Are Questions of War and Peace Merely One Issue Among Many for Libertarians?

Most Americans express support for private enterprise. In this country, outright socialists are relatively rare, except on university campuses, and even progressives, who favor pervasive regulation and heavy taxation, often declare that they support a free-enterprise economy – they simply oppose ‘unbridled capitalism.’ For many sincere friends of the free market, however, it shines as only one star among a host of others in their ideological firmament, and with regard to one critically important service, protection from foreign threats, they favor a government-monopoly supplier with an established reputation for recklessness and unnecessary ferocity. Thus, notable free enterprisers include both hawks (e.g., Thomas Sowell, George Shultz, Walter Williams) and doves (e.g., Thomas Gale Moore, David Henderson, Donald Boudreaux) in their views about U. S. foreign and military policy.
Among libertarians in particular, the U. S. invasion of Iraq has brought this difference to the fore more visibly than any previous event. Some professed libertarians have supported the U. S. attack and the ensuing occupation, others have opposed those actions, and still others have hedged somewhere in between. On October 22, 2004, for example, a well-publicized and well-attended libertarian conference at the Cato Institute, ‘Lessons from the Iraq War: Reconciling Liberty and Security,’ gave the podium to advocates of each of these positions. (I was one of the invited speakers.) Supporters of ‘big tent’ libertarianism have counseled that libertarians ought to steer clear of fratricidal conflict over this issue. After all, they say, we still agree on so many other issues.
Although I generally eschew quarrels with fellow libertarians over doctrinal matters – my crucial dispute is with the government, not with other libertarians – I draw the line at the question of war and peace. In my judgment this issue is fundamental; it well-nigh defines a genuine libertarian ideology. Professed libertarians who support an aggressive warfare state are, in effect, giving up the ship. They are making the same mistake that has long condemned conservatives to serving as de facto buttresses of Leviathan, no matter how much they might complain about high taxes and excessive regulation.

This post was published at Mises Canada on MARCH 25, 2016.

The Slow, Inevitable Collapse Of The Two-Party System

In this election year, it’s clear that a seismic political shift is rumbling through America. Widespread discontent for the status quo is surfacing from both the left and right. A year ago, it would have been impossible to envision a card-carrying socialist and a pre-WWII style populist mounting legitimate presidential campaigns (much less without Super PACs). Now, far-left and far-right sentiments are emerging from the underground as perfectly palatable options to Middle America. Establishment darlings like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio have faced extreme pressure from the New Normal in their respective political tents.
It has become clear that the traditional 2-party system in America is starting to erode. Sanders’ supporters view Clinton as too untrustworthy & beholden to Big Business. Meanwhile Trump’s blue-collar base has rejected rank-and-file Republicans as being too unsympathetic to their economic concerns, while his surprising chunk of the evangelical contingent is refuting the Bush-flavored puritanism of Ted Cruz. Conversely, Clinton’s supporters reject Sander’s bold platform as delusional and Cruz’s base is increasingly being filled by #NeverTrump neocon purists and Romey-ite country club Republicans.
One can see political parallels across the pond, in the UK’s 2015 Parliamentary elections. The two main parties in Westminster Palace, Conservative and Labour (roughly equivalent to the GOP and Democrats), were shaken up by two popular insurgencies. UKIP, the UK Independence Party, rose up from the rising flames of the relatively conservative British heartland’s fears of free trade in the EU and immigration, winning an eighth of the popular vote in England. To the north, SNP, the Scottish National Party, won 95% of Scotland’s seats by inspiring among other things, record youth turnout and social media support (sound familiar?), with a message of social democracy and defiance against the British status quo.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/25/2016.

