Serve and Protect is Now ‘Search and Destroy’

Anyone who has been paying attention is aware that we have a growing domestic terrorism problem here in America.
And by domestic terrorism, I mean our militarized police departments.
Here’s how the FBI defines domestic terrorism, from their website:
‘Domestic terrorism’ means activities with the following three characteristics:
Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law; Appear intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U. S. Indeed, uniformed thugs police officers kill more Americans every year than terrorists do. In fact, we are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a ‘terrorist.’
Radley Balko, author of ‘Rise of the Warrior Cop,’ wrote in the Wall Street Journal in August:

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It Will Cost Taxpayers $5 Billion To Help Obama Create An ISIS Strategy

We can hear the narrative now… how can Congress turn down President Obama’s demands for $5 billion to pay for a ‘counter-terrorism’ fund that could be used to support operations against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria… if they do, are they not supporting terrorism? As The Hill reports, White House press secretary Josh Earnest floated the $5 billion counterterrorism fund as something that ‘would strengthen the hand of this president and future presidents for dealing with urgent situations like this.” We await Wednesday night’s unveiling of the long-awaited strategy…

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Russia Has Now Joined the Ukrainian Civil War, and Is Lying to Deny It

The reports that Russia has ‘invaded’ ‘Ukraine’ were repeated for many months and were just lies from the Obama Administration and their agents at NATO, and from the Ukrainian Government that Obama had installed in February. But, now, finally, Russia actually has sent regular Russian conscript soldiers and military equipment into the formerly Ukrainian areas of the former Ukraine’s southeast, where, for months, the Obama-installed Ukrainian Government has been bombing and otherwise mass-murdering the residents, and destroying and outright stealing their property.
Russia is simply lying about their military operation against the continued reign, in that resistant region, of the Obama-installed Ukrainian Government, a government that’s widely hated there…

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Trump Entertainment Files Bankruptcy For Fourth Time: Even The Donald Is Embarrassed To Be Associated

When it comes to the slow-motion cataclysm that is Atlantic City, where as we reported recently the Revel Casino recently filed its second and final liquidation bankruptcy, no other name has seen more bankruptcies than Donald Trump. Or rather Trump Entertainment, because nowadays the two are anything but synonymous. In fact, the Donald is so embarrassed of his namesake legacy that a month ago he filed a lawsuit demanding that his name be stripped from the hotels making up the former.
As the AP reported at the time, “the real estate mogul said he had sued Trump Entertainment Resorts, a descendant of a corporate entity he once controlled, because it has allowed its two Atlantic City casinos, the Trump Plaza and the Trump Taj Mahal, to fall into disrepair, tarnishing his personal brand and confusing customers. “I want it off both of them,” Trump said Tuesday evening. “I’ve been away from Atlantic City for many years. People think we operate [the company], and we don’t. It’s not us. It’s not me.”

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The US Strikes Back.. With Its Own Anti-ISIS Propaganda Video

It’s not just airstrikes. The US State Department has recently launched an internet-based propaganda strategy as part of its “Think Again Turn Away” psyops campaign targeting young Muslim recruits for ISIS. As WaPo reports, the US government-made video titled “Welcome To ISIL-Land” and others like it aim to counter militant propaganda using their own graphic images against them. “The point, obviously, of this is to target potential recruits, potential sympathizers, to show the brutality” of IS, said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, “to point out the fallacies, point out the inconsistencies.”However, critics note this could backfire…
As The Washington Post reports,
The stunning rise of the Islamic State militant group as both a battlefield force and an Internet juggernaut over the summer has given new urgency to a State Department effort to counter online militant propaganda with a U. S. messaging campaign. A U. S.-government-made video that recently made the rounds on social media – with graphic images of Islamic State executions and a beheaded body – is the best-known example of the attempt to expose the brutality of the Islamist group and undermine its online recruitment appeals.

