Jade Helm Alert: Military Denies Media Requests To Cover “Texas Takeover”

Between Greece’s tragic, Berlin-mandated descent into the Third World and the epic meltdown in China’s equity markets, it would be easy to forget that the US government is (re)annexing Texas next week.
For those unaware (or for anyone who might have lost track of the US Spec Ops schedule), the military is set to kick off Jade Helm 15 next Wednesday, which means the Lonestar lockdown is less than one week away. If you’re unfamiliar with the operation, here are the barebones basics:
Jade Helm is an eight-week joint military and Interagency Unconventional Warfare exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Essentially, from July 15 to September 15 some military personnel are going to take a trip out west and pretend like they are conducting covert operations overseas. On the surface, that doesn’t sound too exciting, but thanks to some very unfortunate wording in an official US military slide deck and an even more unfortunate map which designates Texas as ‘hostile’ territory (of course the same map also identifies San Diego as harboring a militant insurgency, so the US Spec Ops Command probably assumed it wouldn’t be taken literally) quite a few Texans came to believe that the federal government was up to no good with Jade Helm.

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Tate Fegley: Crime and Punishment in a Libertarian Society

The following video was published by misesmedia on Jul 9, 2015
Tate Fegley, a Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute, combines his work in criminal justice at Boise State University with Hoppean and Rothbardian analyses of private law and private police.
Tate and Jeff discuss what crime and punishment might look like in a libertarian society, and how to convince skeptical libertarians that private police can do a better job of dealing with violence, theft, and fraud.
Private, competing defense agencies would operate with completely different incentives than state police: unlike government cops, private cops get fired when crime goes up. Private police have a direct financial interest in avoiding escalation of conflicts, avoiding legal liability for death or injuries, and avoiding damage to their agency’s reputation. And under a Hoppean insurance model, both insurance companies and property owners have a direct incentive to prevent, rather than merely respond, to crime.
Finally, they discuss how direct restitution, rather than lengthy taxpayer-funded incarceration, would be a more economically efficient and more humane approach to helping crime victims.

Gun Sales Reached Record Highs Last Month

It wasn’t that long ago that we were experiencing severe ammunition and firearm shortages. The prices for pretty much every kind of weapon reached outrageous levels, and there was a waiting list for just about everything gun related. But over the past two years or so, the cost of firearms has finally fallen to a reasonable price point, and ammo shortages have largely relented. Contrary to popular belief however, gun purchases have not fallen. In fact, it seems that Americans are still buying more guns then ever before.
This past June, the FBI reported more background checks then they ever had for that month, since they started keeping track in 1998. All told, June of 2015 experienced an 11% increase in background checks over the previous year, amounting to 1.53 million cases.

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Top 5 Chemical Weapon Tests The British Conducted On Their Own People

How anyone could have ever thought any of this was a good idea is simply unconscionable.
Unfortunately, this article is not satirical. Instead, it documents five, historically factual cases where the British Government thought it would be a great idea to test chemical and biological weapons upon their own people during the Cold War.
Watch a video of this report here:

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on JULY 9, 2015.

How Did the Illegal Immigrant Who Shot and Killed Kate Steinle Get a Federal Agent’s Gun?

Last week, 45-year-old San Francisco pier shooting suspect Francisco Sanchez shot and killed Kate Steinle while she was out walking with her father. She died in front of him.
Sanchez, here illegally from Mexico, has seven felony convictions and has been deported five times.
So how did he wind up with a federal agent’s gun? Reports say he got it by breaking into the car of a law enforcement officer with the Bureau of Land Management on June 27th.
Perhaps the real question is, why was Sanchez here walking free if he had been deported five times?

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Parsing Blame

From my recent post, Damned:
Whatever opinion one has of the Greek people, the truth is that this entire mess was caused by their politicians and by the bailing-out of European banks.
Eliciting this comment from July 6, 2015 at 9:14 AM:
A point of order: ‘This entire mess was caused by their politicians’ and the politicians were chosen by the Greek people, or some of them, and tolerated by most, or all, of the Greek people. So the Greek people are not entirely innocent.
And my reply:
Perhaps ‘entire’ was too strong a word. I will come down to 98%, as those who stand to make billions are quite effective at manipulating those who are in it for hundreds.
Not to excuse those who are manipulated, only to recognize the tremendously effective toolkit developed by and available to those doing the manipulating.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on July 9, 2015.

SHADOW PLAY: The ISIS ‘Ramadan Attacks’ Smell of a Western-Born PSYOP

The recent ‘Ramadan Attacks’ supposedly carried out by members of ISIS – reek of Western propaganda dispensed from shadowy think-tanks.
Over the past month, we’ve seen ISIS and the puppeteers behind them engineering a string of apparent attacks, crucifixions and caged deaths that have metastasized into the minds of many, renewing concern over the cloaked terror brand – yet again.
Western media outlets have routinely sensationalized ISIS related incidents and the series of Ramadan attacks said to be taking place this month, are no exception. While these news stories appear to be illuminating the masses about the terrible violence seen on the global stage, it very well could be another ploy to acquire consent for a future, more direct invasion of Iraq and Syria by reasserting myths about the growth of ISIS.
While big media and foreign policy stooges have had no problem propagating the false narrative surrounding ISIS, they have yet to give an honest account as to how creatures of the Pentagon and their ‘coalition’ were caught dropping weapons and supplies into the hands of ISIS over the past year.
This fact alone should expose the fraudulent War On Terror and ISIS once and for all.
In an article published at Global Research this past February, entitled ‘Unlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition,’ we see a clearer picture regarding the curious details hidden in plain sight that continue to allude the vast majority of the public, as well as the corporate media:

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on JULY 8, 2015.

