Saudi Arabia Raises Asia, Europe Prices; Cuts US Prices

It appears, just as we warned two weeks ago, that the ‘dumping strategy’ designed to punish Obama’s nemesis Putin could have morphed into a Saudi Arabian strategy to keep its foot on the neck of the US Shale Oil industry. In an awkward headline for mainstream media to explain, The Kingdom has raised prices of its Arab Light crude exports to Asia and Europe but cut prices to the USA significantly, potentially pressuring domestic suppliers with foreign ‘cheap’ imports. While not a primary course of US oil, we suspect the signaling of this move is more worrisome for Shale capex (especially as we noted Saudi Arabia can survive 7.9 years at lower prices) Forget currency wars, meet oil wars…

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 11/03/2014.

‘SAND PIRATES’: Are ISIS America’s 21st Century Terror Privateers?

What is ISIS? If you believe government and corporate media propaganda, then you probably still think that ISIS is a grassroots Islamic ideological movement – with no connection to foreign agencies like the CIA, Britain’s MI6, Turkish (NATO) intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Israeli intelligence, or Pakistan’s ISI.
You would be partly correct, in that there is a grassroots element to ISIS, one which coalesces around vulnerable poor, economically and politically disaffected, young Sunni Muslims – all needed to refill the lower foot soldiers ranks of their fighting force, and yes, some members of ISIS have an ideological belief system, even though it’s not a very pleasant one. Theirs is a highly distorted, violent version of Islam, and a 360 theater of terror.
According the latest UN report, foreign jihadists are heading into Iraq and Syria on ‘an unprecedented scale’, with bulk of the Syrian rebellion being 15,000 ‘Islamist’ foreign fighters. Hardly an Arab Spring. The middle and upper ranks of ISIS include thousands of seasoned mercenary Islamic fighters from countries far and wide including, but not limited to, escaped terrorist convicts, and former detainees released from Guantanamo Bay.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on NOVEMBER 1, 2014.

ISIS May Be Weaponizing Ebola, Spanish Government Warns

In a somewhat stunning announcement, Spain’s State Secretary for Security, Francisco Martinez, said in an address to the parliament, that extremists connected to the Islamic State (the terrorist organization formerly known as ISIS) have been considering using Ebola as a weapon against the West. As RT reports, Martinez notes a close eye is being kept on online chat rooms, where such attacks are reportedly discussed among jihadist groups where ‘The use of Ebola as a poisonous weapon against the United States’ was the topic of conversation. So far US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson denied these allegations citing “no specific credible intelligence.”
As RT reports,
The Spanish government said it is concerned that terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close eye is being kept on online chat rooms, where such attacks are reportedly discussed among jihadist groups. Extremists connected to the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) have been considering using Ebola as a weapon against the West, Spain’s State Secretary for Security, Francisco Martinez, said in an address to the parliament.
Martinez stated that this type of activity serves as further proof that the internet is an ‘an extension of the battlefield’ for the Islamic State, which uses cyberspace for ‘threatening enemies through propaganda, preparing operations, exchanging information, ideological training, recruiting new members and acquiring finance.’

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Global Dialogue on Drugs Changing Rapidly

Two more recent news articles reemphasize how the drug dialogue is changing – and, yes, we’ve been “on top if it” from the very beginning. In fact, we focused on worldwide drug legalization in a series of groundbreaking articles. You can see one here:
World Leaders Make Bold New Recommendations To Legalize Drugs, As High Alert Predicted
Now the mainstream media are joining in. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article posted at The Daily Beast:
Britain Admits Anti-Drug Laws Are Useless … The government commissioned a massive study on the impact of international anti-drug laws – but its conclusions have the Conservatives spooked.
It’s the recreational drug report they didn’t want you to see. A comprehensive study of international narcotics regulations commissioned by Britain has concluded that there is no evidence tough anti-drug laws have any effect on levels of use.
Senior government officials are accused of trying to delay or even prevent the publication of the report, which contradicts the official policy of Britain and many of its Western allies, including the United States.
The coalition government’s crime prevention minister said the report has been ready for months but “it was suppressed by the Conservatives.” Coalition junior partners, the Liberal Democrats, have advocated relaxing drug laws and argued that there are far too many drug users in jail.

