarding schools where they were further deculturized.
America is living in a time when she is being deculturized. We are being stripped of our way of life. This administration would force you to accept homosexual marriage regardless of your religious beliefs and teachings on th subject. Many of the homosexual groups cry out for equality. However, some go much further as they bait the owners of bakeries into lawsuits who will not sell wedding cakes to homosexual couples because it violates their Christian values. Pastors are being threatened with law suits for the same reasons. ‘We have the right to refuse service to anyone’ does not apply to those of a Christian persuasion.

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The End of Freedom of Speech in Spain

Spain has shown that it is fully on board with the Brussels authoritarian direction of ending democracy. Those in power have simply convinced themselves that the people do not understand what is good for them so they must impose their will upon the people but raw force. How does this differ in any what from the justification of imposing communism? This is the death of all freedom and it is upon our doorstep.
Here are the new laws in Spain:
1. If you photograph security personnel and then share these images on social media: up to 30.000 fine (particularly if photo exposes violence used against a member of the public). This fine could increase depending on the number of Instagram or social media followers you have. 2. Tweet or retweet information or the ‘location of an organized protest’ can now be interpreted as an act of terrorism as it incites others to ‘commit a crime’ (now that ‘demonstrating’ in many ways has become a crime). Sound ’1984′-ish? Read about Orwell and his time in Spain.
3. Snowden-like whistle blowing is now defined as an act of terrorism. If you write for a local publication, be careful what you print, whom you speak to, and whether the government is listening.

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But Trump Is….

….. right!
An illegal Mexican immigrant allegedly kidnapped a 13-year-old girl from her Florida home last week and sexually abused her before police located the pair in Michigan, Fox 28 reported.
The Van Buren County sheriff’s office in southwestern Michigan says 23-year-old Aurelio Hernandez-Gomez was arraigned Friday in South Haven.
Nice people we have coming in here illegally; after all their first act in America is to break the law, and then they break it every day thereafter for as long as they’re here.
What’s a little kidnapping and child sexual assault while you’re at it….

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GMO’s Montier Shifts To 50% Cash, Sees 3 “Hellish” Scenarios For Markets

“This is definitely the most difficult time to be an asset allocator,” warns GMO’s James Montier, telling conference attendees in Munich that he hasn’t been this risk-averse since 2008. Having warned six months ago that “stocks are hideously expensive…in a central bank sponsored bubble,” Montier sees three different “hellish” scenarios and as CityWire reports, warns investors, “I think it’s best to stand a bit and hold onto some dry powder,” despite the groupthink idolatry being practiced around the world.
As CityWire reports,
“This is definitely the most difficult time to be an asset allocator. It’s very hard to find value,” Montier told Citywire at the Value Intelligence Conference in Munich, an event hosted by Value Intelligence Advisors (VIA). The fund manager recently cut his equity exposure to US ‘quality’ names and, as such, has upped cash in his Global Real Return fund. He currently holds 20% in liquid assets, i.e. cash and derivatives, while a further 30% is invested in fixed income
“2007 and 2008 we had about 80% of the fund in non-risky assets. This has been the first time since that we have had over 50% in very liquid assets,” he said.
And various levels of hell are on their way…

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Why NATO Fears ‘Grexit’

With Greece tottering on the brink of leaving the Eurozone, experts of all stripes have been debating Grexit’s security implications, including Athens’ relationship with NATO. While naysayers argue that the geopolitics behind Grexit “are actually pretty boring,” others warn that the implications for the bloc could be far more serious.
Over the past couple of weeks, US and European media have been busy pondering the implications of the Grexit for European security, particularly as it relates to the NATO alliance. Following an initial outburst of panic and alarm about NATO standing to lose its Mediterranean outpost to Moscow before being flooded byIMMIGRANTS, NATO Secretary General Jeans Stoltenberg urged for calm, noting that the Greeks “have not linked the problems within the European Union and the euro with their strong commitment to NATO,” and adding that Athens will remain “a close partner.”
Influential US news and geopolitical analysis publication Foreign Policy echoed Stoltenberg’s tone, brushing off security fears with a recent headline reading “The Geopolitics of a Grexit Are Actually Pretty Boring.” The piece, written by former European Council on Foreign Relations Senior Policy Fellow Dimitar Bechev, argues that “those fretting that a Greek departure from the Eurozone will unleash a flood of migrants and send Athens into the arms of a waiting Putin should calm down,” noting that “none of this is going to happen.”

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07.12 LIVE Updates on Greek Situation: Pro-Grexit Protesters Gathering in Athens

As the obscenity known as the Greek bailout proposal was presented to the Tsipras government by the Germans (because they do run the European Union) the disaster which is facing Prime Minister Tsipras and his nation became apparent with this Tweet a short while ago:

The final draft presented earlier today is a nightmare of epic proportions:

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