“Greece Is No One’s Hostage”: Leftist Energy Minister Lays Out 2 Billion Russian Gas Project

The prospect of a so-called ‘Russian pivot’ by Greece still hangs over Angela Merkel’s head.
The conflict in Ukraine and the attendant economic sanctions imposed on the Kremlin combined with the EU’s anti-trust proceedings against Gazprom have raised the geopolitical stakes of a Grexit. Merkel has repeatedly warned that the consequences of Greece exiting the eurozone go far beyond short-term financial turmoil and political contagion (e.g. the spread of the Syriza ‘germ’).
And Vladimir Putin is acutely aware of the opportunity.
“Just because Greece is debt-ridden, this does not mean it is bound hand and foot, and has no independent foreign policy,’ Putin said earlier this year, as tensions between Athens and Brussels intensified.
The prospect of a BRICS loan aside, any Russian aid to Greece will likely be connected to Gazprom’s Turkish Stream pipeline project which we’ve discussed in great detail in the past. Here’s a brief recap:
Greece has received what The New York Times recently described as ‘dueling sales pitches’ on two proposed natural gas pipelines. One proposal comes from Russia, where the Kremlin is keen to use the tumultuous negotiations between Athens and creditors to advance Moscow’s energy and geopolitical interests. Moscow hopes to essentially buy Athens’ participation in the Turkish Stream pipeline which, as a reminder, will allow Russia to bypass Bulgaria by piping gas through Turkey, then through Greece, Serbia, and Hungary straight to the Austrian central hub. The US proposal involves The Southern Gas Corridor, a project aimed at ‘improving the diversity of the EU’s energy supply’ – in other words, it’s an attempt to help break Gazprom’s stranglehold. Essentially, the corridor will allow the EU to tap into Caspian gas via a series of connecting pipelines running from Azerbaijan to Italy.

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Bill Gates’ Temporary Sterilization Microchip in Beta Female Testing by End of Year

Earlier this week, I wrote about a deal reached that would soon be pumping out medical microchip implants. Meet the new face of medicine that polygamously marries Big Pharma, biotech, nanotech and wireless remote technology. Maybe hooking oneself into the Internet of Things will be an additional app, although this sounds like a passive form of medicine where someone else gets to call the shots, so to speak.
The same developers who are bringing wireless remotely controlled microchip implants are actually focusing on their first flagship product: Gates Foundation-funded birth-control microchip implants. Wireless technology allows the remotely controlled chip to turn a woman’s ability to conceive off or on at will – temporary sterilization. Of course with remote technology funded by eugenics depopulation fanatics, the first questions should always be, ‘the ability to conceive by whose will?’ This would be the complete antithesis of female empowerment or a ‘woman’s right to choose’ – would it not?
The encryption is alleged to be so safe, that cyberhackers cannot break entry – that means you too.

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As readers know, we’ve been expecting a lot of craziness to occur in financial, economic and political systems… and we’ll be putting out a video elaborating on our predictions in the next few days.
But, it looks like we’re on the mark. Much of what happened recently may have just been coincidence, but it does seem like markets around the world are beginning to shake.
In the US, Wednesday started with United Airlines having a ‘computer problem’ that saw their entire fleet grounded. Then the Wall Street Journal’s website went offline.
At 11:32am the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) halted all trading due to a computer issue.
All this may have been unrelated, but it certainly got people’s attention. The NYSE was halted for most of the day before re-opening and eventually closing down 261 points (1.47%).

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Utter Desperation: Chinese Police Vow To Arrest “Malicious Short Sellers”

In what can only be described as total and utter desperation, China’s Public Security Ministry and China Securities Regulatory Commission are discussing a plan to take action against “hostile short sellers”… (via Google Translate)
[ Ministry of Public Security in conjunction with the recent Commission investigation of malicious short stock and stock index clues ] correspondent was informed on the 9th morning , Vice Minister of Public Security Meng Qingfeng led to the Commission , in conjunction with the recent Commission investigation of malicious short stock and stock index clues show regulatory authorities to the operation of heavy combat illegal activities .
Which in English means…
Special workforce to be led by Vice Public Security Minister who vows to soon nail down those who manipulate Chinese stocks, index futures
— George Chen (@george_chen) July 9, 2015

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The New Great Game Round-Up: July 8, 2015

