Over the years there has been a politically correct progression of words to describe those who come to the United States illegally. At first it was illegal aliens, then illegal immigrants, followed by undocumented immigrants or undocumented workers. Of course, the perpetually offended PC crowd is always looking for gentle new words to describe the obvious, so they’ve come up with something that defies all logic.
The Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy office at the University of Maryland has displayed posters on campus that are part of their ‘inclusive language campaign.’ The poster lists’offensive’ terms, followed by their politically correct counterparts, one of which reads ‘Would you say [illegal aliens] if you knew I am an undocumented citizen?’ Other statements on the poster are critical of those who would say ‘retarded’ in front of the disabled,’ghetto’ in the presence of the poor, or ‘raped’ within earshot of someone who has been sexually assaulted.

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Zulu King: Blacks Destroying South Africa, Were Better Off Under Apartheid

King Zwelithini said the former white rulers of South Africa had ‘built a powerful government with the strongest economy and army on the continent.’
He went on to say that the white government had ‘a mighty army, and that the South African currency and economy had shot up’ under the National Party government.
‘But then,’ he continued, ‘came this so-called democracy in which black people are destroying the gains of the past. The economy that we are now burning down.’
Addressing himself directly to black people, King Zwelethini said that ‘you do not want to build on what you had inherited. You are going to find yourselves on the wrong side of history.’
‘History will judge black people harshly as they have failed to build on the successes of the Afrikaners,’ he said, before continuing to explain that ‘black people loved to use matches to burn down infrastructure’ built by the white government.

This post was published at Breitbart on December 8 2015.

Trump’s Cunning Plan Revealed

Donald Trump – Bigot, zealot, xenophobe, racist, hitler-ite? Or Donald Trump – cunning strategist who knows Americans better than the “leave us alone up here on our Hill” career politicians and their lackey liberal media partners?
You decide…
As YouGov reports, a majority of Americans say that they view Islam unfavorably, and even Democrats are almost twice as likely to view Islam negatively than positively.
One week ago the United States saw the deadliest terrorist attack it has seen since 9/11, after 14 people were killed in San Bernadino by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik. In the wake of the attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took his most aggressively anti-Muslim stance so far by calling for Muslims to be barred from entry into the United States. Though the United States has millions of Muslims, anti-Muslim sentiment has become increasingly common in public discourse.
YouGov/HuffPost’s latest research shows that most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Islam. 58% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Islam, and just over a third (35%) say that they have a ‘very unfavorable’ opinion of the religion. Only 17% of Americans view it positively. Democrats (27%) are the most likely to have a favorable opinion of Islam, but even they tend to say that they view Islam negatively. Among independents (58%) and Republicans (75%) most people have a negative view of Islam.

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ISIS Releases New Apocalyptic Video Depicting “Final” Battle With “Crusaders” In Syria

Three weeks ago, we highlighted what we dubbed ‘the greatest piece of terrorist video propaganda in history.’ The clip, a 5-minute Hollywood special produced by Islamic State’s al-Hayat Media (the nerve center for a labyrinthine network of ‘Wilayats’), begins with a glorification of the ‘caliphate’, as an English-speaking narrator notes that ISIS’ territory is now ‘thirty times the size of Qatar.’
The graphics-laden presentation goes on to mock the US military for its high suicide rates and ineffective air campaign before presaging the ‘final’ battle with the crusaders where the nonbelievers will ‘burn on the hills of Dabiq.’
Dabiq – which, you’ll note, is also the name of Islamic State’s propaganda magazine – is a reference to a town in northern Syria, near Aleppo. It is in Dabiq that one of the final clashes between Christianity and Islam will unfold (or so the story goes). Here’s BBC:
The group has focused on the dusty backwater not because of any strategic importance or the size of its population – the Syrian census of 2004 recorded that little over 3,000 people were living there – but for the power of its symbolism.
Dabiq, which lies around 10km (six miles) from the Turkish border, features in Islamic apocalyptic prophecies as the site of an end-of-times showdown between Muslims and their enemies.
The Prophet Muhammad is believed to have said that “the last hour will not come” until Muslims vanquish the Romans at “Dabiq or Al-A’maq” – both in the Syria-Turkey border region – on their way to conquer Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul).

