Only In America: An Indiscreet Selfie Can Put A Kid In Prison – Paul Craig Roberts

Did you know that if you are an American under 18 years old and you use your cell phone to send a nude ‘selfie’ of yourself to a friend, you can be convicted of manufacturing and distributing ‘child pornography’ and sent to prison? In case you are too old to be in the loop, a ‘selfie’ is a photo that one makes of oneself.
This is how expansively prosecutors, whose main purpose in life is to ruin as many people as possible, interpret laws passed to protect children from sexual exploitation.
Sexting – the exchange of nude photographs – is now a big thing among the 14-17 year old set, especially among females. They have transitioned from children to women and find the extraordinary change in their bodies an interesting phenomenon. Under the expansive interpretation of child pornography laws, for an under 18-year old to even possess a nude photo of herself or himself is a violation of the law. Thanks to the illegal, unconstitutional surveillence of every communication of every American sanctioned by the US government and the corrupt Supreme Court that serves the government and not the Constitution, a naked photo sent by an under-18 year-old can be intercepted and the sender prosecuted for possessing, manufacturing, and distributing child pornography.
Teenagers can have their life ruined by the government ‘protecting’ them.
In the state of New Mexico, awareness that kids faced the prospect of being ruined by sending explicit images of themselves to one another got the attention of New Mexico state senator George Munoz, a Democrat, and Steven Robert Allen of the American Civil Liberties Union. They got a bill passed that exempts consensual photograph sharing from prosecution. However the Republican Governor Susana Martinez and the state attorney general, Hector Balderas, oppose the new law.

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Caught On Tape: 500 Syrians Storm Greek Border Fence With Homemade Battering Ram

Last week, EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos delivered a rather unnerving assessment of the prospects for Angela Merkel’s multicultural utopia: if Turkey and Greece can’t come to some kind of agreement on how to secure Europe’s external border in the next week, the bloc will simply collapse under the weight of the refugee flow from the Mid-East.
That’s right ladies and gentlemen. At least one eurocrat thinks this entire experiment with passport-free borders is going to come to a rather unceremonious end in the next five days.
EU officials are set to meet with Turkey on March 7 to discuss possible remedies to the crisis, but the prospects for that meeting aren’t great.
Erdogan is far more interested in extracting cash from Brussels than he is in helping to stem the flow of refugees. Indeed, if you had to point to one man who has contributed the most to the exodus of civilians from Syria, you’d have to look at Erdogan, whose support for Sunni extremists and anti-Assad elements has plunged Syria into chaos.
Meanwhile, Brussels somehow expects beleaguered Greece – which is completely broke and has resorted to doubling taxes on farmers to meet Berlin’s budget demands – to control the flow of migrants into Western Europe. Last week, Athens recalled its ambassador to Austria after the country held a meeting on immigration with Balkan countries without inviting Greece. ‘Greece will not accept becoming Europe’s Lebanon, a warehouse of souls,’ Greek migration minister, Yannis Mouzalas told reporters last Thursday.

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A Warning To The GOP

So Mitch McConnell thinks that this sort of nonsense is acceptable in American politics eh?
Normally at this point in the election cycle the GOP would be gearing up for attacks on their anticipated Democratic rival for the White House. But party leaders are so distraught at the idea of the blustery businessman heading the ticket, that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken to advising candidates to keep their distance from Trump.
According to the New York Times, McConnell is assuring Senate candidates running for reelection that they should feel free to run ads against Trump if they feel he is hurting their own campaigns. According to senators attending private lunches with the Majority Leader, McConnell is taking the approach that Trump will lose badly in the general election and that senators should sell themselves as a bulwark against a Hillary Clinton presidency.
So Mr. McConnell, you supported your party when they demanded a “loyalty oath” from Trump, but that doesn’t extend to the party? It’s one-sided?
Like hell it was — and is.
Let me point a few things out to you Mitch, and more than a few others — like Limbaugh, Levin, McMorris-Rodgers, Fox News, the Koch clan, Ryan and the rest of you.
You all exist politically and on a business level because we the people put up with you, and for no other reason.
That’s not a threat, it’s a fact. Nobody is or remains in business because they have a right to, they do so because people buy their product or service, either directly or indirectly. In the case of media it’s (mostly) indirect through advertisers. Nobody is or remains in a political office because they have a right to, they do so because people vote to allow them to.