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Living In An Age Of Anything Goes And Nothing Matters

The memory hole is working overtime in the USA zeitgeist these days. Shit happens and a week or so later, it unhappens – at least it seems that way as manifested by the front page of The New York Times or the flapping of Anderson Cooper’s gums on CNN.
Anyone remember that Malaysian airlines plane that went down in July in Ukraine killing 283 persons? US government officials were jumping up and down trying strenuously to blame Russian Donbass separatists. The trouble was, they had no evidence whatsoever and their exertions were looking ridiculous (making the USA look ridiculous, of course). Last thing we heard, there were questions about two Ukrainian air force jets chasing it, and photos of entry and exit cannon holes in the pilot’s cabin. Recorded communications between the crew and traffic controllers were shoved into storage bin in the Netherlands, never to be made public. The whole story vanished from the news media like the legendary D. B. Cooper – anyone remember him? – and hasn’t resurfaced since.

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The New York Times, long the preferred conduit for war propaganda, has laid out Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS, aka the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The administration warns the effort will take years to complete and continue after Obama has left office. The first phase a sustained air campaign will, the Times claims, roll back ISIS gains in northern and western Iraq. Details on how this will work minus ground troops is not explained.
Next, the United States will shuffle around the government in Iraq to make it ‘more inclusive.’ This is total blue sky.
Following the U. S. invasion and the toppling and eventual execution of strongman and former CIA operative Saddam Hussein, Iraq predictably descended into sectarian violence. This was planned. ‘What is unfolding is a process of ‘constructive chaos,’ engineered by the West,’ writes Julie Lvesque. ‘The destabilization of Iraq and its fragmentation has been planned long ago and is part of the ‘Anglo-American-Israeli ‘military road map’ in the Middle East,’ an effort introduced during the Bush administration and coined the ‘New Middle East’ by then U. S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
The final element of Obama’s supposed plan to deal with ISIS calls for a de facto invasion of Syria. The Pentagon estimates this part of the plan will take at least 36 months.

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Scotland’s Independence Movement Gains Lead in Polls

Oops! Globalists everywhere must be horrified. It seems the Scots might after all go for becoming an independent nation. It should be remembered here that Scotland only joined the Union in the early 1700ds – and did so voluntarily, sort of. Actually, many Scottish nobles had been bankrupted in the ‘Darien Scheme’ – an attempt to establish a trading colony named Caledonia in Panama, which went horribly wrong – which weakened their resistance to signing the Act of Union.
Numerous attempts to incorporate Scotland into a larger political entity by military force had failed since Roman times. The Romans probably realized that the North wasn’t worth it when the Picts on one occasion almost completely destroyed the 9th Legion. Even though the Romans later won the battle of Mons Graupius, they never succeeded in actually subduing the area. The Romans then decided to erect Hadrian’s Wall, so as to simply keep the Picts and other tribes out, many of which had acquired a fearsome reputation.
A later rather famous conqueror of England, William of Normandy, proved very successful in his conquests and soon had England under control, ending the line of the Wessex kings. While he actually defeated Malcolm III of Scotland in battle in 1072, he didn’t get Scotland – instead, it is considered likely by historians that he only got Malcolm’s son Douglas as a hostage to ensure the former’s adherence to the peace treaty.
Anyway, until the Act of Union in 1707, Scotland has always been an independent country. Even after the union, it retained its own legal system (which is based, curiously enough, on Roman law). From the beginning of the 19th century onward, political devolution was increasingly demanded, and granted bit by bit, until Scotland finally got a parliament of its own again in 1998 (incidentally also in the wake of a referendum).
In short, Scotland is actually uniquely well positioned for independence, as it has all the institutions in place that are widely held to be required for statehood. Obviously, it would be even better for it to become a capitalist anarchy, but one must take whatever one can get. In Dr. Walker’s article on Scottish Independence, many of the philosophical and economic questions surrounding the issue were already discussed in great detail (See ‘Scottish Independence’ Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

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House Republican Introduces Bill That Would Give President ‘Dictatorial Powers’ To Wage War

