Memo to literate people: do you really want to shrink language?

Under the onslaught of political correctness, numbing education, fake mainstream news, and other covert techniques, an attack on language is taking place.
Anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave can see this.
The solution is: go the other way.
Refuse to back down. Refuse the pressure to shrink language.
Reject the attempt to shrink formal argument and logic to slogans and mottos and vague generalities. If necessary, educate your own children. Teach them English and literature and logic. Thus, make them smarter, not dumber.
Expand their capacity to use language.
Large numbers of people are heading deeper into idiocracy, but this is no reason to abandon the quest for greater intelligence. This is no reason to despair. Life is not a search for the lowest common denominator. Others may think so, but you don’t have to.
In my 12 years of formal education, the smartest thing I did was enroll in two college courses in logic. The professor was a brilliant hair-splitter. He could discern the differences between any two hairs you might offer up. As a result, his students sharpened their minds into well-made swords. The practical real-world effects weren’t immediately obvious, but as time passed, I could certainly see the benefits. For starters, I could distinguish between fake and real analysis of information. The fake brand was replete with generalities and obfuscations.
Great numbers of people buy the fake brand. So be it.
Why join the crowd?
Deciding that a whole host of words and phrases are ‘hate speech’ makes people dumber. Makes them less, not more, tolerant. Makes them resemble machines. If they can’t understand that, so be it.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on June 21, 2017.

Tolerance-Preaching Professor: ‘Diversity Of Opinion’ Is “White Supremacist Bullshit”

At a recent conference on Critical Race Theory, professors discussed how “there is no virtue in whiteness,” with some saying “whiteness” is “inherently violent.” Other conference-goers reportedly called the concept of intellectual diversity “white supremacist bullshit,” while another said “research” is a “colonial, white supremacist, elite process.” ***
Professors at a recent conference hosted by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis reportedly called whiteness ‘inherently violent,’ saying ‘diversity of opinion’ is just ‘white supremacist bullshit.’
The conference, held between May 31 and June 2, was organized by the Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA), an organization that frequently hosts similar events to bring together an ‘interdisciplinary consortium of experts who recognize global implications of race and education for minoritized people.’
‘As a community, we are committed to (1) countering and combating systemic and structural racism with scholarship and praxis, (2) recognizing the multiple locations of oppression and the myriad manifestations and effects of their intersections and (3) co-constructing liberating knowledge that facilitates collective agency to transform schools and communities,’ the group describes itself on its website, a description supported by several attendees at its most recent conference, who quoted highlights from the event on Twitter.
‘Whiteness has already been constructed against blackness. There is no virtue in whiteness, it is inherently violent,’ one conference-goer tweeted, referencing a quote from Michael Dumas, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who spoke at the event.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jun 8, 2017.

Fighting Systems Of Oppression: UCLA Will Now Pay Students To Be ‘Social Justice Advocates’

As the warped social justice ideology has proliferating on college campuses, ‘bias response teams’ have also multiplied. Though they were unheard of several years ago, they now exist on over two hundred college campuses. They consist of students and administrators who basically act as ‘speech police.’ They narc on students (and encourage students to narc on each other) who are guilty of speech that isn’t sensitive or politically correct.
Recently, UCLA has decided to form a bias response team consisting of 8-10 students, who the school will actually be paying to bully classmates who are guilty of thought crimes. James Allsup, a college student and reporter for, breaks down the insanity and idiocy of this decision.

This post was published at shtfplan on June 5th, 2017.


Students at a public university in New York will have the chance to take a class called the ‘Abolition of Whiteness’ in the fall, all while knocking out a political science requirement.
Jennifer Gaboury, a women and gender studies professor, teaches ‘Abolition of Whiteness’ at Hunter College. ”POLSC 20474-01: Abolition of Whiteness” can be taken as either a women and gender studies course, or as a class for the political science department, for which it fulfills a requirement for the ‘4 subfields of political science,” according to Campus Reform.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MAY 26, 2017.

Segregated: White Students Banned From Student Lounge At D.C. University: ‘Nothing More Important Than Being A Multicultural Campus’

As tolerance spreads across the United States, universities and their progressive student bodies are coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure a positive multi-cultural experience for everyone… unless you happen to be a Caucasian.
At the American University in Washington, D. C., which is home to about 13,000 of our best and brightest, administrators and student activists have determined that the best way to ensure a a fair and equal environment is to ban all white people from their new student lounge. The meeting area, ironically named ‘The Bridge,’ opened a couple of months ago as a place for people to gather, study and even sing on open mic nights.
But shortly after its opening, the following sign, apparently with the blessing of school administrators, appeared around campus. It designates the new lounge as a safe space and sanctuary for people of color.