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Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies Jump to Highest Level Since 2010

Just in case you need some more evidence that the U. S. economy is rolling over.
Bloomberg reports:
More borrowers with spotty credit are failing to make monthly car payments on time, a troubling sign for investors who have snapped up billions of dollars of securities backed by risky auto debt.
Delinquencies on subprime auto loans packaged into bonds rose in January to 4.7 percent, a level not seen since 2010, according to data from Wells Fargo & Co.

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Beating the Bully State

Read the following posting with caution. If you choose to read it you may be placed on a watch list.
I am on a flight from the West Coast to New York City, writing at 35,000 feet in the sky. I have been passing the time on a 4.5-hour flight reading John W. Whitehead’s bookBattlefield America. Maybe here at this high altitude, the keystrokes on my laptop computer cannot be monitored by the National Security Agency.
I am only synopsizing part of Whitehead’s book because you, like me, are likely to be so distracted you have little time to read its entire text. However, you should really purchase a copy of this book if for nothing else but to hide it in your attic before all remembrance of freedom and liberty in the U. S. has vanished.
You, like me, have been lulled into the complacency of illusory democracy, of reveling over historical but not present freedoms. You can’t imagine your right to bear arms, your right to free speech, the checks, and balances of three branches of government, the role the news media plays in making government accountable as the ‘fourth estate,’ have been drastically diminished, all by something called fascism.

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Survey: Top Ten Fears of 2015

Survey: You’ll Never Guess What Americans Are Most Afraid Of… Truthstream Media
Out of 88 potential horrors this batch of 1,500 Americans were asked to rank in regard to their personal level of fear in 2015, you’ll never guess what the number one thing people are most afraid of in this country…
Or perhaps you will.

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Unlike all of my articles of the past several years, this one will have no photographs. I apologize. Since arriving in Germany in late September, I’ve visited nine other countries and have written about and photographed Germany, Singapore, England, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Ukraine. Though I’ve been to the Czech Republic three times, I couldn’t quite come up with the right angle to discuss it, so with just over a week left before returning to Philly, I thought about going down to Usti nad Labem or Most, two towns in Northern Bohemia, to examine its Gypsy situation.
In 1999, Usti nad Labem attracted attention when it built a 2 meter high, 65-meter long wall down the middle of a street to separate Gypsies from other Czechs. The New York Times quoted the town’s mayor, Ladislav Hruska, ‘This wall is about one group that obeys the laws of the Czech Republic and behaves according to good morals, and about a group that breaks these rules – doesn’t pay rent, doesn’t use proper hygiene and doesn’t do anything right. This is not a racial problem. It is a problem of dealing with decent and indecent people.’ After much international condemnation, the wall was torn down two months later.
In 2011, Baia Mare in Romania built a similar wall, for which its mayor was fined $1,530 by the central government. Catalin Chereches ignored its ruling to tear it down, however, and had art students paint murals on it. It’s now a work of art, he declared. At the next election, townspeople reelected him by a landslide. In 2013, 13 more Gypsy walls were built in Romania.

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A Coherent Explanation of Obama’s Foreign Policy

Authored by Eric Zuesse,
Foreign policy is both economic and military. An interpretation of U. S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy will be presented here that explains both his economic and his military decisions to-date, and that shows he’s been carrying out the policies of his predecessors in office.
On economic matters, he has turned out to be the most ambitious ‘free-trader’ of any U. S. President: he has proposed three gigantic international-trade treaties, two with North Atlantic countries (TTIP for products and TISA for services), and one with Pacific countries (TPP), not only in order to serve America’s aristocracy at the public’s expense (an international ‘race-to-the-bottom’ in terms of workers’ wages, and race to the top in terms of stockholders’ profits and executive pay) (like NAFTA on steroids), but in order to extend the NATO military alliance against Russia, to include now these trade treaties as a companion economic alliance against Russia (to reduce Russian trade with Russia’s biggest market, which is Europe).
Obama’s economic initiative with North Atlantic countries is even more intensive than his one with Pacific countries, because his TTIP & TISA would be economic treaties that would extend the North Atlantic Treaty, or NATO, directly from the military realm into the economic realm. With his TTIP & TISA, Obama is pursuing, essentially, a NATO economic alliance to complement the military one – virtually the same members as NATO. TPP is less important, because that treaty attempts to isolate China, not Russia – and Russia is to be conquered before a conquest of China can be even seriously considered (in some future U. S. Presidency, though Obama is also ratcheting-up the military hostility against China).