This post was published at The Daily Bell on November 01, 2014.

SAND PIRATES: Are ISIS America’s 21st Century Terror ‘Privateers’?

What is ISIS? If you believe government and corporate media propaganda, then you probably still think that ISIS is a grassroots Islamic ideological movement – with no connection to foreign agencies like the CIA, Britain’s MI6, Turkish (NATO) intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Israeli intelligence, or Pakistan’s ISI.
You would be partly correct, in that there is a grassroots element to ISIS, one which centers around poor, economically and politically disaffected, young Sunni Muslims – all needed to refill the lower foot soldiers ranks of their fighting force, and yes, some members of ISIS have an ideological belief system, even though it’s not a very pleasant one.
According the latest UN report, foreign jihadists are heading into Iraq and Syria on ‘an unprecedented scale’, with bulk of the Syrian ‘rebellion’ being 15,000 Islamist foreign fighters. Hardly an Arab Spring. The middle and upper ranks of ISIS include thousands of seasoned mercenary Islamic fighters from countries far and wide including, but not limited to, escaped terrorist convicts, and former detainees released from Guantanamo Bay.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on NOVEMBER 1, 2014.

More Media Foreshadowing of Massive False Flag Attack in U.S.

Watch the latest video at <a href=”
To see the recent mainstream media headlines, one who ponders a little deeply might rightly think we are on the precipice of something strange. More Ebola funny business, shootings, a rocket explosion, and the Department of Homeland Security’s recent raising of security levels at all federal buildings within the United States.
Just like the months leading up to 9/11, the American public is being assaulted with an onslaught of reports suggesting the possibility of another major terror attack inside the United States. Are we being invited into a terror theater? A little predictive programming perhaps? A couple news pieces should offer some pause, if nothing else.
In this Fox News report about the DHS raising security levels, favored mouthpiece and former New York mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, speaks about expecting attacks. Certainly, his words were meant to unsettle the public, rather than reassure. According to him, we have to assume a major attack is imminent. His words really need no introduction, but deserve some analysis…

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Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over

Most people in the English-speaking parts of the world missed Putin’s speech at the Valdai conference in Sochi a few days ago, and, chances are, those of you who have heard of the speech didn’t get a chance to read it, and missed its importance. (For your convenience, I am pasting in the full transcript of his speech below.) Western media did their best to ignore it or to twist its meaning. Regardless of what you think or don’t think of Putin (like the sun and the moon, he does not exist for you to cultivate an opinion) this is probably the most important political speech since Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech of March 5, 1946.
In this speech, Putin abruptly changed the rules of the game. Previously, the game of international politics was played as follows: politicians made public pronouncements, for the sake of maintaining a pleasant fiction of national sovereignty, but they were strictly for show and had nothing to do with the substance of international politics; in the meantime, they engaged in secret back-room negotiations, in which the actual deals were hammered out. Previously, Putin tried to play this game, expecting only that Russia be treated as an equal. But these hopes have been dashed, and at this conference he declared the game to be over, explicitly violating Western taboo by speaking directly to the people over the heads of elite clans and political leaders.
The Russian blogger chipstone summarized the most salient points from Putin speech as follows: 1. Russia will no longer play games and engage in back-room negotiations over trifles. But Russia is prepared for serious conversations and agreements, if these are conducive to collective security, are based on fairness and take into account the interests of each side.
2. All systems of global collective security now lie in ruins. There are no longer any international security guarantees at all. And the entity that destroyed them has a name: The United States of America.
3. The builders of the New World Order have failed, having built a sand castle. Whether or not a new world order of any sort is to be built is not just Russia’s decision, but it is a decision that will not be made without Russia.
4. Russia favors a conservative approach to introducing innovations into the social order, but is not opposed to investigating and discussing such innovations, to see if introducing any of them might be justified.
5. Russia has no intention of going fishing in the murky waters created by America’s ever-expanding ‘empire of chaos,’ and has no interest in building a new empire of her own (this is unnecessary; Russia’s challenges lie in developing her already vast territory). Neither is Russia willing to act as a savior of the world, as she had in the past.
6. Russia will not attempt to reformat the world in her own image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image. Russia will not close herself off from the world, but anyone who tries to close her off from the world will be sure to reap a whirlwind.
7. Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want war, and has no intention of starting one. However, today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war – nor does she fear it.
8. Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting those who are still attempting to construct their New World Order – until their efforts start to impinge on Russia’s key interests. Russia would prefer to stand by and watch them give themselves as many lumps as their poor heads can take. But those who manage to drag Russia into this process, through disregard for her interests, will be taught the true meaning of pain.

