Ukraine Declares War on Russia

The (Western) march towards World War III continues. The series of events is crystal-clear to any who have viewed them with an untainted mind.
First the corrupt Western bloc – and principally the United States – engineered a (bloody) coup to overthrow the former, pro-Russia government in Ukraine. It was an unnecessary coup, from the standpoint of the Ukrainian people, as free elections had already been scheduled within the following year. However it was a necessary coup from the standpoint of the fascist West, as the brutal Thugs they installed on the throne of Ukraine could never have mustered enough popular support to win a free election.
From the moment this pro-West Thug government (illegally) seized power, its mandate (dictated by its Western ‘sponsors’) has been simple: crush all dissent. Despite having seized power themselves at the end of a gun barrel; the very first decree made by the Thug government was that everyone who did not support this illegal government had to immediately surrender all weapons (‘do as I say, not as I do’).
Naturally, the last thing which those opposed to an illegal government which had seized power in a bloody coup would do is to disarm themselves. One does not surrender their weapons to their political opponents – when those opponents already have a track-record of killing anyone who opposes them. Thus, there can be no doubt as to who created the civil war which now rages inside Ukraine: the (illegal) pro-West government in Kiev.

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Obama’s Oil Boom – Global Warming Be Damned

Considering all the talk about global warming, peak oil, carbon divestment, and renewable energy, you’d think that oil consumption in the United States would be on a downward path. By now, we should certainly be witnessing real progress toward a post-petroleum economy. As it happens, the opposite is occurring. U. S. oil consumption is on an upward trajectory, climbing by 400,000 barrels per day in 2013 alone – and, if current trends persist, it should rise again both this year and next.
In other words, oil is back. Big time. Signs of its resurgence abound. Despite what you may think, Americans, on average, are driving more miles every day, not fewer, filling ever more fuel tanks with ever more gasoline, and evidently feeling ever less bad about it. The stigma of buying new gas-guzzling SUVs, for instance, seems to have vanished; according to CNN Money, nearly one out of three vehicles sold today is an SUV. As a result of all this, America’s demand for oil grew more than China’s in 2013, the first time that’s happened since 1999.
Accompanying all this is a little noticed but crucial shift in White House rhetoric. While President Obama once spoke of the necessity of eliminating our reliance on petroleum as a major source of energy, he now brags about rising U. S. oil output and touts his efforts to further boost production.
Just five years ago, few would have foreseen such a dramatic oil rebound. Many energy experts were then predicting an imminent ‘peak’ in global oil production, followed by an irreversible decline in output. With supplies constantly shrinking, it was said, oil prices would skyrocket and consumers would turn to hybrid vehicles, electric cars, biofuels, and various transportation alternatives. New government policies would be devised to facilitate this shift, providing tax breaks and other incentives for making the switch to renewables.
At that time, a growing concern over climate change and the prospect of further warming due to increased emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels seemed to dim the long-term prospects for petroleum…

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Russia Demands Ukrainian Troops Withdraw – US Sends in Troops

US Troops have headed into Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Eastern Europe is moving into a real crisis as many countries including Poland fear Russia. Belarus and Moldavia are effectively Russian states. Russia really want Ukraine and to take Kiev. That is a historical heritage to Russian and if Ukraine falls, they have the largest population so the rest cannot even put up a fight. Ukraine is the flash-point and it has been a key place in this chess game to reestablish the territory of the former Soviet Union.

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Moyers: Fighting Back Against the Wall Street Giants

One has to be concerned that America’s first female president will be as great a disappointment and failure as America’s first African-American president.
Unlike Obama or Hillary, I think Elizabeth Warren may be the real progressive deal. She has political street smarts and leadership skills that make her more than just a hectoring voice from the sidelines.
Yes, she has some concerning views on the foreign policy front that grate on liberals. And yes, when you listen to her, she is no doubt a politician, and remarkably partisan, excusing the sins of her own party and railing against those of the opposition. And Moyers calls her on it, beautifully.