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Thousands Of Militiamen Stage Anti-Turkey Protests In Baghdad As Iraq Lodges Security Council Complaint

Iraqis burning a billboard for a Turkish company in #Basra. Anti-Turkish sentiment on the streets skyrocketing. pic.twitter.com/eIBlr4jvxM
— Haidar Sumeri (@IraqiSecurity) December 12, 2015

“They can resort to the U. N. Security Council, that is their natural right, but this is not an honest step,’ Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday, referencing Baghdad’s move to appeal to a ‘higher’ authority in an increasingly tense standoff with Ankara stemming from the latter’s decision to send several hundred troops and 25 tanks to Bashiqa (just northeast of Mosul) a week ago.
Turkey contends that the deployment is part of an agreement between the two countries that allows for Turkish soldiers to assist in training Iraqi and Peshmerga fighters as they battle ISIS. Iraq doesn’t seem to remember much about the alleged partnership.
Earlier this week, Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu said Ankara has no intention of withdrawing the troops and even went so far as to suggest that Baghdad was being ‘provocative’ by questioning Turkey’s motives.
We of course have suggested that one explanation for Turkey’s deployment is that Erdogan is keen on having an expanded military presence in northern Iraq now that some rather inconvenient questions are being asked about his family’s role in facilitating the flow of illicit ISIS crude from oil fields in Iraq and Syria to Ceyhan.
Additionally, it’s worth noting that the deployment comes as controversial Iraqi lawmaker Hanan Al-Fatlawi accuses John McCain of planning to insert some 100,000 troops in the country to include 10,000 US soldiers and 90,000 from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and of course, Turkey. To be sure, 350 is a long way from 90,000, but the point is, Turkey is suddenly determined to have boots (and tank tracks) on the ground near Mosul and it’s not entirely clear why.

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An Establishment Unhinged

Calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration ‘until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on,’ Donald Trump this week ignited a firestorm of historic proportions.
As all the old hate words – xenophobe, racist, bigot – have lost their electric charge from overuse, and Trump was being called a fascist demagogue and compared to Hitler and Mussolini.
The establishment seemed to have become unhinged.
Why the hysteria? Comes the reply: Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration tramples all over ‘American values’ and everything we stand for, including the Constitution.
But is this really true?
The Constitution protects freedom of religion for U. S. citizens. But citizens of foreign lands have no constitutional right to migrate. And federal law gives a president broad powers in deciding who comes and who does not, especially in wartime.
In 1924, Congress restricted immigration from Asia, reduced the numbers coming from southern and Central Europe, and produced a 40-year moratorium on most immigration into the United States.
Its authors and President Coolidge wanted ours to remain a nation whose primary religious and ethnic ties were to Europe, not Africa or Asia.
Under FDR, Truman and JFK, this was the law of the land.
Did this represent 40 years of fascism?
Why might Trump want a moratorium on Muslim immigration?
Reason one: terrorism. The 9/11 terrorists were Muslim, as were the shoe and underwear bombers on those planes, the Fort Hood shooter, the Times Square bomber and the San Bernardino killers.

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White House Unable To Explain How Gun Control Will Stop Mass Shootings

The White House cannot name one single shooting incident that would have been prevented by gun control legislation.
As President Obama prepares executive action to pass further gun control legislation, one errant reporter asked the White House press secretary exactly how such proposals would have prevented any recent mass shootings.
Josh Earnest couldn’t directly answer the question and floundered around repeating the same talking points over and over again.
Reporter Byron Tau referred to a statement made by Sen. Marco Rubio that no mass shootings in recent memory would have been prevented by gun legislation, which even the Washington Post fact-checked as true.
‘If not a single recent mass shooting would have been stopped by the kind of gun control measures you champion, are those the right approach to this problem?’ Tau asked.