New Eye-Opening Documentary Completely Exposes Barbaric Saudi Regime

A British television crew recently filmed an undercover documentary in Saudi Arabia in an attempt to penetrate the world’s most secretive and murderous regime. Working with a team of undercover Saudi cameramen, the one hour eye-opener, Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered, was broadcast by ITV on March 22. It reveals the hidden side of the regime, which buys billions of pounds worth of British arms, accepts training from British security forces, sells oil back to the U. K., and enjoys nothing less than red carpet treatment from the British royal family.
After setting up a fake company, the crew flew into Riyadh posing as businessmen, wielding carefully concealed hidden cameras. For cover, they said they were in the country to attend a business conference on cyber-security. What they discovered was a state that beheads – and even crucifies – its citizens; where women lack basic human rights and its children are indoctrinated. Patrolled by religious police, citizens are tortured, imprisoned, and sentenced to death for writing blogs and questioning authority. It sounds like the Islamic State, but it’s not – it’s the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And it is fully propped up by Europe and the United States.
The mind-boggling documentary reveals how Saudi Arabia’s money and Wahhabi ideology has helped drive terrorism around the world. Shining a light on Britain’s shoulder-rubbing with the ruling royals, the production has pushed the U. K. government to admit they have provided more than 300 Saudi police officers with training since 2012.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/25/2016.

The Dirty Dozen – Meet The Republicans That Will Vote For Hillary

Members of the GOP foreign policy establishment are open to supporting Hillary Clinton for president if that’s what it takes to prevent Donald Trump from becoming commander in chief. As The Hill reports, a number of prominent Republicans who signed a scathing open letter denouncing Trump said they aren’t wavering from their opposition to him…“Donald Trump is not a Republican. … He is a caricature of classless wealth. … He is a caricature of the ugly American.”
‘What’s happening is you have a lot of people who are desperate to get anybody in there other than Trump. … People are going to go for Cruz, because at the end of the day they think he’s considerably less bad than Trump,’ said Eliot A. Cohen, a former adviser to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) who also served in the George W. Bush administration. Cohen, along with Bryan McGrath, organized an open letter opposing Trump that was signed by more than 120 members of the Republican foreign policy establishment. The letter declared that Trump is unfit to be president because his views of American power are ‘wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle.’
The Hill contacted 13 of the people on the letter and heard back from all but two of them…

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/25/2016.

“Satanic Cocktail” Of Nails And Acetone Used In Devilish Brussels Bomb Design

Nearly four days have passed since four men detonated explosives-laden belts and luggage in the Brussels airport and metro killing nearly two dozen people and injuring hundreds and there’s still quite a bit of ambiguity regarding who exactly is dead, who’s still at large, and who was at the scene in the first place.
Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the attackers who died in the blasts were strewn all over the crime scene in pieces, but authorities did manage to determine that among those who blew themselves up were brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El-Bakraoui, one of which was the subject of an Interpol red notice and the other was flagged by Turkey as a ‘foreign fighter’ and deported. Also thought to have been killed in the airport bombings: bombmaker Najim Laachraoui, who is said to have played an instrumental role in building the explosives used in the Paris attacks.
Following the bombings, the taxi driver who delivered Ibrahim Bakraoui, Laachraoui, and a third assailant to the airport called the police. The driver became suspicious when the men were reluctant to let him assist with their luggage which he described as exceptionally heavy. The driver then led police back to the apartment in Schaerbeek (the site of Friday’s sweeping police operation) where he had picked the three men up. On the fifth floor, authorities found 33 lbs of explosives, 180 liters of chemicals, guns, a suitcase full of nails, and an Islamic State flag. Nothing suspicious about that.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/25/2016.

