NYC Residents Will Pay $2-3k a Month for ‘Micro-Apartments’ as Luxury Car Sales Outpace Regular Car Sales

In the past five years, global registrations of the seven largest ultra-premium car brands – a group that also includes Aston Martin and Lamborghini – have surged by 154 percent, far outpacing the 36 percent gain in overall car sales worldwide.
Rolls-Royce registrations have risen almost five-fold. Almost 10,000 new Bentleys cruised onto the streets last year, a 122 percent increase over 2009, while Lamborghini rode a 50 percent increase to pass the 2,000 vehicle mark.
– From the Bloomberg article: Hyper-Luxury Cars Are Now Selling Faster Than Normal Ones
It’s an oligarch’s world, you’re just living in it.
One of the main reasons ‘hyper-luxury’ cars are outselling regular cars, is because all of the wealth gains from the oligarch recovery are going to, well, oligarchs. This has been a regular theme here at Liberty Blitzkrieg, and is further evidence that global policies implemented since the oligarch created financial melt-down, have been used to cover up its criminality, and further advance the status quo’s consolidation of wealth and power. A continuation of this trend presents the greatest threat to liberty, free markets and an evolution of human consciousness on the planet today.
First, let’s take a look at how the average standard of living in my hometown of NYC is being impacted by the oligarch recovery. Fromthe New York Post:

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Crunch Time for the Global Corporatocracy

As Sir Winston Churchill is alleged to have said, democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried. However, in this age of increasingly globalized governance the future of democracy is very much in question.
Already many key economic decisions affecting our lives are being taken and implemented in complete secrecy behind hermetically closed doors. In the negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement between 12 nations including the U. S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand, an army of over 600 corporate advisers have been allowed access to the accompanying text while the public and even members of Congress have largely been kept in the dark.
Indeed, the only way for the uninitiated to learn about some – but far from all – of the potential repercussions of today’s trade agreements is through leaked documents. The current negotiations for a US-EU trade deal (TTIP) are so clandestine that the few Members of the European Parliament that are granted access can only view the plans in their original documentation, in a secure location, with the threat of espionage charges hanging over them if they are caught making copies or sharing the details with the public.
The Treaty That Must Not Be Named
If you think that’s bad, the hyper-secret Trade in Services Act (TiSA), which seeks to bind together the U. S., the EU and 22 other Western-aligned nations under a new system of laws and regulations covering telecoms, water, gas, electricity, transport, financial and legal services, software design, electronic data, tourism, healthcare and a whole lot more, is infinitely worse. The treaty’s text is designed to be almost impossible to repeal, and is to be ‘considered confidential’ for at least five years after being signed.
Much of the political pressure behind TISA has come as a result of widespread frustration among the globalist elite with the snail-like pace of trade liberalization in the WTO’s Doha Round, notes Glen Newey in a rare article on the trade agreement in the London Review of Books.

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US Will Never Gain Oil Market Crown, IEA Chief Says

No matter how much oil the United States produces over the next few years, it will never become the next Saudi Arabia in the global oil market, according to Fatih Birol, the new executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).
What’s especially interesting about this forecast is that it directly contradicts what Birol said only three months ago, and he gave no explanation for his change of mind.
On Feb. 26, Birol told The Telegraph’s Middle East Congress in London that OPEC, particularly the Persian Gulf members, will prevail over all other producers for the foreseeable future, even though the revolution in extracting shale oil has been ‘excellent news’ for American producers.
‘The United States will never be a major oil exporter. Their import needs are getting less but the US is not becoming Saudi Arabia,’ Birol told the conference. ‘Their production growth is good to diversify the market but it will not solve the world’s oil problems.’
Certainly, Birol acknowledged, 2014 crude production by countries that are not among OPEC’s 12 members was greater than it had been in three decades, helping create an oversupply of oil that caused prices to erode and robbed OPEC producers of some of their market share.

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Nurse Nina Pham Suing Texas Hospital Over Ebola

Nurse Nina Pham, the first person infected with Ebola in the US, reportedly plans to sue her employer over the way they handled the medical crisis at their facility.
Pham, 26, was one of the nurses who provided care for Thomas Duncan, who was the first known person to die of Ebola in the US. She says that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and its parent company, Texas Health Resources, failed her and her colleagues who cared for Duncan.
Jennifer Emily of The Dallas Morning News interviewed Pham and broke the story on February 28:
Pham says she will file a lawsuit Monday in Dallas County against Texas Health Resources alleging that while she became the American face of the fight against the disease, the hospital’s lack of training and proper equipment and violations of her privacy made her ‘a symbol of corporate neglect – a casualty of a hospital system’s failure to prepare for a known and impending medical crisis.’
She says that Texas Health Resources was negligent because it failed to develop policies and train its staff for treating Ebola patients. She says Texas Health Resources did not have proper protective gear for those who treated Duncan.
After Duncan died, Pham said she met with someone from the CDC and the hospital’s employee health manager to discuss her care of Duncan and how she protected herself.
She said they deemed her no risk.