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PREHISTORIC: Huge Geometric Shapes Discovered in Middle East Pre-Date Nazca Lines

21st Century Wire says…
Everything just keeps getting older.
Watch a video of this report here:

Huge geometric patterns first discovered in Jordan’s Azraq Oasis by pilots in World War I have just been dated, and the findings are leaving the realms of mainstream history.
Two of the wheel like shapes were found to have been built around 8,500BC, making them far older than the world famous Nazca Lines in Peru that only date back to between 200BC-500AD.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on DECEMBER 11, 2015.

Countdown To War Is One Minute To Doomsday – Episode 840b

The following video was published by X22Report on Dec 11, 2015
Spain introduces snooping laws, just like Canada, Australia and France and many other countries. Ukraine is now using the propaganda that Russia is bringing over 20,000 troops into Ukraine. EU is now taking control of the European borders of each country. France says countries must band together to get the IS out of Libya. US admits turkey is buying oil from the IS, but tries to use propaganda to blame Assad. Sheriffs across the country are telling US citizens to arm themselves because the wolves are getting ready to strike.

SPECIAL REPORT: ISIS Oil? Follow the Money (Back to Europe)

Regional Militarization, Resources, Cash, and Iraqi Kurdistan (KRG): Independence, Profit, and Motives within the Middle East Warfare and Terror
While it might be beneficial to not live in the past and focus on the future, today did not get here without a steady amount of yesterdays.
In the current age of impulsive #hashtag history and sound-bite ‘solutions’, we would all do well to refocus on how things actually got to where they are today. This tends to be perennially true in the Middle East, and yet politicians and mainstream media are always too eager to pave-over any historical context, instead favoring a boiled-down version of events, normally reduced to overly simplified, binary components like ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’.
The situation in Syria and the Middle East intensified greatly last month after NATO memberTurkey shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter, allegedly for violating Turkish airspace. Ever since that moment, the hot subject of investigation has been the black market oil trade of the so-called Islamic State, and more importantly, what is Turkey’s role in either allowing, or facilitating this and other dark enterprises that could be fueling the violent jihadist conclave currently infesting both Syria and Iraq.
If you are still relying on the mainstream media for your information, then what we will reveal below in this report might come as a shock to you. When you follow the ISIS oil money, it traces straight back to the west.
The constant coverage of terror and warfare of the region may subside or rise like the tide, but just like the ocean it always seems to be there. You see the surface and stare out at the horizon and can start to wonder what is really going on down there. To fully understand the full scale and scope of this issue, we will first briefly lay out the historical and geopolitical parameters in this region – but also look at how the story that is being sculpted by western media and political operatives – differs from the reality on the ground.
One key region that drifts in and out of the Middle Eastern narrative with western news coverage is Kurdistan, specifically the Regional Government of Kurdistan in Iraq, commonly referred to as the ‘KRG’. To understand how important Kurdistan is in this story, let’s also look at the wider region.
Since 2003, Iraq has been one of the world’s premier money pits. The billions upon billions of US dollars, money, arms, ‘aid’, contracts, bombs, in essence warfare – whether or not under that name, and endless reams of rhetoric out Washington D. C., London, and Paris – all unfold incessantly on the nightly news.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on DECEMBER 12, 2015.

Watch Jimmy Carter Ban Iran Immigrants And Deport Students During The Hostage Crisis

One of Donald Trump’s recurring refrains ever since the San Bernardino shooting, ostensibly the one which prompted him to declare he would bar Muslims from entering the country – an announcement which has unleashed an unprecedented media scandal – is that the “US is at war.” Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen (we expect tens of thousands of US troops to be deployed soon, this time without the protective cloak of CIA “covert ops”) but what is certain is that Trump is merely proposing to do what Democrat Jimmy Carter did back on April 7, 1980, when he banned Iranians from the US and deported Iranian students during the Iran hostage crisis – a time when some could argue the US was likewise in war with the Iranian regime.
Courtesy of the Gateway Pundit, here is a screengrab from the ABC News report of President Carter’s Iran speech regarding US cutting relations with Khomeini’s regime in Iran.