This article was written by Nick Bernabe and originally published at D. C. Clothesline
Following the clear failure of the ‘War on Terror’, launched by George W. Bush following 9/11, the US will re-up it’s efforts, which have only seemed to cause an increase in terror operations around the world.
Members of Congress, including many within the President’s own party, are looking for more blood to be spilled in the Middle East. The two main fronts in the ‘War on Terror’ have failed horribly. Iraq is now a failed state, where instability following the US backed installation then deposition of Saddam Hussein has served as a breeding ground for radical Islamists, angry at the West’s decades-long corporate imperialist designs on the region. Add to that horrible equation a government propped up by US and other foreign interests that alienated a large portion of the Iraqi people. A third of the country has now fallen to radical elements, despite GW and Obama declaring only a few years ago that Iraq was won.
Afghanistan, destined for a very similar fate, is already falling back into the hands of the Taliban – our Soviet era allies Reagan called ‘freedom fighters,’ turned sworn enemies, turned quietdiplomatic partners. Yeah I know, it’s confusing. Read this article we posted earlier today for an in depth look at the origins of the Taliban and how America helped create them.

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DHS Wants to Tag Us Before They Bag Us: The Enhanced Drivers License

On Steve Quayle’s ‘Q Alert’ page, he recently posted the following warning from an Arizona resident:
Q Alert
Hi Steve,
I live in Az and just went to get my drivers license renewed. They handed me a paper with my photo on it and said my new license would be mailed in about 2 weeks. It says it is an ENHANCED DRIVERS LICENSE or EDL. A cursory internet search reveals at least 6 other states are implementing it and that it has a microchip in it that can be read up to 30 feet away. Contains your fingerprint and biometric data and is linked to multiple databases. In other words it is a REAL ID just under a diffrrent name! The American people wholeheartedly rejected the REAL ID yet they are going forwad with it anyway by giving it a different name. Please get the warning out. JK in Az
Sep 5, 2014
Official Existence of the EDL Program I have searched the local media archives in Arizona and cannot confirm the authenticity of this report. However, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has validated the existence of this program with an admission that the Enhanced Drivers License is indeed a reality in a July, 28, 2014 report. Additionally, an extensive search revealed that Arizona Revised Statutes section 28-3153(D) provides information and the rationale for the existence of the EDL.
I live in Arizona and there was no media coverage of this whatsoever. It is as if someone just placed this law into Arizona’s Revised Statutes. This was totally done by stealth and history shows that this is a very bad development!
In effect, this, virtually unpublicized national and soon-to-be global ID card will serve as a permission slip to do all of the ordinary things that you presently have the right to do as an ordinary American citizen. Of course, if you are one of the governmental traitors who have perpetrated this fraud upon the people of the United States, and your intention is to eliminate U. S. sovereignty by requiring American citizens to become a part of a global identification system, then this is a requisite step in this treasonous give away of our country.

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The Death of the Dollar: ‘I Can’t Emphasize Just How Serious Of An Issue That’s Going To Be’

Geo-political tensions around the world are indicative of a fast approaching breaking point. There is not a single populated region on earth right now that is not experiencing sweeping changes. Europe, the middle east, Asia, the Americas – it’s happening everywhere and all at once. Trying to make sense of it all can be a daunting task. But make no mistake. All of these events are interrelated and their outcomes will have a direct impact on the future of America and the world in the 21st century. To understand what’s happening on the grand chessboard one must avoid the narratives being touted by media propaganda networks in their respective countries and focus instead on the motivating factors behind the moves.
We must understand, as global resource strategist Marin Katusa notes in a recent highly informative interview, that this is ‘the dirty secret of all of the governments.’ There is a silent war happening behind the scenes and as has been the case throughout history, it is a war for control over the world’s resources.
Katusa, who is a top strategist at Casey Research and has worked closely with political and business leaders in over 100 countries, knows a thing or two about resource control. Like many government run sovereign investment funds, Katusa and his partners are actively engaged in resource acquisitions all over the world, so he has a unique perspective on the driving force behind all of the surface level conflicts being presented to the majority of the public.
Watch this must-see interview as Marin Katusa discusses global resource control, America’s future, the death of the dollar and how to prepare yourself for a massive paradigm shift:

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Quit trashing Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments:
First President to be photographed smoking a joint.
First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.
First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.
First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.
First President to violate the War Powers Act.
First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.
First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.
First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.
First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.
First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U. S., including those with criminal convictions.

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Is This Finally the End of Sub-Prime?