This post was published at The Burning Platform on 29th October 2014.

20-Year CBS News Veteran, Sharyl Attkisson, Details Massive Censorship and Propaganda in Mainstream Media

Journalists should be dark, funny, mean people. It’s appropriate for their antagonistic, adversarial role.
– Matt Taibbi, in this New York Magazine article
Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, Attkisson says, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts.
Often they dream up stories beforehand and turn the reporters into ‘casting agents,’ told ‘we need to find someone who will say . . .’ that a given policy is good or bad. ‘We’re asked to create a reality that fits their New York image of what they believe,’ she writes.
– From the excellent New York Post article: Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama
Earlier this week, I published a piece titled, Former CBS Reporter Accuses Government of Secretly Planting Classified Docs on Her Computer, which I thought was incredible in its own right, yet the information in that post seems almost trite compared to the flood of information Attkisson has revealed to the New York Post’s Kyle Smith.
The following excerpts from the piece will confirm all of your worst suspicions about mainstream media:
Sharyl Attkisson is an unreasonable woman. Important people have told her so.
When the longtime CBS reporter asked for details about reinforcements sent to the Benghazi compound during the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack, White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor replied, ‘I give up, Sharyl . . . I’ll work with more reasonable folks that follow up, I guess.’
Another White House flack, Eric Schultz, didn’t like being pressed for answers about the Fast and Furious scandal in which American agents directed guns into the arms of Mexican drug lords. ‘Goddammit, Sharyl!’ he screamed at her. ‘The Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, The New York Times is reasonable. You’re the only one who’s not reasonable!’

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People Of Libya On The Verge Of Capturing Oilfields, Central Bankers Making Their Move – Episode 503

The following video was published by X22Report on Oct 28, 2014
Consumer confidence surged on the hope incomes will rise. Durable order declined. Pending home sales disappoint as Realtors say clients cannot get financing. US home ownership dropped back down to 1983 levels. China is allowing direct trade between yuan and Singapore dollar. 214000 doctors opt out of Obamacare. Ebola can be transferred via air and the CDC announced no quarantines for Doctors returning from West Africa. Afghanistan turning to China to help fight terrorists. Propaganda heating up about North Korea nuclear weapons. People of Libya getting ready to capture oil fields, now the central bankers will make their move. Now Germany is reporting that the Islamic State has the ability to shoot planes down. No fly zone in the works.
All source links to the report can be found on the site.
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Black Chicago Activists: Our Lives Have Been Hurt by Democrats

Rebelpundit was founded by ‘anti-activist’ Jeremy Segal and ‘continues as a group effort based in urban centers across the country.’
From the website:
The blog is a beacon of truth, showing the unholy alliance of the mainstream media, Republican Party establishment, the liberal Democrat Party, big unions and corrupt ‘not for profits.’ Our team takes to the field with cameras to show what isn’t aired in the local and beyond. The members of Rebel Pundit believe that exposing the true nature of liberalism and the toll it has taken on regular peoples’ lives is our top mission.
The site features a section called the Hood Report, which is described as’a new column with an emphasis on the devastating toll and blight that has fallen on urban America, under the rule of the corrupt-political, entertainment and media class.’

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on October 28th, 2014.

Angry Tim Cook Issues Veiled Threat At Retailers Shunning Apple Pay

Despite the mainstream media’s effusive celebration of ApplePay – despite numerous payment systems and NFC devices alreadt existing and failing to achieve any paradigm shift – it appears Tim Cook has pushed his company into an area of competition he was not full prepared for. Seemingly expecting the world’s retailers to embrace the ‘unique’ payment system, first Wal-Mart & Best Buy, then CVS and now Rite-Aid have all blocked ApplePay. While proclaiming the success of signing up over a million credit card users in the first 72 hours, Cook seemed ticked off at the retailers who blocked him, “it’s a skirmish,” he said, as Reuters reports, jabbing “merchants have different objectives sometimes. But in the long arc of time, you only are relevant as a retailer or merchant if your customers love you.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 10/28/2014.