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Total Capitulation of the Bears

One of Wall Street’s ‘Biggest Bears’ Throws the Towel Recently we have come across one of those forecasts that are a dime a dozen these days, and usually escape out attention. The article at Marketwatch, entitled ‘Bull could run 5 more years, carry S&P 500 close to 3,000′ only seemed interesting because the forecast sounded a bit extreme. We quickly scanned the headline, thinking that whoever was making this assertion surely hadn’t breathed a word about this when the SPX traded at just below 670 points in March of 2009. Such wildly bullish forecasts are strictly a function of SPX 2000 in our opinion, on a par with the ‘Dow 36,000′ forecast, which gained some notoriety in the late 90s. One of the reasons behind the SPX 3000 forecast mentioned in the article did amuse us greatly though, namely the following:
‘They cite extensive deleveraging in the U. S. as well as the uneven global recovery among other reasons why ‘this could prove to be the longest U. S. expansion – ever.’
(emphasis added)
Extensive deleveraging! Right.
‘Extensive US deleveraging’ in one comprehensive chart

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Cease-fire in Ukraine with Russia, Islamic State Grows, Ferguson Police Investigated by AG Holder

The following video was published by Greg Hunter on Sep 4, 2014
There is a cease-fire between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine. I hope this is a legitimate effort and not a tactic to stall for time until NATO can send in more troops. I hope this is not a way to say well, we tried to talk to Russia, and it did not work out. Now, there is an excuse for wider war. Anyone who thinks Russia is not heavily involved is dreaming. After all, it is Vladimir Putin laying out a ‘seven point plan’ to end hostilities in eastern Ukraine.
The other big story out there is the Islamic State that is now the size of the UK in between Syria and western Iraq. The President is all over the map on this issue. Last week, he said he did not have a strategy, and this week, he says he wants to ‘degrade and destroy’ the Islamic State. Obama also said he wanted to ‘manage’ this group that cuts the heads off of people while shooting video of the horrible acts.
Meanwhile, there are all sorts of warnings of a terror attack here in the U. S., and who does the Justice Department go after but the Ferguson Police Department. Let me get this straight, AG Eric Holder thinks the Ferguson Police are a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists.

CB Propaganda: ISIS Establishment In Libya, Lebanon and Yemen Is Now Imminent- Episode 459

The following video was published by X22Report on Sep 4, 2014
ADP private payroll missed expectations. PMI has fallen for the 2nd month in a row. ECB cut rates to counter the declining Eurozone economy. The people want stricter boarders and no work permits for illegals. US and South Korea building special unit to destroy WMD in North Korea. Ukraine agreed to a ceasefire for Friday. President Obama continues beating the war drum. NATO has authorized military aid for Ukraine. David Cameron says the western world does not need Assad’s permission to bomb inside his country. The tribes of Libya and Yemen are ousting their government and now the central bankers/US Government are painting the picture that the Islamic State is now entering and forming in these countries.

Hey Joe Biden: Who’s ‘We,’ White Man?

When you believe something, facts become inconvenient obstacles – Andy Hall, ‘God of oil trading,’ who is betting huge against the oil shale fairytale (correctly, in my view)
Apparently Joe Biden, in a preview of his bid to take over the White House in 2016 (I can’t think of a better criminal to take over the seat) gave a speech today in New Hampshire in which he warned ISIS that ‘we would follow them to the gates of hell’ (link with video).
To that I say, ‘go ahead Joe, pick up a rifle and put your own fucking boots on the ground in Iraq.’
The U. S. Government/Pentagon/CIA started the mess in Iraq, so let the people in those comfy offices sitting behind desks go clean it up themselves. The inconvenient obstacle of truth is that, if in fact ISIS really is what the U. S. propagandists want us to believe it is, then it’s the biggest CIA/NSA/Dept of Defense of fuck up in the history of the country. The NSA knows when Angela Merkel farts. So they are telling me that they had no idea there was a large, nascent Islamic military organization that was well funded with $100′s of millions in banks all over the world and heavily armed with sophisticated weapons?