Leading Turkish Journalists Face Life in Prison

Hundreds of Turkish academics are waiting to find out whether they will be prosecuted or sacked for spreading ‘terrorist propaganda’, after they signed a petition calling for violence to end in Turkey’s southeast, where government forces have been fighting Kurdish separatists.
After the petition provoked a furious response from Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoan, several universities in the country have begun investigations into signatories among their faculty – which could lead to their dismissal if accusations of unlawful political agitation hold up. On 15 January, police arrested and later released 27 academics, according to local media reports, including economists, physicians and scientists.
Turkey’s government has previously clamped down on scientists and students who question its policies, imprisoned scientists charged with terrorism offenses, and restricted the freedom of funding agencies and scientific academies. But the number of arrests and investigations makes the current episode one of the larger Turkish attacks on freedom of expression in recent years, prompting outrage among human-rights advocates.
– From the post: U. S. Ally Turkey Arrests Academics for the Crime of Signing a Peace Petition
Over the past several months, the nation of Turkey has rapidly devolved into a tyrannical, rogue regime under an increasingly despotic president Recep Tayyip Erdoan. It’s a disturbing reality I’vehighlighted frequently in recent months, particularly since the country remains a close U. S. government ally and is actively attempting to join the EU.

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Foundation of mass mind control

‘No one will ever map out a formula for writing a book. The formulas that already exist, and there are many of them, are pale reflections of what occurs in the writing process. They ape, in a maniacal way, what a machine would do if you loaded it up with enough information. Writing taps into, and brings life. Formulas do not. There are mysteries that can only be penetrated by writing a book.’ (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)
My newest collection, Power Outside The Matrix, contains a lengthy writer’s tutorial. Aside from practical advice, I stress what freedom means to a writer, what it really means in terms of available energy. (See also this article.)
And one thing it means: symbols, as they are received and understood by the culture, are a way of shaping, channeling, and ultimately draining away energy.
Let’s start here: symbols have meanings because someone assigns those meanings.
Despite common belief, symbols aren’t tagged with meanings in some cosmic way that precedes humans’ presence on the scene.
Of course, various groups would like to believe otherwise. They want you to react to symbols as if they were permanent, eternal, unavoidable, engraved in stone.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on March 25, 2015.

Micheal Savage Threatens to Renounce his Support of Donald Trump over National Enquirer Story

I won’t dignify the story from the National Enquirer by re-hashing the garbage they published on Senator Ted Cruz.
But what is happening is an incredible backlash against the story that even the Drumpf could not have anticipated. David Pecker, the CEO and Owner of the Enquirer is a good friend of Trump’s and as Savage highlighted on the radio today, this story is so offensive that he might withdraw his support from Trump for ‘assassination by innuendo.’
Even Trump’s favorite former Tea Party spokeswoman disavowed the story already via Twitter:

This post was published at John Galt Fla on March 25, 2015.

Press & Politicians Are The Problem

The elitist press are starting to realize that they are the problem. ‘Trump voters are a coalition of the dispossessed. They have suffered lost jobs, lost wages, lost dreams. The American system is not working for them, so naturally they are looking for something else. Moreover, many in the media, especially me, did not understand how they would express their alienation. We expected Trump to fizzle because we were not socially intermingled with his supporters and did not listen carefully enough. For me, it’s a lesson that I have to change the way I do my job if I’m going to report accurately on this country,’ wrote David Brooks of the New York Times who had endorsed Obama.
This is why I call the people the ‘great unwashed’ because politicians and journalists are disconnected from reality, and combined, they will absolutely bring about the collapse of the United States. We will, no doubt, see the USA ultimately split into at least four separate nations that are divided but still ‘united’ as states. It has been set in motion by this elitist, socialistic bullshit, and the people are stupid enough to listen to whatever they preach as they line their pockets. I am not writing about this from afar. I have even attended the White House Correspondence Dinner where the president came and delivered a speech. So I have been inside, but I am also on the outside for I read the tea leaves of the economy; not what Harvard professors teach.

This post was published at Armstrong Economics on Mar 24, 2016.