Shocker: The Islamic State is Actually … a State

It Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck, Has Webbed Feet and Swims … Could it be a Duck? Here is one from the ‘told you so’ department. On June 26, we wrote the following in an article entitled ‘The Democracy Delusion’:
‘It is fair to say that ISIS has all the trappings of a State: it collects taxes, it runs its own oil production facilities and sells the oil, it has a slick media/propaganda arm, it has its own (highly effective) army and so forth. The organization has overrun and conquered Northern Iraq in just 10 days.’
(emphasis added)
In an earlier article on June 13 (‘ISIS Attempts to Establish Islamic Caliphate’) we pointed out that:
‘It is worth noting that people apparently celebrated in Mosul, welcoming the ISIS takeover (those that didn’t flee that is). In another indication how extremely well organized this group is, it has immediately restored electricity and is running city services – something the previous administration of Mosul was apparently not capable of.’
A very interesting 5-part documentary on ISIS by VICE news shows in some detail how the organization administers its de facto capital Raqqa in Syria. IS runs a judicial system (complete with courts, judges, prisons, etc.), a welfare agency, collects taxes, enforces price controls in markets, runs electricity and water services and provides police services. The police not only engages in standard policing services, but is at the same time a ‘religious police’, similar to the one Saudi Arabia employs. This is to ensure that everybody adheres to the sharia. Small offenses (such as violations of Islamic dress codes) usually result only in a rebuke and warning, but presumably repeat offenders must expect harsh punishment.
Offenses considered more serious, such as drug and alcohol dealing, theft, etc., are punished according to the prescriptions of the Q’ran. Again, this is precisely what is done in Saudi Arabia as well, which even executes people for allegedly practicing ‘sorcery and witchcraft’. In fact, Saudi Arabia’s sharia-based justice system is probably just as harsh as that of ISIS. Saudi Arabia has just carried out its 61st execution of 2014, beheading a man for drug trafficking. In August alone, there were 19 executions in Saudi Arabia, including executions for sorcery. Moreover, five members of Saudi Arabia’s Shia minority have been sentenced to death this year for the crime of taking part in pro-democracy protests.

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About that Shale Oil ‘Miracle’…

Our work here at Peak Prosperity largely centers on trying to use facts and data to shift people’s actions towards the more positive and sustainable things that we not only can do, but should do.
There’s literally nothing preventing us from behaving in ways that increase the Earth’s abundance rather than deplete it. Besides being both prudent and needed, these actions are usually cost-effective, in our best interest, and worthy of our creative talents as human beings.
We can build rich topsoil at 100 times the rate of nature alone. We can build negative-energy footprint buildings that actually add electricity back into the system rather than draw it down.
There are thousands of wiser steps we could be taking right now, but aren’t.
It’s been said that humans are rationalizing — not ‘rational’ — animals. The deep truth in that statement is that we humans have strongly-held beliefs that color the information we take in an accept. We’re often guilty of recognizing only the data that supports those beliefs while rejecting the rest.
For example, today most people place a great deal of faith in the potential for technology to fix whatever predicaments society may face in the future. And they support that view with cherry-picked data, while conveniently overlooking evidence suggesting technology is instead a sword with two edges.
Here’s a recent example of that duality:
The USDA Approved a New GM Crop to Deal With Problems Created by the Old GM Crops
Sept 25, 2014
Last week the U. S. Department of Agriculture approved a new line of genetically modified corn and soybeans for use in the U. S. The crops, made by Dow Chemical Company and running under the brand name ‘Enlist,’ may be the future of genetically modified crops. This future, though, has been largely determined by the problems caused by the last generation of GM crops.
Dow’s new Enlist genetically modified crops are the intellectual descendants of Monsanto’s genetically modified ‘Roundup Ready’ crops. Like Monsanto’s crops, Dow’s are designed to be resistant to a patented herbicide. By planting the modified crops, farmers can spray the herbicide to kill weeds without worry that it will affect their crops.
Well isn’t that just great. There’s a new batch of herbicide-resistant plants out there because the old batch is being overrun by RoundUp-resistant weeds. To me this is merely a sign that technology is not trouble-free, and quite often creates problems equal to the ones it was ‘solving.’
The record is rife with such new fixes for problems caused by yesterday’s technological advances.
Geo-engineering is being proposed to deal with the excess carbon released by — you guessed it! — all the marvelous technology that allowed us to find and burn all these wonderful fossil fuels in the first place.
Antibiotics slowly being rendered useless by their overuse leading to stronger ‘superbugs’. And so what are focused on? Developing ever stronger antibiotics in a race most doctors assure us we will eventually lose.
And on and on.
My point here is the extent to which we fail to confront the facts, free from beliefs and the biases that come with them, is the extent to which we are deluding ourselves.
About That Shale Oil Miracle…
A recent piece of belief-based propaganda, designed to dovetail perfectly into society’s main belief in technology, ran in the Wall Street Journal. Based on the comments it generated, it scored a bull’s-eye.