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It’s not like we should sit around as a society fawning over the stuff that comes out of actor’s mouths, but when Kurt Russell owns a reporter on gun control in an interview, it’s definitely worth a listen, if for nothing else than to remind us that not all actors are brainwashed puppets walking around mindlessly spewing the establishment agenda.
It was about the time Hollywood reporter Jeffery Wells went on to say that guns are a quote ‘metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need,’ that Russell put the guy in his place.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on DECEMBER 11, 2015.

The Only Thing We have to Fear…Is the Government

‘Air raid sirens wail, are you listening…in the lane, tanks are glistening…a frightening sight, we’re paranoid tonight…walking in a police state wonderland!’ Wow, hasn’t the government put a lot of thought into this Christmas? I bet the argument this year won’t be over whether or not a Nativity scene can be put up in front of the courthouse, but if it’s appropriate to dress them all in SWAT team uniforms and put a surveillance camera in the manger. I bet they’ll have a B-52 bomber pulled by eight tiny reindeer. Frosty the Snowman is already a ‘person of interest’ because he’s going by an alias. It’ll be hard to waterboard him because he’s already made of water, technically. And the government is somewhat suspicious of this Santa Claus character. He appears able to cross borders with impunity. How can we scramble interceptors if he builds a stealth sleigh that NORAD can’t track? Excuse me, but what happened to the tough guys that said us Americans aren’t afraid of anything, huh? I know, there’s a lot to be afraid of out there, right? Wrong!
Let’s put this into perspective, shall we? You’re far more likely to die in a car crash than a terrorist attack. So, what, are we going to ban cars now? That’s all well and good until we’ve got to go get groceries, right? Trust me, I’ve ridden the bus with groceries before. And the bus is still a motor vehicle subject to the dharmas of motor vehicle travel. In fact, you’re more at risk getting into the bathtub than going out in public and falling victim to a McMartyrdom McMission from McTerrorism. So, what then? Does it pay to be so afraid that we won’t relax in the tub with a hot mug of English breakfast tea and a well-worn copy of the collected poems of Rumi?
The only thing we have to fear is not fear itself. Fear is a state of mind, not a thing, and thus requires belief in order to manifest. The only thing we have to fear is the government (who coined the original phrase I re-worded.) Everything else are the basic ‘rules of the road’ you have to accept when you are issued a physical body and live upon this planet. Death is a part of life, as funny as that sounds. You don’t get to control every aspect of life on this planet, such as risk factors and so forth. But in this era, ten times out of ten, things such as terrorism are inspired by and, in all cases, created by governments. Now take Islamic terrorist attacks within the United States, for example. Ask yourself this: Were these happening before the United States government started manipulating, exploiting, harassing, and interfering in Islamic countries? No. If terrorists were truly ‘targeting the West’, why then has not Switzerland been attacked?

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More pre-crime profiling of visitors to the US?

President Obama’s televised speech last Sunday included a smorgasbord of proposals (and endorsements for proposals already made by members of Congress) for more control and surveillance of travel.
We’ll look first at the proposals for restrictions on travel by foreign visitors to the US, followed in our next post by some of those that would affect US citizens.
According to the President:
We should put in place stronger screening for those who come to America without a visa so that we can take a hard look at whether they’ve traveled to warzones. And we’re working with members of both parties in Congress to do exactly that.
What does ‘stronger screening’ mean? And what’s a ‘warzone’ [sic] when on the one hand there has been no declaration of war against anyone, anywhere, and on the other hand the government apparently believes that it has the authority to treat the entire planet as a battlefield on which to wage its ‘War on Terror’?
To understand what the President really means, let’s look at the proposed legislation. The President appears to have been referring to H. R.158, the so-called ‘Visa Waiver Program Improvement Act of 2015′, which passed the House this week and is pending in the Senate.