This post was published at shtfplan on May 18th, 2017.


Union County, NC – Arthur J. Wallace Junior, known as ‘June’ by his friends, is the school resource officer for Forest Hills High School. As such, Wallace sees his role as more of a father figure than an officer.
Many of the students he serves have at least one parent in jail, or prison, or has been a victim of a homicide. He reaches out to those kids and finds it easy to build relationships with students, but he didn’t personally know the would-be assassin he’d passed in the halls every day, at least until his apprehension.
The Free Thought Project has reported far too many times on school resource officers who’ve beaten and choked the children they are ostensibly protecting.
Thankfully, the following story has a happy ending, due in part to the example Officer Wallace set for other school resource officers throughout the nation – all of which will likely come as no surprise to folks who call June a friend.
According to Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey, he was alerted after Canadian authorities became aware of one NC student’s plans to kill his classmates. They, in turn, contacted the NC State Bureau of Investigations (NCSBI), who then contacted Union County Sheriff’s Department. Cathey said he then knew who to call.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MAY 13, 2017.

UofA Hires “Social Justice Advocates” To Police Fellow Students For “Bias Incidents”

Administrators at the University of Arizona are now accepting applications for ‘social justice advocates,’ whose job it is to snitch on other students accused of bias. They’re also expected to hold educational programs about ‘the mosaic of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity’ and maintain ‘social justice bulletin boards’ in student residence halls.
The job, which officially calls (archived link) for the advocates to ‘report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff,’ pays the student workers $10 an hour. They’re expected to work 15 hours a week, which means they could be making as much as $600 a month to police their fellow students.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on May 13, 2017.

High School Seizes Yearbooks Because Of ‘Build That Wall’ Student Quotes And Other ‘Controversial’ Comments

The Richmond Early College High School near Rockingham, North Carolina has seized this year’s yearbooks after school administrators received complaints about controversial quotes included by some students.
The yearbooks, like most others, featured photos of graduating seniors and included personal quotes from each student. According to reports, numerous students included inappropriate comments, one of which was apparently a reference to President Trump with the quote, ‘build that wall.’
All of the yearbooks that had been distributed at the Richmond Early College High School near Rockingham have been taken back by the school after some senior quotes were deemed controversial, the school system says.
Graduating students at the 10-year-old school, which has 259 students, were allowed to share a quote under their picture in the yearbook. After the book was published, officials in the school and district administration found several of the quotes inappropriate, including one credited to President Trump, said district spokeswoman Ashley-Michelle Thublin.

This post was published at shtfplan on May 11th, 2017.

Will ‘Trumponomics’ Bankrupt America?

21st Century Wire says…
F. William Engdahl is a strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics.
Engdahl was a guest alongside Adam Garrie of The Duran on a power packed edition of The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen entitled ‘War And Peace’. If you didn’t get the chance to catch it, you can find that podcast here.
F. William Engdahl

The campaign promises were grandiose just like the candidate. Donald Trump wooed millions of American voters with his pledge to ‘make America great again.’ He promised a $1 trillion infrastructure plan to revitalize the de facto depressed national economy. He promised to bring jobs back from China, Mexico and elsewhere by renegotiating major trade deals or scotching them entirely as with the Trans-Pacific Partnership of the Obama era, a scheme which Trump rightly said would take even more American jobs. After 100 days in office what are the prospects that his economic program will bring positive changes to Americans?
Dismal to put it mildly. Of course that should come as no shock to anyone taking a closer look at who is Trump, or more correctly his transition team brought in to run White House economic policy.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on MAY 4, 2017.

Will The Second Civil War Turn Violent?

“If college presidents, mayors and police chiefs won’t stop left-wing mobs, other Americans will.”
In a recent column, I made the case that Americans are fighting the Second Civil War. The deep chasm that has opened up between the left – not liberals, the left – and the rest of the country is so wide and so unbridgeable that there is no other way to describe what is happening. But I noted that at least thus far, unlike the First Civil War, this war is not violent.
Unfortunately, there is now reason to believe that violence is coming. In fact, it’s already here. But as of now, it’s only coming from one direction.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on May 3, 2017.


Normally, when you hear about Western women who join ISIS, you imagine gullible, young European girls who are seduced into fleeing their homelands, and marrying ISIS fighters. However, sometimes the women who you think would know better, still get lured in by ISIS.
That’s what happened to 38-year-old Daniela Greene, an immigrant from Germany who migrated to the US after marrying an American soldier. By all accounts, she was a smart, hardworking woman who was a top graduate from Cameron University in Oklahoma. In 2011 she became a contract translator for the FBI with a top-secret security clearance.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MAY 2, 2017.