This post was published at PeakProsperity on October 28, 2014.

CDC and Media Agenda Revealed? Nurse That Complained About Ebola Quarantine Employed by CDC

Kaci Wilcox is a recently quarantined nurse who made headlines yesterday due to her criticism of forced quarantines:
Kaci Hickox, a nurse placed under mandatory quarantine in New Jersey, went on CNN on Sunday and criticized the ‘knee-jerk reaction by politicians’ to Ebola, saying ‘to quarantine someone without a better plan in place, without more forethought, is just preposterous.’
Hickox, an epidemiologist who was working to help treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, has tested negative twice for Ebola and does not have symptoms, she said. She is quarantined for 21 days at University Hospital in Newark.
‘This is an extreme that is really unacceptable, and I feel like my basic human rights have been violated,’ Hickox told CNN’s Candy Crowley on ‘State of the Union.’
Make no mistake, we are now entering a new phase of medical martial law. Healthy Americanswill be quarantined. Though her comments are somewhat understandable, life is not going to be fair for a lot of people from this point forward.
With that said, America doesn’t seem to have any definitive and workable plan of action. We have a CDC director who is actually expecting us to believe that banning flights will cause more Americans to get Ebola and a President who refuses to take that simple common sense action.
In the eyes of many there is an agenda in play. As completely unfathomable as it might seem to some, many believe that Ebola is being spread intentionally within our borders.
Americans already know that they can not trust the mainstream media, and this is just another reason why…
Kaci Hickox Has Connections and the Mainstream Media is Covering Those Connections Up!!! Mike Adams reports:

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The Myth Of The Free Press

There is more truth about American journalism in the film ‘Kill the Messenger,’ which chronicles themainstream media’s discrediting of the work of the investigative journalist Gary Webb, than there is in the movie ‘All the President’s Men,’ which celebrates the exploits of the reporters who uncovered the Watergate scandal.
The mass media blindly support the ideology of corporate capitalism. They laud and promote the myth of American democracy – even as we are stripped of civil liberties and money replaces the vote. They pay deference to the leaders on Wall Street and in Washington, no matter how perfidious their crimes. They slavishly venerate the military and law enforcement in the name of patriotism. They select the specialists and experts, almost always drawn from the centers of power, to interpret reality and explain policy. They usually rely on press releases, written by corporations, for their news. And they fill most of their news holes with celebrity gossip, lifestyle stories, sports and trivia. The role of the mass media is to entertain or to parrot official propaganda to the masses. The corporations, which own the press, hire journalists willing to be courtiers to the elites, and they promote them as celebrities. These journalistic courtiers, who can earn millions of dollars, are invited into the inner circles of power. They are, as John Ralston Saul writes, hedonists of power.
When Webb, writing in a 1996 series in the San Jose Mercury News, exposed the Central Intelligence Agency’s complicity in smuggling tons of cocaine for sale into the United States to fund the CIA-backed Contra rebels in Nicaragua, the press turned him into a journalistic leper. And over the generations there is a long list of journalistic lepers, from Ida B. Wells to I. F. Stone to Julian Assange.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on October 27th, 2014.