This post was published at Papers Please on December 11th, 2015.

Red or Blue: What Happens When YOU Are Put On A List? ‘If You’re On That List, Your Right Is Cancelled’

After they have come for the terrorists, and the once-legal gun owners, what happens when they come for you?
Secret lists are becoming the law of the land. Overseas, Obama uses a secret list to authorize the killing of suspects (and bystanders) via drone strike. Execution, as determined by ‘secretive processes, without indictment or trial.’ Some of those killed have been American citizens.
Secret lists have been used to determine who can fly on a plane, who is worth watching as a potential terrorist, and who can travel. None of this necessarily requires that a crime has been committed, or that the individual in question has done anything wrong.
But it won’t stop there.
Somewhere down the line, there is a deeper list, a simpler list. Somewhere inside the shadow government, and the ominous and secretive infrastructure it has built and seized, there is a list that doesn’t have to mind the complexities of law, or the subtleties of public scrutiny, but can just mark you down – red or blue.
Those on the red list are marked as dissenters, resisters and enemies of the state. At the appropriate time, perhaps in a nationwide martial law emergency or major terrorist attack, there will be many who are rapturously rounded up and taken away, never to be seen again. The most unaccountable parts of the government have already done it at black sites overseas to aid in the overthrow of various locales.
Someday it will happen here… when it does, what will you do?

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Caught On Tape: Ukraine Premier Assaulted In Parliament

Fighting broke out in parliament among members of Ukraine’s ruling coalition on Friday after a member of President Petro Poroshenko’s bloc physically picked up Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk and pulled him from the podium.
Yatseniuk was defending his embattled government’s record when lawmaker Oleh Barna walked over to him with a bunch of red roses and then grabbed him around the waist and groin, lifting him off his feet and dragging him from the rostrum.
Members of Yatseniuk’s People Front party waded in, pushing Barna and throwing punches, sparking a brawl in the assembly.
You just can’t make this up…

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Hit and Run Driver Arrested After Her Car Calls Police

As technology generally continues to advance, one thing you can be sure of is the criminal justice system’s use of innovative new ‘tools’ will grow exponentially. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a very dangerous thing. Pennsylvania’s new law that permits the use of data showing whether people are ‘deemed likely to commit additional crimes’ in criminal sentencing, is a perfect example of how an over reliance on technology can be a threat to liberty and due process.
– From the post: Pennsylvania to Become First State to Use ‘Precrime’ Statistics in Criminal Sentencing
Welcome to the future, ladies and gentleman.
From ZDNet:

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The Watchlist Gun Bans Begin: Obama Enlists Governors to Bypass Congress: ‘By Executive Order’

Now governors are abusing executive orders to trample on the 2nd Amendment as well.
With strong resistance in Congress to gun control measures, Obama has taken to working outside his constitutional authority yet again.
But he, his pen and his phone, are not alone this time.
To bring teeth to his pending executive orders, President Obama is working to enlist the help of many of the state governors who he hopes will sign their own executive orders.
To that end, Gov. Dannel Malloy in Connecticut is taking the first plunge in this end run around that pesky Constitution and Bill of Rights. Of course, Connecticut, home to the Sandy Hook shootings, has already seen its gun rights eviscerated:

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Yuri Maltsev: Socialism, Fascism, and Trumpism

The following video was published by misesmedia on Dec 11, 2015
In honor of the 24th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s collapse, our guest this weekend is our old friend Dr. Yuri Maltsez, a senior fellow here at the Mises Institute and a professor of Economics at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Yuri is famous for having been a Soviet economist during the Gorbachev era and defecting to the United States.
Yuri and Jeff discuss Trump-ism, the Bernie Sanders phenomenon, and Western progressives’ silly and enduring love affair with socialism. They also discuss what the often-misused terms ‘socialism’ and ‘fascism’ really mean.