Minicon Maven

Minicon maven (go look it up!) Jonah Goldberg has announced dolefully in his latest commentary on NRO that ‘the GOP is wrecked, no matter who wins.’ The source of this problem for Jonah is the unwanted intrusion of the Donald into Republican national politics. Whether the convention that will take place in Cleveland this summer nominates Trump or tries to withhold the nomination from someone whom Jonah finds to be a peddler of ‘snake oil remedies,’ the Republican Party may be irreparably ruined. There was a chance but one that has been missed to cut the New York troublemaker off at the pass: ‘Republicans and commentators didn’t believe he would run. They didn’t believe he could be an attractive candidate to rational people, no matter how angry with ‘the establishment’ voters said they were.’ In an even greater act of self-delusion, Jonah’s pals didn’t rally to Jeb, Marco and other ‘conservatives.’ Indeed Jeb’s PAC ‘spent $35 million trying to destroy Rubio before it dropped its first $25, 000 attacking Trump.’ Now we face the possibility of a third party, because ‘the Republican nominee is probably going to be determined on the convention floor in Cleveland.’ This means that Trump and his followers will probably capture Jonah’s beloved party or else leave it split by forming their own populist breakaway party.
Jonah’s dire prediction makes me about as much grief-stricken as did the experience of watching the Soviet empire crumble. Perhaps our divergent perceptions result from our contrasting views of the party that Jonah adores and which I profoundly despise. And one of the reasons (I won’t hide it) that I’d be delighted to see the GOP go the way of the Soviet politburo is that I associate it with greasy deal-makers, who are invested in expanding government and surrounded by neoconservative ‘advisers.’ To see both of these groups lose influence simultaneously would be for me a dream realized, although I remain skeptical that it can be achieved. After listening to Trump (as well as Cruz) giving a speech at AIPAC that sounded as if it were written by Max Boot, I’m beginning to doubt whether the Donald will reach the convention in July without first trying to ‘make a deal’ with neocon elites. Jonah (for all I know) may land up becoming his speech-writer, although I would like to think this won’t be the case.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on March 25, 2016.

Is ISIS Faithful To Islam?

‘We are not at war with Islam,’ said John Kasich after the Brussels massacre, ‘We’re at war with radical Islam.’
Kasich’s point raises a question: Does the Islamic faith in any way sanction or condone what those suicide bombers did?
For surely the brothers and their accomplice who ignited the bombs in the airport and set off the explosion on the subway did not do so believing they were blasting themselves to hell for all eternity.
One has to assume they hoped to be martyrs to their faith if they slaughtered infidels to terrify and expel such as these from the Islamic world and advance the coming of the caliphate of which the Prophet preached.
And where might they have gotten such ideas?
Kasich’s word, radical, comes from the Latin ‘radix,’ or root.
And if one returns to the roots of Islam, to the Quran, does one find condemnation of what the brothers did – or justification?

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Let’s Get Government Out of the Physician Certification Business

Are all certification outfits created the same? Should the government impose free market features? Any pro-market health economists out there?
H. L. Greenberg wrote a scathing indictment of board recertification last week in Medical Economics. He makes excellent points regarding ‘quality’ but he also argues that the board re-certification process offered by National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS) as an alternative to the American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS) program for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), is itself problematic and unjustifiable. On what grounds can NBPAS claim to measure quality? Greenberg’s point is valid, but only to an extent. The real issue is that board certification is mandated by hospital regulations, which are themselves established under strong governmental pressures. That leaves physicians with no margin of maneuver away from this arbitrary and coercive system. If MOC or certification was not mandatory, there would be nothing wrong with physicians electing to pay an independent organization (like NBPAS or any competing organization, including ABMS) to verify their competence by whatever means is mutually agreeable. Whether this arrangement would or would not have any traction with patients, who are the ultimate determiners of quality, is a separate question.

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on MARCH 24, 2016.


Clinton keeps misdirecting questions about Bill’s sexual assaults on the campaign trail, but the questions aren’t going away.
Ben Shapiro discusses the fact that most people who are voting for Hillary because she’s a woman and they think she’ll stand up for women’s rights don’t even know that Bill Clinton is a rapist and that Hillary has laughed at and threatened several rape victims.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MARCH 25, 2016.