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Keiser Report: Mortgage Crisis 2.0 (E649)

The following video was published by RT on Sep 4, 2014
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the impending second wave of the lastest mortgage crisis, this time due to Helocs (Home equity lines of credit) and HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) interest rate resets. In the second half, Max interviews Aaron Krowne on the true state of the housing market across America – from home ownership rates to mortgage arrears.

Will The Missing Libyan Jetliners Be Used For The False Flag Event ? – Episode 458

The following video was published by X22Report on Sep 3, 2014
July factory orders soared, but if you take away airliner purchases it really dropped by .8%. The Housing markets is continuing to collapse, loan requests which is an indicator of how the housing market is doing dropped 1.5%. Billionaires are now preparing for the stock market crash. France postponed the delivery of the Mistral ships to Russia due to the Ukrainian crisis. Putin proposes a cease fire plan, President Obama and Yatsenyuk call for more war. US lawmakers preparing a bill to go after terrorist no matter where they are. Libya has fallen and now jetliners are missing. Some officials say that these jetliners might be used on the anniversary of 9/11. Be prepared for a false flag.

Argentina to Circumvent US Supreme Court Bond Ruling Via French Banks; Comments on “Vulture” Funds

It’s increasingly likely that Argentina will come up with a way to get around a US supreme court ruling on bond payouts. Here is the background …Argentina defaulted on bonds following a debt crisis in 2001-2002. 92% of the investors agreed to haircuts, but an alleged “vulture fund” picked up an 8% share at rock bottom prices and refused to negotiate. In June, the US Supreme Court ruled that Argentina Cannot Selectively Default on the small group of hold-outs. Today El Pais reports Argentina Offers to Pay Creditors in France. Comments Regarding “Vultures”I have nothing against “vultures” and do not even like the term. In general, vultures serve a purpose, as do those who short stocks. That said, I find the US Court ruling that Argentina Debt Swap Proposal is Illegal rather odious.

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These charts never grow old whenever you want to reveal the truth about the ‘healthy’ market driven housing recovery touted by the moronic media, the Wall Street shysters and the national association of lying realtors. Shockingly, mortgage applications to purchase a home FELL again last week.
Mortgage rates have been falling for the last 14 straight months to a new low of 4.25% for a 30 Year Mortgage. According to the MSM and the government we’ve been adding jobs at a rapid clip for the last year. Obama tells me we’ve added 10 million jobs since he assumed command. The stock market is at all-time highs. It sure sounds like everything is coming up roses. Ask yourself a couple questions. Why are mortgage applications to purchase a home down 12% versus one year ago?
Why are they lower than they were in 2010 at the recession lows?
Why are they at 1997 levels, well before the housing boom took hold?

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The September Start of War

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The fact that you gave us all warning of the turn in the Cycle of War coming in 2014 back at the 1998 conference and at 2011 conference, was truly amazing to watch how this has all worked out. But the stunning realization that you pinpoint Ukraine as the flash point and then said it will turn up in September which has arrived with the Russians openly invading Ukraine, I just do not know how anyone from the goldbugs to government cannot appreciate what you have done with analyzing time. They expose their own stupidity and bias by trying to criticism you on a personal level when you have shown us this is not opinion or just outright ignore you and hope you go away. People should be supporting your work and the sooner you go public the better.
Do you have any idea what makes this all work so precisely? The ECM picks events to the day, but you said this war in Ukraine would turn up starting in September. Your timing is truly amazing.
Thank you so much for showing us a new way to look at everything. I use to attend various lectures on cyclical analysis. But they seemed primitive at best and only concerned about trading some single market thinking they have conquered the world. Nobody has ever comprehended the global connectivity that you show us all the time. I really do hope the government would just for once care about society and listen to what your models really project. So many lives would be saved not to mention money from chasing absurd ideas like global warming that is obviously a natural cycle. It is a shame the analytical community does not stand up and support you rather than trying to compete with you when they cannot even understand the depth to which you have taken cyclical analysis.
Thank you once again for showing us the light.
ANSWER: Thank you. I am very glad that some people are starting to see that this is something very important that could really change the future is implemented. We are trying to take this public to protect everything and then hopefully the technology can be applied to many fields. Ego keeps the industry fragmented. Only when we crash and burn does it appear that there would be any type of unity in the analysis community. They argued Keynes was nuts until the Great Depression hit. This is just how it functions. As for a market forecasters, generally all they are doing is trying to make a buck. They are not normally inspired by lofty goals. They are content trying to develop just trading systems to sell.