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Is the Media Trying to ‘Disappear’ Rand Paul As Was Done to His Father?

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal ran a cover photo of the Republican hopefuls set to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland. The caption at the bottom of the picture read: At a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference, an attendee holds photos of possible presidential candidates.
This is what the photo looked like:

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Russia Warns NATO: Any Threat In Ukraine Will See Military Response

As Russia announces the expansion of its Navy by 50 vessels this year, including two new nuclear-powered submarines and an aircraft carrier, it appears NATO’s sabre-rattling has drawn a response/threat/warning. Following British plans to send military ‘advisers’ into Ukraine (which NATO has stated are not confirmed), TASS reports, Russia’s NATO envoy, Alexander Grushko, warns Russia will take all measures against possible NATO threat in Ukraine, adding that Russia’s response mayinclude military measures.
As TASS reports,
NATO has taken no decisions on sending British or any other instructors to Ukraine, Russia’s Ambassador to the North Atlantic Alliance Alexander Grushko said on Monday.
“NATO has taken no decisions on sending instructors,” he told the Rossiya 24 television channel. “NATO is implementing the decisions that were taken at the political level at the Wales summit in September 2014.”
Moscow will take all measures, including military-technical, to neutralize possible threat from NATO presence in Ukraine, he added.
And this is happening as Russia dramatically expands its military forces. As The Moscow Times reports,
The Russian navy will receive 50 vessels of various sizes and classes this year, navy Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency on Monday.
The new boats are part of a rearmament program begun under President Vladimir Putin that aims to provide Russia with a navy capable of operating far away from home – a capability lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union – by 2050. Russia’s navy today is largely relegated to a coastal defense role.
“The period of stagnation in the development of our potential has long since passed,” Chirkov said.

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There Are Several Chicago Style FEMA Camps in Every State

As I was investigating the FEMA camp run and maintained by the Chicago PD, I kept running into the topic of privatized prisons. I first wrote about privatized prisons almost seven years ago. Subsequently, I decided to take a fresh look and what I found was shocking. The privatized prison industry owns and controls nearly every elected official. State officials are literally ‘stealing’ money from education and putting that money into the privatized prison system. Most states have guaranteed privatized prisons 100% occupancy rates and the conditions of these prisons are increasingly barbaric and clearly fit the definition of slave labor.
The United States Has the Highest Incarceration Rate In the World There are over two million inmates in American prisons, or one in 743 people. Communist China, which has five times the population of the United States, has 500,000 less inmates. The United States has only 5% of the world’s population, but has 25% of the world’s prison population.
In 1972, the U. S. had less than 300,000 inmates. By 1990, the incarceration rate had skyrocketed to one million and by today, the rate has more than doubled again. Again, I ask why? Because there is very big monied interests behind the growth industry of privatized prisons.
According to Charles Campbell, author of The Intolerable Hulks (2001), the privatization of the prisons movement has its origins in the Revolutionary War period. England began to put undesirables and prisoners in prison ships. The U. S. fully embraced the use of private prisons during the Reconstruction Period (1865-1876) in the South, following the Civil War. Plantation owners and business owners needed ‘free’ replacements to compensate for the loss of their previous slave laborers. In 1868, convict leases were awarded to private business interests in order to bolster their labor workforce and the practice continued until the early 20th century.
Today, this practice has been taken over by private corporate interests who are increasingly taking over our prison system and this unholy practice is no less exploitative than the slave labor abuses of the past and as in all forms of slavery, it is being fueled by profit.

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EU Exporters: No More Than 20-30% Will Return to Russian Markets

A very interesting note reporting comments by Russia’s head of Rosselkhoznadzor (organisation that certifies food imports and grants food market access to foreign exporters) on the post-sanctions regime for Western exporters into Russia. The full text is here: in Russia.
The core point is that head of Rosselkhoznadzor expects the return of just 20-30% of EU exporters back to the Russian market once Russian sanctions on food imports are lifted. And that is 20-30% “at most”. Quoting from Interfax report, the head of Rosselkhoznadzor thinks that “Products from the EU will find it difficult to return to Russian markets, because we will be forced to cut back on the number of European producers, allowing only 20-30% of previously active suppliers back into the market. The rest will be able to supply [exports to Russia] only after they restore [market] trust”.