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Stop Trident: Jeremy Corbyn Leads London Protest Against Nuclear Weapons

Tens of thousands of people have made their voices heard.
Yesterday, Trafalgar Square was taken over by tens of thousands of protesters marching against the renewal of the UK’s Trident Nuclear Submarine Program.
The protest was far from a fringe event, as it was attended by both the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, and the leader of Britain’s opposition and Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Both of whom promised to make Trident an election issue going forward.

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Second Thoughts about Trump

With Super Tuesday, the moment of truth will arrive for a campaign season that kicked off the day after Obama was reelected in 2011. The news media have made Trump’s impending victory seem more or less inevitable, but is it? His initial appeal came mainly from his refreshingly blunt candor and political incorrectness, and from the fact that he won every round of ‘gotcha’ with a hostile press that was clueless at first about the reasons for his appeal. Now that Trump’s novelty has worn off with the most recent GOP debate, don’t be surprised if Rubio and Cruz do significantly better in Tuesday’s primaries than the punditry seems to expect.
While it is one thing to have cheered Trump for giving voice to the anger so many of us feel toward Washington and the news media, it is quite another to elect as our president someone who epitomizes the term ‘loose cannon’. Moreover, it is dangerous to assume that merely because Trump is a successful businessman, he can deal with the likes of Putin, Xi Jinping and the Ayatollah in a ‘business-like’ way. Playing hardball with these guys will pose far greater challenges than merely throwing one’s weight around in the real estate markets of New York City and Miami. It will mean carrying a big stick by maintaining a powerful military, and showing the willingness to use it if necessary.
Even if that is true of Trump, none of us even remotely knows how he would respond to a provocation from Russia, Iran or China. So far, Trump has said nothing that would give us confidence in his ability to handle these menacing global actors. To the contrary, he has shown himself to be a thin-skinned, opportunistic, vainglorious lout who casts every conflict, even petty ones, as grudge matches to be won at any cost.
Is this really the kind of person we want in the White House?

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Military Would Revolt Against Trump, Former CIA Director Says

Earlier today, we noted that America’s presumed candidate for the GOP nomination is busy retweetingMussolini quotes.
That’s not necessarily a reflection of an explicit desire to move America towards fascism.
It’s not entirely clear that Donald Trump understands the movement he’s started. But America’s entrenched political establishment is now scrambling to understand how to deal with the Trump juggernaut and it’s not just politicians who are concerned.
Indeed, former intelligence officials now say the brazen billionaire could face a veritable security rebellion if he’s elected.

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GOP Super Tuesday: The Full Breakdown

Much to the chagrin of the political establishment, Donald Trump is on the verge of locking up the GOP nomination.
New Hampshire: Trump.
Nevada: Trump.
South Carolina: Trump.
Put simply, if the brazen billionaire locks up Super Tuesday, it’s all over for the field. Here’s a preview of next week’s critical polls via Politico:
Alabama primary; 50 delegates
Don’t be fooled by Gov. Robert Bentley’s endorsement of his colleague John Kasich. This is conservative country. It’s the home of immigration hardliner Jeff Sessions, whose endorsement has been courted by both Cruz and Trump. There have been few polls of the largely rural state, but Trump dominated the most recent one, a December poll funded by state lawmakers that showed Trump with a 20-point edge over Cruz.
Brent Buchanan, an unaligned Republican strategist in Alabama, said he expects the state to mirror the results of South Carolina: a strong Trump win, and a Rubio second-place finish. Buchanan noted that Rubio just earned the endorsement of 31 state lawmakers and Cruz pulled out of an Alabama forum set for Saturday, though Rubio still plans to attend. Anecdotally, he said, energy for Cruz has slid. It could leave Cruz empty-handed if he fails to reach 20 percent support in the state, the minimum threshold for receiving delegates.

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Is Nuclear Armageddon more likely now than ever?