The World’s Most Famous Economic Hitman Confesses – They’re Coming for Your Democracy

Allen Dulles, the CIA director under presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, the younger brother of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, and the architect of a secretive national security apparatus that functioned as essentially an autonomous branch of government. Talbot offers a portrait of a black-and-white Cold War-era world full of spy games and nuclear brinkmanship, in which everyone is either a good guy or a bad guy. Dulles – who deceived American elected leaders and overthrew foreign ones, who backed ex-Nazis and thwarted left-leaning democrats – falls firmly in the latter camp.
But what I was really trying to do was a biography on the American power elite from World War II up to the 60s. That was the key period when the national security state was constructed in this country, and where it begins to overshadow American democracy. It’s almost like Game of Thrones to me, where you have the dynastic struggles between these power groups within the American system for control of the country and the world…
Absolutely. The surveillance state that Snowden and others have exposed is very much a legacy of the Dulles past. I think Dulles would have been delighted by how technology and other developments have allowed the American security state to go much further than he went. He had to build a team of cutthroats and assassins on the ground to go around eliminating the people he wanted to eliminate, who he felt were in the way of American interests. He called them communists. We call them terrorists today. And of course the most controversial part of my book, I’m sure, will be the end, where I say there was blowback from that. Because that killing machine in some way was brought back home.

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Treasure “Trove” Of ISIS Documents Detail Secret Oil Trade With Turkey

When a three star Russian general strolled into the US Embassy in Baghdad on September 30 of last year, US personnel were taken aback by what he said: ‘If you have forces in the area we request they leave. Airstrikes start in one hour.’
That was the beginning of Russia’s intervention in Syria and it took the US completely off guard. It was vintage Putin and even the Russian President’s detractors couldn’t help but chuckle. Over the next 30 days, a relentless air campaign carried out by Moscow’s warplanes rolled back anti-Assad elements in Latakia while the IRGC and Hezbollah moved into position for an assault on Aleppo.
Then, on November 24, disaster struck. Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 near the Syrian border. One of the pilots was killed.
In the hours after the plane crashed, the world held its breath. Putin, the West figured, would respond with force. Fears only grew when the FSA’s First Coastal Division published a video on YouTube that appeared to show a fighter using a US-made TOW to destroy a Russian search and rescue helicopter.
And then, just when the it appeared that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was set to plunge NATO into a world war with the Russians and the Iranians, Putin did something no one expected. Instead of sending the long range bombers to Ankara, he addressed reporters while sitting next to Jordan’s King Abdullah and flatly said the following: “ISIS gets money by selling oil to Turkey.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/25/2016.

Sibel Edmonds Shines A Light on the Brussels Attacks

The following video was published by corbettreport on Mar 25, 2016
Sibel Edmonds of joins us to discuss the Brussels attacks. We discuss Belgium’s central role as the base of NATO/EU/Gladio headquarters and how the script of this event follows the script of previous false flags almost precisely. We also talk about the public’s reaction to these events and how both the mainstream and alternative media are being divided and conquered to keep people from questioning the true roots of these events.


Editor’s Note: Anyone else notice the timing on this one just after Putin pulled out of Syria?
Yet another terrorist attack in Europe has been blamed on Islamic extremists and ISIS and yet another instance of the suspects in the attacks having been previously known to security services and intelligence agencies in the years, months, weeks, and days leading up to the event. That is exactly what happened in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, 2016.
Lending credence to those who suggest that the Brussels attacks were false flags (meaning directed, orchestrated, or allowed by Western intelligence agencies), it is being reported that, yet again, the perpetrators were known to police and security services prior to the attack. This suggests a number of possibilities in the false flag vein such as:
– That the security services knew an attack was being planned and allowed it to continue.
– That the intelligence agencies organized the attack from the very beginning.
Building a case for the false flag argument sees a number of points to be made that, while not conclusively proving that such is the case, they do provide a good reason to question the official narrative.
The identities, criminal history, and jihadist history of the assailants were already known to security services prior to the attacks.
Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, the two men suspected of being blowing themselves up during the attack on the airport, had been arrested for violent crimes in Belgium prior to the attacks but were both curiously released.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MARCH 25, 2016.