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BBC vs Assad: Britain’s Skewed View of World’s #1 Anti-Terror Leader

21st Century Wire says…
It’s evident where the British State-Funded BBC got their talking points from in this interview. When they’re spewing exactly the same line as Western governments, is it any wonder that their legitimacy is constantly questioned?
The BBC tries to portray Syria’s uprising as peaceful, yet it is evident that there was no such peace as snipers and trouble makers were around since almost day-one of the ‘Arab Spring’ reaching Syrian territory. A foreign terrorist army has been invading Syria for years now, and an attempt to frame these ‘rebels’ as ‘moderates’ has all but collapsed with the rise of ISIS.
The interviewer harps on about ‘barrel bombs’, supposedly indiscriminate clusters of weapons dropped from helicopters, leading Assad to have to constantly reaffirm that his army, like any other, uses bombs, missiles and bullets; he also notes that during war, as in any war, there are unfortunate civilian casualties. After the Iraq debacle, which the BBC had a helping hand in pushing, this is very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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Fukushima Radiation Spikes 7,000% as Contaminated Water Pours into the Ocean

Cleanup crews trying to mitigate Japan’s never-ending radiation crisis at Fukushima ran into more problems recently after sensors monitoring a drainage gutter detected a huge spike in radiation levels from wastewater pouring into the Pacific Ocean.
The Tokyo Electric Power Company says radiation levels were up to 70 times, or 7,000 percent, higher than normal, prompting an immediate shutdown of the drainage instrument. The first readings came around 10 a.m. local time on February 22, setting off alarms not once but twice as radiation levels spiked to extremely high levels.
‘The levels of beta ray-emitting substances, such as strontium-90, measured 5,050 to 7,230 becquerels per liter of water between 10:20 a.m. and 10:50 a.m.,’ reported The Japan Times. ‘TEPCO requires radioactivity levels of groundwater at the plant discharged into the sea to remain below 5 becquerels.’

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Litmus Test? REALLY?

Cry me a river, so-called “Conservatives”…..
This spring will mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the landmark agreement by King John of England at Runnymede ceding certain rights to rebel barons. Liberty will have another chance to shine on Wednesday when the Supreme Court hears a case with momentous implications about another sort of executive power. In this instance, though, it is the rebels who have the royal name: King v. Burwell raises questions about how President Obama has enforced the ObamaCare law – or, more precisely, modified, delayed and suspended it.
This will be the third challenge to the Affordable Care Act to reach the court. But King is different. The law’s constitutionality was challenged in NFIB v. Sebelius, 2012, and the way certain regulations burden particular types of plaintiffs was addressed by Burwell v. Hobby Lobby last year. Now comes King, challenging the administration’s implementation of the law.
Yes, I know.
And yes, I also know the facts on this, since I’m one of the few who claims to be a journalist that actually read the damn bill before it was passed. Yes, all of it. Every page.

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Putin Predicted Washington Would Employ Assassination Tactic Against Russia – Paul Craig Roberts

The Saker provides a one minute video with translation of Putin explaining two years ago the Russian government’s concern that an overseas entity would use a false flag assassination within Russia in order to create an ‘involuntary martyr’ that the Western media would use to demonize Russia. According to this report by The Saker, , the Washington-financed Russian opposition has not, as Washington hoped it would, joined the Western anti-Putin media campaign. Possibly the Washington-financed Russian NGOs have wised up from observing events in Ukraine. In place of ‘more democracy,’ they got a Washington stooge government squandering Ukraine’s last cent on a losing war.
The most likely explanation of Nemtsov’s murder is that the CIA decided, as Nemtsov was completely marginalized as an opposition politician with 5% as against Putin’s 85%, that Nemtsov was worth more dead than alive. But the ploy, if that is what it is, has not worked inside Russia.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on March 1, 2015.