Russia Rewards Armenia for Not Starting Another Maidan, Turkey’s Anti-China Propaganda Takes Its Toll on Uyghurs-Koreans & More!
*The Great Game Round-Up brings you the latest newsworthy developments regarding Central Asia and the Caucasus region. We document the struggle for influence, power, hegemony and profits in Central Asia and the Caucasus region between a U. S.-dominated NATO, its GCC proxies, Russia, China and other regional players.
The U. S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across the entire country was widely celebrated in the U. S. and many other countries but not everyone welcomed the decision. Western media, which is more concerned about LGBT rights in Russia than in any other country, awaited eagerly how Russians would react to the ruling. The Washington Post was dumbfounded when influential journalist Dmitry Kiselyov and other prominent Russian figures didn’t react as expected but fortunately Western journalists still got the reaction they were looking for. What went largely unnoticed is that Russians are not the only ones who see the U. S. Supreme Court ruling as a “big mistake.” Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili assured his compatriots that he will do his best to prevent legalizing same-sex marriage in Georgia. This resonates with many people in his country. More and more Georgians are wondering whether Euro-Atlantic integration is really worth the trouble:
Spurned by the West, Georgians look to Russia despite past quarrels In this fiercely pro-Western nation that fought a brief war with Russia in 2008, few thought the Kremlin could ever regain a toehold. But with the West backing away from Georgia’s path to E. U. and NATO membership after a year of conflict in Ukraine, pro-Russian sentiments are on the rise. ‘More and more Georgians are feeling they haven’t gotten anything tangible from the West,’ said Shorena Shaverdashvili, a prominent Georgian journalist. ‘There isn’t more love for Putin and Russia. It’s just a realization that we’re left face-to-face with Russia and we have to deal with it.’ ‘Georgia should be neutral, and it should be militarily free,’ said Archil Chkoidze, the leader of Georgia’s Eurasian Choice, a coalition of pro-Russian groups that says it has nearly 16,000 members. Among the warnings about Europe that he passes to his members, he said, was that E. U. leaders are more concerned with cultural issues such as gay rights – deeply unpopular in a socially conservative nation – rather than the everyday lives of Georgian citizens.

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Nobel Winning Scientist Says Obama is Wrong on Climate Change

Shortly after President Obama was first elected, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his ‘extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.’ He would find himself in good company, since over 70 Nobel laureates endorsed him for the presidency the year before. However, one of those Nobel Prize winners is now standing against Obama, and it’s not the first time.
Nobel winner Dr. Ivar Giaever was one of over a hundred co-signers of a message given to the president in 2009, that criticized his stance on climate change.

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Philosophy 101: Self-Driving Cars May Be Programmed To KILL YOU

21st Century Wire says…
Are we moving into a world where A. I. will decide your fate?
Watch a video of this report here:

In a world of rapidly exploding technological advancements, artificial intelligence is still facing the exact same philosophical problems mankind has been struggling with for thousands of years.
Self-driving cars may be programmed to kill you in certain situations, due to the classical philosophical trolley problem:

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on JULY 8, 2015.

Hillary Clinton: ‘People Should and Do Trust Me’ (Video)

Below are the highlights pieced together from what has been publicized as the first exclusive one-on-one sit-down interview with Hillary since she announced her presidential run.
It’s painful to watch (and not just because it’s Hillary either). It’s like watching someone full-to-bursting with nearly four decades of lies and scandals try to act like a normal person in under five awkward, cagey, and defensive minutes.
The first cringe-inducer?
When CNN’s Brianna Keilar asks her, ‘Do you see any role that you’ve had in the sentiment that we’ve seen where people are questioning whether you are trustworthy?’
Hillary responds with that’s just a theme that’s been used against her and her husband for many, many years.
Just a theme used against you guys for many, many years? ‘Gee, I wonder why that is,’ said no one ever (*cough Clinton body count *cough).
But don’t worry, Hillary says she trusts the American voter 100 percent. Probably because all the elections are rigged and there really is only one voter (Bilderberg counts as one vote, and they did put ‘U. S. elections’ on this year’s to-do list).

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New U.S. National Military Strategy: U.S. May Invade Any Non-‘Ally’

On July 1st, the White House, Joint Chiefs of Staff, issued ‘The National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2015′ (officially dated June 2015), and at its top is:
‘U. S. ENDURING NATIONAL INTERESTS: The security of the United States, its citizens, and U. S. allies and partners.’
In other words: protection of Americans is neither more nor less important to the U. S. Government than is protection of ‘U. S. allies and partners.’ All of them are at the very top, as ‘U. S. ENDURING NATIONAL INTERESTS.’
America’s Founders didn’t agree with the Obama Administration’s view on this. George Washington’s famous Farewell Address asserted that, ‘It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world’; and the third President Thomas Jefferson said in his equally famous Inaugural Address, that there should be ‘Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.’ Instead, of that view, Obama now wants ‘entangling alliances’ with anti-BRICS nations in Europe via his proposed TTIP treaty, and with anti-BRICS nations in Asia via his proposed TPP treaty, plus anti-BRICS nations worlwide via his proposed TISA treaty for service-industries. So, he told graduating cadets at West Point, on 28 May 2014, that they will be fighting not only against America’s enemies, but also against America’s economic competitors – that these future U. S. military officers will be serving as muscle abroad, for U. S.-headquartered international corporations:

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