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Vital, New Batchelor-Cohen

With all of today’s varied rumors of war and peace, it is more important that ever that you stay updated on The Ukraine Crisis. To that end, here’s last evening podcast from John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen.
This podcast could not be more timely. Please take the time to give it a thorough listen but the second half, beginning near the 20:00 mark, is particularly pertinent given the NATO summit that begins tomorrow in Wales.

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In Addition To The Latest Fake Ceasefire, Here Is What Else Happened Overnight

As reported earlier, the biggest overnight news took place just around 4am Eastern when futures exploded to new ATH on headlines of a new ceasefire in Ukraine, which was promptly refuted by both Putin and the rebels, but futures don’t care and have continue raging higher, in hopes of sweeping the latest batch of ugly economic news out of Europe, this time in the form of Europe’s non-mfg PMIs, under the rug.
As RanSquawk summarizes, heading into the North American open, the bulk of the morning’s price action has been provided by news that Ukrainian President Poroshenko said that he reached an agreement with Russia’s Putin on a “permanent cease fire” in Eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region. This saw an immediate spike higher in European equities with the DAX future rallying and breaking above its 100DMA seen at 9644.50, thus extending earlier gains that stemmed from the strong performance in Asia-Pacific equities, while the e-mini S&P once again printed a fresh record high. However, these moves staged a partial reversal amid comments from Russia’s Putin that he denied that such an agreement had been reached as Russia is not a party to the Ukraine conflict. In stock specific news, Russian exposed Raiffeisen Bank outperforms Europe ( 7%) in reaction to the geopolitical developments, while Hugo Boss have underperformed throughout the session following a share placement which came in at the lower end (-5.3%).
A quick recap of the Euroarea final, and disappointing, composite PMI data from Goldman.

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When A Marketing Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong

It has been a bad year for Malaysian Airlines: following the disappearance of MH-370 (which to our knowledge still hasn’t been found), and the crash of MH-17 (which to our knowledge still hasn’t had its Kiev ATC recordings released) the country’s national carrier reported it would be delisted, and nationalized, with a follow up report last week that some 6,000 workers would be laid off to enjoy the recovery “confirmed” by the market’s all time highs on their own. The year not only got worse, but outright bizarre, macabre and morbid following a marketing ploy revealed last week in which would-be passengers were given a chance to win a ticket if only they shared their… bucket list?
According to the Malay Mail, reported by Time, Malaysia Airlines launched a competition in Australia and New Zealand four days ago, according to media reports, in which it said it was giving away free economy-class tickets and free iPads. The competition name was, to say the least, bizarre: My Ultimate Bucket List. Contestants had to explain ‘What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list?’

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U.S. Army Drills To Battle Political Dissent And Fight Crime In ‘Megacities’

This article was written by Eric Blair and originally published at Activist Post
As we’ve witnessed recently in Ferguson, Missouri, the difference between police and military is already nearly indistinguishable. In other words, the Army is already taking on peaceful citizens in domestic cities. Tank-supported SWAT teams already grenade and raid homes to serve warrants for victimless, non-violent offenses. What more can they possibly train for?
The U. S. Army is now officially getting into the crime-fighting business. According to the Army Times, the Army is training to fight battles in megacities, not against other armies, but to help local authorities root out shadowy criminals, extremists and, wait for it, wait for it, influential political dissidents.
The Army Times reports on this year’s Unified Quest war games drill:
“When the Army looks to the future, it sees cities. Dense, sprawling, congested cities where criminal and extremist groups flourish almost undetected by authorities, but who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state. And the service is convinced that these ‘megacities’ of 20 million or more people will be the battleground of the future.”

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