Vladimir Putin Is The Leader Of the Moral World – Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Friends,
Vladimir Putin’s remarks at the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club are worth more than a link in my latest column. These are the remarks of a humanitarian political leader, the like of which the world has not seen in my lifetime. Compare Putin to the corrupt war criminal in the White House or to his puppets in office in Germany, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and you will see the difference between a criminal clique and a leader striving for a humane and livable world in which the interests of all peoples are respected.
In a sane Western society, Putin’s statements would have been reproduced in full and discussions organized with remarks from experts such as Stephen F. Cohen. Choruses of approval would have been heard on television and read in the print media. But, of course, nothing like this is possible in a country whose rulers claim that it is the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ country with an extra-legal right to hegemony over the world. As far as Washington and its prostitute media, named ‘presstitutes’ by the trends specialist Gerald Celente, are concerned, no country counts except Washington. ‘You are with us or against us,’ which means ‘you are our vassals or our enemies.’ This means that Washington has declared Russia, China, India, Brazil and other parts of South America, Iran, and South Africa to be enemies.
This is a big chunk of the world for a bankrupt country, hated by its vassal populations and many of its own subjects, that has not won a war since it defeated tiny Japan in 1945 by using nuclear weapons, the only use of such terrible weapons in world history.
As an American, try to image any known American politician, or for that matter any professor at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, or Stanford capable of giving an address to an educated discussion group of the quality of Putin’s remarks. Try to find any American politician capable of responding precisely and directly to questions instead of employing evasion.
No one can read Putin’s remarks without concluding that Putin is the leader of the world.
In my opinion, Putin is such a towering figure that Washington has him marked for assassination. The CIA will use one of the Muslim terrorists that the CIA supports inside Russia. Unlike an American president, who dares not move among the people openly, Putin is not kept remote from the people. Putin is at ease with the Russian people and mingles among them. This makes him an easy target for the CIA to use a Chechnya terrorist, a Jihadist suicide bomber, or the traditional ‘lone nut’ to assassinate Putin.
The immoral, wicked, and declining West is incapable of producing leadership of Putin’s quality. Having defamed Putin, assassinating him will cause little comment in the Western media.
Here are Putin’s remarkable remarks:

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on October 25, 2014.

False Flag? WA School Shooting During Drill and Right Before Gun Control Vote

What are the odds?
Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how a few elite billionaires including Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates have spent some $8 million to make sure Washington’s controversial gun control bill, Initiative 594, will appear on the state’s November ballot and that voters will be flooded with anti-gun propaganda in the lead up.

I-594 would require universal background checks, going so far as a making it so that a hunter would not be allowed to hand a gun to a friend on a hunting trip without triggering the background check provisions in the anti-gun bill.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on October 24th, 2014.

Solar Storm 14 Times Larger Than Earth Could Unleash A Society-Crippling Electromagnetic Pulse

Did you know that a storm 14 times larger than the Earth is happening on the sun right now? Earlier this week, it unleashed a flare which was a million times more powerful than all of the nuclear weapons in existence combined. Fortunately, that flare was not directed at us. But now the area of the sun where this solar storm is located is rotating toward Earth. An eruption on the sun at just the right time and at just the right angle could result in a society-crippling electromagnetic pulse blasting this planet. So if your computers, cell phones and electronic equipment get fried at some point over the next few weeks, you will know what is probably to blame. Such an electromagnetic pulse has hit our planet before, and as you will read about below, some very prominent voices are warning that it will happen again. It is just a matter of time.
Scientists tell us that the absolutely massive sunspot group that has recently formed on the sun is highly unusual. NASA has described it as ‘crackling’ with magnetic energy. The mainstream media has not been paying too much attention to it, but this sunspot group is potentially extremely dangerous.
The following is an excerpt from an article on that gives some of the technical details about what has been going on…
The sunspot, a dark patch in the sun’s photosphere, represents intense solar magnetism bursting from the sun’s interior known as an active region. This particular active region, designated AR2192, has been rumbling with intense flare activity, recently exploding with 2 X-class flares, causing some short-lived high-frequency (HF) radio black outs around the globe.
Such blackouts are triggered by the intense extreme ultraviolet and X-ray radiation that solar flares can generate, causing ionization effects in the Earth’s upper atmosphere – a region known as the ionosphere. HF radio can be strongly hindered by this activity, triggering blackouts that can effect air traffic and amateur radio operators.