Breaking: Google gives new meaning to ‘Orwellian’

‘…if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth.’ (1984, George Orwell)
The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15, ‘Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links,’ by Hal Hodson):
‘THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.’
Great idea, right?
Sure it is.
The author of the article lets the cat out of the bag right away with his comment about ‘anti-vaccination’ websites.
These sites will obviously be shoved into obscurity by Google because they’re ‘garbage’…whereas ‘truthful’ pro-vaccine sites will dominate top ranked pages on the search engine.
This is wonderful if you believe what the CDC tells you about vaccine safety and efficacy. The CDC: an agency that opens its doors every day with lies and closes them with more lies.
The New Scientist article continues: ‘A Google research team is adapting [a] model to measure the trustworthiness of a [website] page, rather than its reputation across the web. Instead of counting incoming links, the [ranking] system – which is not yet live – counts the number of incorrect facts within a page. ‘A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy,’ says the team… The score they compute for each page is its Knowledge-Based Trust score.’
Right. Google, researchers of truth. Assessors of trustworthiness. Who in the world could have a problem with that?
Answer: anyone with three live brain cells.
Here’s the New Scientist’s capper. It’s a beaut:

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Tens Of Thousands Rally In Moscow To Mourn Slain Boris Nemtsov

If there was supposed to be any crackdown on opposition voices in Russia following the shocking death of Boris Nemtsov, it wasn’t evident today during a rally in which tens of thousands converged in central Moscow this monring to mourn the veteran liberal politician Boris Nemtsov, whose killing on the streets of the capital has, according to AP, shaken Russia’s beleaguered opposition.
As AP reports, and as the photos below show, the mourners marched to the bridge near the Kremlin where Nemtsov was gunned down shortly before midnight Friday. “The march could serve to energize the opposition or it could prove to be a brief outpouring of emotions that once again dissipates in a climate of fear.”
Russia’s federal investigative agency said it was looking into several possible motives for his killing.
The first possibility, the Investigative Committee said, was that the murder was aimed at destabilizing the political situation in Russia and Nemtsov was a “sacrificial victim for those who do not shun any method for achieving their political goals.” This suggestion echoed comments by Putin’s spokesman and other Russian politicians that the attack was a “provocation” against the state.

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Which New World Order Are We Talking About?

Submitted by Jeff Thomas of International Man
Which New World Order Are We Talking About?
Those of us who are libertarians have a tendency to speak frequently of ‘the New World Order.’ When doing so, we tend to be a bit unclear as to what the New World Order is. Is it a cabal of the heads of the world’s governments, or just the heads of Western governments? Certainly bankers are included somewhere in the mix, but is it just the heads of the Federal Reserve and the IMF, or does it also include the heads of JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.? And how about the Rothschilds? And the Bundesbank – surely, they’re in there, too?
And the list goes on, without apparent end.
Certainly, all of the above entities have objectives to increase their own power and profit in the world, but to what degree do they act in concert? Although many prominent individuals, world leaders included, have proclaimed that a New World Order is their ultimate objective, the details of who’s in and who’s out are fuzzy. Just as fuzzy is a list of details as to the collective objectives of these disparate individuals and groups.
So, whilst most libertarians acknowledge ‘the New World Order,’ it’s rare that any two libertarians can agree on exactly what it is or who it’s comprised of. We allow ourselves the luxury of referring to it without being certain of its details, because, ‘It’s a secret society,’ as evidenced by the Bilderberg Group, which meets annually but has no formal agenda and publishes no minutes. We excuse ourselves for having only a vague perception of it, although we readily accept that it’s the most powerful group in the world.
This is particularly true of Americans, as Americans often imagine that the New World Order is an American construct, created by a fascist elite of US bankers and political leaders. The New World Order may be better understood by Europeans, as, actually, it’s very much a European concept – one that’s been around for quite a long time.

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Countless of brave and selfless reporters risk their lives on a daily basis to bring the public the news on how we are our systematically losing our freedoms as we rush headlong into a police state unlike what the world has ever seen. This is a dangerous profession, just ask the families of Hastings, Breitbart and Clancy. And what are we all risking our lives for? Are we are risking our lives trying to save people who would rather watch the NFL than stand up to the tyranny that this destroying their country and ultimately their family?
If the reporters from the Guardian and Infowars who uncovered the following information were not risking their lives to bring the public this information, then who would stand at the gate? And what did these brave reporters risk their lives for?
I Do Not Recognize America America has lost her soul because it has lost Jesus. As a result, America has lost her sense of morality. Our nation has but a few who possess true courage! As a people. we stand for nothing. We accept tyranny as if it is normal and that is the way that it is supposed to be. When CIA rendition camps are exposed in the news, the public does not pay attention as they fast forward the DVR to the weather and the sports. And now that these same camps have come to roost on American soil and are run by local law enforcement, Americans collectively turn the page and pretend it does not matter. Only this time, it is Americans that are being tortured, not foreign terrorists.
What did we Americans think was going to happen when we allowed DHS to militarize the police under Program 1033? If we allow the Federal government, in the name of the CIA, to torture suspects, how long did we think it is going to be until the militarization of the police would lead to the same thing at the local level? That day has arrived as we have the Gestapo, in the form of local police running concentration camps inside of our cities.