Sudden Death For Greek Widows’ Pensions: New Criteria, Cuts To Push 1000s More Into Poverty

The implementation of the Greek pension reform of 2016, will lead to the sudden death of incomes for widows, and as KeepTalkingGreece reports, will push a large portion of population further into poverty. Widows’ pensions will be cut down to 50% of the deceased’s pension and new more restrictive age-based criteria will go into effect this month.
According to so-called Katrougalos Law, a widow is entitled to receive a pension for the rest of her life, if she was at least 55 years old at the time of the spouse’s death.
If the surviving spouse was below this age limit, the pension is given initially for three years. Then it is interrupted and is granted again after the surviving spouse reaches the age of 67. If the age of 55 in not completed within three years, the pension is cut and never granted again. The state keeps in its pockets all the pension contribution paid by the deceased.
Exemptions are for widows with underage children until they reach 18th year of age and students until they reach the 14th year of age. Widows receive the pension independently of their age until the children/students reach the age limit.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Apr 26, 2017.


Worth County, GA – Children feel violated, parents are furious, and a lawsuit is getting filed after the Worth County Sheriff’s office conducted an illegal search of 900 students – in the name of the war on drugs. The rights-violating intrusive and aggressive patdowns and drug dog searches yielded absolutely nothing.
On April 14, when the students of Worth County High School returned from spring break, they arrived at school to find a police state had taken over. The sheriff and his deputies – with no probable cause – detained and illegally searched every single child in the school, all 900 of them.
When kids went home that day to tell their parents what happened, naturally, they were furious as it is a gross violation of the children’s 4th Amendment rights.
‘It’s essentially a fourth amendment violation,’ said attorney Mark Begnaud. ‘It’s 900 illegal searches, suspicion-less pat downs, suspicion-less searches.’
Naturally, Sheriff Jeff Hobby is standing by this rights violation on a massive scale, noting that as long as a school administrator was present, the search of the children was legal.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on APRIL 25, 2017.

Baby Boomers Borrowed $100BN In Student Loans For Their Children And Now Defaults Are Soaring

America’s snowflake millennials aren’t used to being told ‘no’, especially by their parents. Perhaps that’s why, as we pointed out a few days ago, more millennials than ever are now living at home with mom and roughly one quarter of them don’t even both to enroll in classes and/or find a job (see “A Quarter Of Millennials Living At Home Neither Work Nor Study“). But, when it comes to racking up massive student loans for their lazy, millennial, snowflakes, we suspect a healthy portion of about 3.5 million Baby Boomers are wishing they had a do-over to do just that.
Unfortunately, rather than making some difficult decisions about affordability and/or forcing their kids to pay for their own education, Baby Boomers have incurred nearly $100 billion in student loans so that little Johnny and/or Susie could get that Anthro degree they always wanted.
In fact, as the Wall Street Journal notes today, so-called “Parent Plus Loans” have soared over the past 15 years as parents have increasingly found it impossible to cover college tuition costs.
Parent Plus, created by Congress in 1980, allows parents to borrow to cover tuition and living expenses – often after their children borrow the maximum in undergraduate federal loans, capped by law at $5,500 a year for freshmen, $6,500 for sophomores and $7,500 for juniors and seniors. There is no limit to how much parents can borrow. Supporters say the program ensures students can go to schools of their choice.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Apr 24, 2017.

Obama To Receive $400,000 Speaking Fee At Cantor Fitzgerald Conference

Shortly after Barack Obama delivered his first (free) speech today since leaving the White House in Chicago before an invitation-only crowd of college students, community organizers and other fans, Fox News’ Charlie Gasparino reports that in what may be his first paid speaking arrangement, Obama will be paid $400,000 to speak at Cantor Fitzgerald’s healthcare conference this September, setting the benchmark for how much an hour of the former president’s time will cost going forward.
#BREAKING @BarackObama has agreed to speak at Cantor Fitzgerald’s health care conference for $400,000! I discuss NOW on @FoxNews!
— Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) April 24, 2017

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Watch Live: Obama’s First Public Speech Since Leaving The White House

As previewed last Friday, ending a three-month period of silence since he left the White House on Jan. 20 – much of which was spent on vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., on a Caribbean island with English billionaire Richard Branson and at an exclusive resort in French Polynesia – former president Barack Obama will make the first public appearance of his post-presidency at noon on Monday when he speaks at the University of Chicago.

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