This post was published at End Of The American Dream on October 23rd, 2014.

Stratfor: Inside the World of a Private CIA

The leak of over five million emails from the US-based intelligence firm Stratfor, including information about credit card details, passwords, and the identities of sources, sheds new light on the rapidly changing world of intelligence gathering and exposes those behind it. Al-Akhbar gained access to the data obtained and published by WikiLeaks, including sensitive material pertaining to the Middle East.
The Strategic Forecasting Inc., commonly known as Stratfor, is a private firm dealing in the lucrative business of intelligence gathering and assessment.
Founded in 1996, the company gained global prominence during the NATO bombing of Kosovo in 1999 when its seemingly cutting-edge analysis was publicized by various news agencies. But it was the events of 9/11 and the subsequent ‘war on terrorism’ that elevated the stature of the firm, turning it into a highly sought after informant for major Western media organizations like Bloomberg, Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, and the BBC.
Commonly referred to as the private CIA, Stratfor claims that it gathers its intelligence through a number of publicly accessible sources, such as wire services, chat hubs, other Internet sites, and unclassified government studies, in addition to well-placed sources internationally. The agency now boasts close to 300,000 subscribers and over two million recipients of free email updates.
Until recently, much of the inner workings of Stratfor had been shrouded in mystery. But last December, members of the internet activism collective Anonymous hacked into the system during the ‘LulzXmas’ campaign to highlight the plight of Bradley Manning, an American soldier currently incarcerated by the US government for suspicion of passing on information to WikiLeaks.
Preliminary readings of these new emails gradually shed light on how the institution is structured, the process of bringing and building up sources, and an intriguing insight into how employees interact with each other. Notably, and contrary to the impression Stratfor tries to project, the emails reveal a corporation that has organizational issues, at times shockingly uninformed, and over-dependent on certain sources in manufacturing their predictions that are highly coveted.
What is Stratfor?
Stratfor was founded over a decade ago in Austin, Texas by George Friedman, a former political science professor. Friedman is the company’s chief intelligence officer, financial overseer, and CEO.
Presenting himself as a ‘best selling author’ on the company’s About Us page, Friedman has a history of working on matters of security and defense with the American military, as well as other institutions like the notorious RAND Corporation.
A self-proclaimed disciple of neo-conservative icons such as Leo Strauss, Friedman has routinely emphasized the ‘jihadist threat’ of al-Qaeda. Indeed, the forecast report compiled by members of Stratfor for the decade between 2005 and 2015 is mainly concerned with the prominence of the United States as a global hegemonic power and its conflict with al-Qaeda

This post was published at The Common Sense Show on Oct 23, 2014.

The Challenges of Defending Your Child’s Mind from Propaganda

In great empires the people who live in the capital, and in the provinces remote from the scene of action, feel, many of them, scarce any inconveniency from the war; but enjoy, at their ease, the amusement of reading in the newspapers the exploits of their own fleets and armies. To them this amusement compensates the small difference between the taxes which they pay on account of the war, and those which they had been accustomed to pay in time of peace. They are commonly dissatisfied with the return of peace, which puts an end to their amusement, and to a thousand visionary hopes of conquest and national glory from a longer continuance of the war.
– Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations
Let’s face it, your child’s mind is fertile ground for oligarchs, corrupt politicians and any other thieving member of the so-called ‘ruling elite’ who aim to enslave the masses both mentally and monetarily. Unfortunately, the propaganda that comes from the government and our largest corporations is perceived as being absolute truth by most people. If you’re like me, at one point in time you had to wake up to it all and accept that you had been completely brainwashed for the first few decades for your life.
On a parental level, defending my child’s mind against blatant lies and deceit from the media, military industrial complex and corporatism is really not that difficult. But what about their grandparents, cousins or the kids next door?
I truly believe that most Americans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where the victim identifies with the attacker to the point they will even defend their captor and even treat certain forms of abuse as a form of compassion.

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Oct 23, 2014.