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Our politicians make a hash of it because they’re bought, not because they’re braindead

From Athens to Washington via Berlin, Paris and London, we are getting the wrong policies for us, because they’re not designed to be for us in the first place
Herewith a very small proportion of some major political cockups of recent vintage:
The EU ‘annexed’ former Soviet satellites in central and eastern Europe without giving a thought to what the effect might be in terms of cheaper goods and lower-cost workers.
The EU and US conspired to meddle in Ukrainian politics, and as a result were given a bloody nose by Putin.
The EU created one currency across 18 cultural divides without giving any exit door, and as a result the Greek population is paying for the crimes of the pro-EU oligarchy.
The EU is imposing a mad scorched earth policy on the Greeks in the bizarre hope that the grass will regrow two minutes after the fire goes out.
The EU trampled all over Cyprus, and as a result Putin has completed a bailout deal with them….in return for naval bases there.
The EU created a government structure in which unelected functionaries have all the ‘ideas’ – and the elected MEPs get to rubber stamp them – and hoped that democracy would flourish.
The US blundered into Iraq twice, supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, bombed Iraq for a third time, supported the rebels in Syria, and then changed its mind to support Bashar Assad and bomb the rebels…all in pursuit of energy control, without ever trying with any consistency to develop beyond fossil fuels.

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Venezuela BANS ‘Terrorists’ Bush and Cheney

21st Century Wire says…
This is quite the statement. Will further world leaders follow suit?
Venzuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, has revealed that all American citizens will require mandatory visas to visit the country. He also announced that Ex-President George W. Bush and Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney would be banned from entering the country under any circumstances; branding them ‘terrorists’ in the process.
Republican Congress members Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Robert Menendez and Marco Rubioare also facing a ban from entry. Furthermore, ‘US diplomats will be required to seek approval from the Foreign Ministry for meetings they conduct in Venezuela.’ Maduro expelled diplomats he suspected of wrong-doing a few years back.
At the end of 2014 Maduro claimed ‘to be in possesion of ‘recordings’ disclosing US plans to bribe and corrupt Venezuelan authorities’. He also accused the U. S. of attempting a coup. The plotters were allegedly paid in U. S. dollars and wanted to assassinate Maduro. Britain and Canada have also been involved with the coup attempt.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on FEBRUARY 28, 2015.

Putin’s Political Rival Was Assassinated Last Night. How Convenient?

Boris Nemtsov had spent the better part of his adult life fighting the system. He had always been an ardent critic of Vladimir Putin, and was determined to convince his countrymen that liberalism and democracy were the only ways to prevent Russia from becoming a ‘pariah country.’
Last night, Nemtsov was leaving a restaurant in Moscow, while accompanied by Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, when a passing car opened fire on him, leaving him dead in the street.
His body isn’t even cold, and theories abound as to who is responsible for the killing. For some, the most obvious culprit would be Putin. Russia has a long history eliminating those who oppose the prevailing regime, and Putin’s time in power has seen the deaths and detention of numerous journalists, defectors, and dissidents. However, it’s hard to say if the death of Nemtsov was really in Putin’s best interest.
Putin has enjoyed the overwhelming support of most Russians in recent years (most polls place this support at around 80 percent), and it doesn’t appear that Nemtsov was really a threat to his rule. In the Russian political scene, being liberal or democratic is synonymous with being pro-US or even CIA run. These movements are marginal at best, and have even less support than the modern version of the Communist Party. Nemtsov was a fly on the back of Putin’s Russia, and killing him would only bolster a movement that was no threat to him.

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GOP Platform: War Without End

If the sadists of ISIS are seeking – with their mass executions, child rapes, immolations, and beheadings of Christians – to stampede us into a new war in the Middle East, they are succeeding.
Repeatedly snapping the blood-red cape of terrorist atrocities in our faces has the Yankee bull snorting, pawing the ground, ready to charge again.
‘Nearly three-quarters of Republicans now favor sending ground troops into combat against the Islamic State,’ says a CBS News poll. The poll was cited in a New York Times story about how the voice of the hawk is ascendant again in the GOP.
In April or May 2015, said a Pentagon briefer last week, the Iraqi Army will march north to recapture Mosul from the Islamic State.
On to Mosul! On to Raqqa!
Yet, who, exactly, will be taking Mosul?
According to Rowan Scarborough of The Washington Times, the U. S. general who trained the Iraqi army says Mosul is a mined, booby-trapped city, infested with thousands of suicide fighters.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on February 28, 2015.