Facing the Music The last of the sub-prime loans were originated in early 2007. Of course, had regulators not been sleeping, these loans would never have been made in the first place. Had the various government agencies not subsequently intervened, the slate would have been wiped clean long go, even though it might have been painful. We know that was not the case. In fact, the opposite happened. There have been never-ending efforts to prevent foreclosures, as if that were a good thing. All it did was to postpone the inevitable. Is it finally time to face the music?
Leftover Junk How much junk is left in the system? Here is a table taken from Freddie Mac’s second quarter earnings release.

Freddie Mac’s single-family credit guarantee portfolio
It is not a pretty picture. 21% are HARP loans, which are by definition high LTV loans with some as high as over 125%. The qualifications of the borrowers are questionable but certainly not to the underwriting standards of a new loan. 15% are peak sub-prime vintage loans, originated between 2005-2008 while 8% are pre-2005 loans.
These are borrowers who either live under rocks, or most likely, borrowers who cannot qualify to refinance into more favorable terms. In total, 44% of Freddie’s guaranteed portfolio are at risk if housing conditions deteriorate.
Fannie Mae probably has a similar mix while FHA’s guaranteed portfolio is likely to be much worse.

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Experts warn of ‘American Fukushima’ in California unless immediate action is taken Since the catastrophic meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in March of 2011 irreparably altered the state of the planet for the known future, the incident has been shrouded in nothing but bureaucratic cover ups and government-backed disinformation. Now, within our own borders, top experts turned whistleblowers are warning of a nuclear nightmare that could surpass Fukushima and Chernobyl alike by leaps and bounds.

This post was published at Info Wars on SEPTEMBER 3, 2014.

1,500 mental health patients have been drugged and sent to die alone by Nevada-run hospital since 2008, lawsuit claims

The mental healthcare systems in this nation are even worse than the hospital system. Staffs are underpaid, and institutions release mental patients to cut expenses. These people are sent out onto the streets with a handful of psychiatric drugs, adding to the homeless, among whom many are vets that the VA Hospital system can’t or won’t handle. Many of the vets, even those who are not homeless, wind up committing suicide, up to 22 per day! Many of the non-veterans wind up with nowhere to go but the streets and become victims of brutal crimes or land in jails themselves, which is the worst place for mentally ill patients to be. According to the sources below, state-run mental institutions started shutting down in the 1950s as part of changing social attitudes and a movement to de-institutionalize mental illness. And the Federal Government wanted to cut out funding state-run mental institutions. Medicaid announced that they would only finance care for the mentally ill in private mental institutions or nursing homes. But state-run mental institutions have been where the majority of mentally ill and insane people were committed. Not anymore. They’re being released out into the public domain, even if they have no job skills or nowhere to go or no one to help them. In other words, onto the streets or into jails.

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American Spartans?

There are very few Spartans in the American military forces. In fact, there are few who even know what a ‘Spartan’ is these days. I think Americans today think a Spartan is a very dumb, show-off football player at USC who does back flips for the tv fans.
The real Spartans of the ancient world were like Russia’s Spetznetz forces today, lifers totally committed to fighting for their nation. More than 60,000 Ukrainian troops heavily armed and supplied by the U. S. just panicked and fled as soon as one of their Candy Leaders screamed, ‘The Russians are Coming.’ There’s hardly a real Russian to be seen in the Ukraine and even the Candy King claims there are only 1,000, but his candy-assed ‘soldiers’ panicked at the very thought of Russian Spartans.
The American Spartan Major who wrote the book about his experience in Afghanistan is one of the guys who takes hearts-and-minds seriously, the ancient way. The Russian Soviets did not do that when they went into Afghanistan by invitation of the Marxist government. Once the guerrilla forces, including bin-Laden and the Arabs he recruited with CIA money, got the Stingers, they blew away the Hinds and the Red Army fled home to help the USSR implode. The U. S. annihilated Afghanistan and lost all hearts and minds to start with, both there and in Pakistan. If the guerrillas had Stingers, the U. S. would have been blown away long ago.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on September 6, 2014.