February 2016 – DOOMSDAY THREATS – New weapons, unstable nations, and terrorism are raising the nuclear stakes. Is a doomsday attack more likely? Here’s everything you need to know about the new nuclear arms race:
How many nuclear weapons are there?
There are about 16,000 nuclear weapons on the planet. Russia and the U. S. have 93 percent of them, with more than 7,000 each; the rest are split between France, China, the U. K., Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea. The global stockpile is much smaller than it was at the height of the Cold War: In 1986, Russia and the U. S. had 64,000 nukes pointed at each other – enough to devastate every square inch of the entire globe. But there are growing fears that nuclear catastrophe is becoming increasingly likely. The established nuclear powers are modernizing their arsenals with smaller, more sophisticated weapons. The unstable regime in nuclear-armed North Korea is trying to develop a hydrogen bomb. ISIS, which is richer and more ambitious than any previous terrorist group, is trying to get hold of a nuclear device. The Doomsday Clock, the symbolic countdown to Armageddon, was last year moved from five minutes to midnight to three minutes. ‘We are facing nuclear dangers today that are in fact more likely to erupt into a nuclear conflict than during the Cold War,’ says former Secretary of Defense William Perry.

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$USH16 – March T-Bonds (Last:165^15)

T-Bond prices got pounded as last week drew to a close, but it left the futures trading only marginally beneath the previous Friday’s settlement price. The daily chart (see inset) shows a bigger picture that makes clear the corrective nature of any selling. It is difficult to imagine why some investors evidently still don’t ‘get it’, even though long-term bonds have been in a bull market for more than three decades. No matter. Their desire to trade Treasurys for ‘risk-on’ assets creates bargains for us while pumping up the garbage that we should always look to sell short.
So what comes next for this vehicle? It spent most of Friday playing toe-sies with the 165^11 target of a corrective pattern begun on Wednesday. We’ll give it some time to get traction, even if that require a few more days spent groping moderately lower lows. For real-time guidance when a tradable turn comes, tune to the chat room. You could also look for a ‘counterintuitive’ entry opportunity on the hourly chart. Currently, the relevant pattern, which would trip a buy signal at166^10, comes from these coordinates: A=164^25 on 2/23); B=168^25 on 2/24); and C=to be determined. (Note: Basis the June contract, the corresponding buy signal would come at 165^01.)

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Mitt Romney To Enter The Race? The Establishment’s Secret Plan B To Steal The Nomination From Trump

Is Mitt Romney about to enter the race for the Republican nomination? As I have written about repeatedly, the Republican establishment is absolutely desperate to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. If it comes to it, they will move heaven and earth to make sure that he is defeated – even if that means Hillary Clinton wins the election. Right now, Trump has won three of the first four contests on the schedule, and he is projected to win almost every state on Super Tuesday. This would put him on a clear path toward winning the nomination, and so establishment insiders are in full-blown panic mode. At this point, two different plans are being put forward for how to proceed if Trump continues to roll. One is to have Marco Rubio exit the race so that Mitt Romney can run against Trump, and the other is to run a third party candidate against Trump and Clinton in the fall.
Perhaps this sounds like wild speculation to you, but these things are actually being discussed behind closed doors right now. For example, just consider what Republican insider Roger Stone just told WND…

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Trump Retweets Mussolini As Mexico Fears a “Hitler” Presidency

Over the past two months, America’s political establishment has been forced to come to terms with a rather sobering reality: Donald Trump may be the country’s next president.
That prospect seemed so far fetched as to be laughable just 9 short months ago, but with New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina in his pocket and rivals seemingly unable to mount any kind of meaningful counterattack, Trump is on his way to the nomination.
And that means Hillary Clinton is one bungled national campaign away from going down in history as the member of America’s deeply entrenched political aristocracy who allowed Donald Trump to take the keys to the White House.
This would all be funny if it weren’t slightly unnerving.
Sure, it’s great to see not one but two protest candidates upending the political status quo (Bernie being the other), but Trump is beginning to sound more and more like a fascist. Indeed it was just two nights ago when the likely GOP nominee suggested that he would change the country’s libel laws so he could sue the media for running ‘dishonest’ stories about him.

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Jeff interviews Jason Bassler of The Free Thought Project, topics include: the recent Anarchapulco conference, Ron Paul and the anarchist movement, the formation of The Free Thought Project now reaching 20 million people a week, some advice to others starting up an activist project, choosing content to build a following, Rodney King and police brutality, the ongoing militarization of the police, growing resistance to police immunity from the law, creative civil disobedience to undermine police power, setting a small example can start a movement, taking personal responsibility instead of leaving things to the state, some economic fundamentals, should money be banned?

The Dollar Vigilante

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