Modern Version of Counterfeiting Currency During Time of War

The justification for war has been escalated where NATO now considers it legitimate to respond to a large-scale cyber attack on a Member State with military force. This position has been the decision of the 28 Heads of State and Government at the NATO meeting regarding its new proclaimed jurisdiction with respect to cyberspace. The focus is taking the position that an attack on the computer network can cripple critical infrastructure such as power plants, banks or governments, without any actual military invasion.
The argument has been the threat of a massive cyber-attack upon the international financial markets that would cripple the international capital flows placing the economy at risk. Such a danger is actually the modern version of counterfeiting an adversary’s currency to disrupt its economy by undermining the currency thereby creating inflation and economic war.

This post was published at Armstrong Economics on September 7, 2014.

Intimidation and Even Murder Await Vaccine and Gulf Coast Oil Explosion Whistleblowers

There is, at the moment, an explosion and a simultaneous coalescence of whistleblower revelations which are breaking the news the CDC ad the EPA are engaged in fraud, intimidation and possibly even violence to cover up its complicity with regard to the whistleblower link between autism and the administration of certain vaccines. Along these lines, Jon Rappoport is revealing that Dr. William Thompson, who also has worked for MMR vaccine producer Merck, has attempted to be a secret whistleblower regarding the fact that the MMR vaccine is positively linked to an explosion of autism rates in the United States. Rappoport is reporting that Thompson’s identity was revealed by the Autism Media Channel. On the very day that Thompson was escorted off of the CDC grounds, the Autism Media Channel’s website went offline (Rappoport asserts that Dr. Thompson is in grave danger.
Lightning Strikes The Common Sense Show Three Times Coincidentally, lightening has struck three times at The Common Sense Show. In the first lightening strike, tonight, in an interview facilitated by Roger Landry of The Liberty Beacon, Dr. Andrew Wakefield is my guest in the first of the show tonight (9pm-10pm). He is going to be discussing this same positive link between vaccines and illnesses. Dr. Wakefield has also drawn the watchful eye of the CDC.

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Under Pressure From Democrats, Obama Delays Immigration Action Until After Midterm Elections

In June, President Obama promised executive action on immigration.
He lied.
With polls showing a mere 26% Approval Rating for Obama’s Immigration Reform Policies, the president bowed to political pressure from his own party and delayed his immigration cram-downs until after the mid-term elections.
Please consider Obama to Delay Executive Action on Immigration.
President Barack Obama will delay executive action on immigration until after the midterm elections, White House officials said Saturday, a bow to political pressure from Democrats in tough Senate races who had complained the action could hurt their campaigns.
The delay breaks Obama’s promise, broadcast from the Rose Garden in June, that he would act on his own by summer’s end to fix as many problems of the immigration system as the law allows.

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Top 10 Greatest Problems Humanity Currently Faces

There are many issues currently threatening humanity. Here are some of the most critical issues that come to mind. Issues that humanity must figure out if it is to survive the current fight against the controlling class. Perhaps at some point we will figure it all out.
Changes never happen overnight; and, as a whole, most Americans hopefully do have a few things in common. Surely one of the solutions is to look for what we all have in common and see how we can all work together to improve things. Coming together on wider platforms is also a key to moving forward.
Here are the top issues and potential solutions.
10. Government secrecy
John F. Kennedy warned of the dangers of secret societies making decisions for humanity. More on this speech later. Secrecy of government could be number one on this list. Ultimately all of humanity’s problems stem back to government secrecy. From CIA to the Pentagon, to CFR, Bilderberg secret meetings, to the Masonic groups, secret fraternities and more, secrecy is the norm in this government and is the building block upon which all other forms of deception are built. This secrecy is not spoken about enough because we are all conditioned to believe that government needs to be secret. All state crimes are secret. All evidence against government is secret. All covert crimes are protected from exposure due to the nature of the beast. See any problems with this? There are no scenarios where humanity will be able to thrive while state crimes and illegalities are all secret. We will never have legitimate elections, and activist groups dedicated to truth and justice will always fight against the wall of secrecy that humanity is up against. Conversely, governments that operate in secret are obsessed with making your life known to all. It is a crime in every scenario for you to not divulge the truth about yourself or to not speak the truth to a police officer or a member of the courts. The individual is immediately charged with perjury. Government, however, as well as police, can lie to you, trick you, and hide the facts from you often without any consequences.

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