I grew up behind the iron curtain in the 1970s in communist northern Canada with a black and white TV that you actually had to get up to change the channel on the knob. The knob had theoretically 13 channels but only 4 of them actually had anything on them.
One was the government propaganda channel, CBC, the other was CTV and then there was some sort of local channel and there was also something on channel 13, if memory serves, but it mostly looked like a snowstorm through the rabbit ears.
If you are under 20 years old you have absolutely no idea of what I am talking about above. If you are over 40 you probably remember it well. Remember when they used to turn off all the TV stations at night and usually “signed off” by playing more government propaganda with the national anthem?
At some point during the late 1980s, however, all of a sudden there were dozens of channels, all in relatively good quality and I remember the first time I noticed CNN.
It was during the first “Gulf War” in 1990. I had just become an adult, according to the government age restrictions, and had begun to become a bit more aware of what was going on in the world. The USSA had just begun its terrorist attacks in Iraq (amazing how time flies isn’t it… 25 years later and they are still there bombing and terrorizing that entire region) and CNN was the thing to watch.

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North Korea: From Hermit Kingdom to Merchant Kingdom?

Toward the end of her remarkable speech at this year’s One Young World Summit in Dublin, North Korean defector and human rights activist Yeon-mi Park listed three ways in which ordinary people can help freedom-seekers in North Korea:
One, educate yourself so you can raise awareness about the human crisis in North Korea. Two, help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom. Three, petition China to stop repatriation.
To this list, Swiss-born businessman Felix Abt might add a fourth suggestion: do business with them. This suggestion forms the heart of Abt’s new book, A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom (Tuttle Publishing 2014).
From Hermit Kingdom to Merchant Kingdom Those familiar with the situation in North Korea (officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or DPRK) will not find Abt’s title as shocking as it’s probably intended to be. Indeed, as early as 2009, and undoubtedly even before that, Western media outlets were reporting on ‘the secret capitalist economy of North Korea’ (i.e., the black market) which sprung up in response to the famine of the mid-1990s. Writing for the Washington Post in May 2014, Yeon-mi Park herself even referred to the young people currently living in North Korea as the ‘Jangmadang, or ‘Black Market Generation’.’ These young people, she says, are far more individualistic than their predecessors, far less loyal to the ruling Kim regime, and infinitely more likely to be exposed to outside media and information.

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Washington Goes Nation-Building In Afghanistan – – Another Flaming Failure

As U. S. forces withdraw from parts of Afghanistan, the Taliban is making gains in several areas of the country. The Afghan police and army are slowly giving way, despite the United States spending 13 years and tens of billions of dollars training those forces. When the United States completes its withdrawal from ground combat at the end of this year, this unfavorable trend will undoubtedly accelerate – that is, if the Afghan security forces don’t collapse altogether, as did similarly U. S. trained Iraqi forces in that country. Thus, in the longest war in American history, the U. S. military has failed to pacify Afghanistan – as had the mighty British Empire three times in the 19th and early 20th centuries and the Soviet superpower more recently in the 1980s. In fact, an outside force has not pacified Afghanistan since Cyrus the Great of Persia did it in ancient times.
Why did the United States have the hubris to think it could succeed in taming Afghanistan, when all of these other strenuous efforts had failed? Because many in the American foreign policy elite, media, and citizenry believe in ‘American exceptionalism.’ As propounded by politicians of both parties – for example, Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright in the Democratic Party and people such as John McCain and his sidekick Lindsay Graham in the Republican Party – America is the ‘indispensable nation’ to a world that cannot do without its solving most major problems using military power. Yet despite the current public fawning over military personnel and veterans of American wars, the U. S. military has been fairly incompetent in most major engagements since World War II that required significant ground forces – with only Desert Storm in 1991 being an unvarnished success in recent years. The U. S. armed forces are probably more powerful than any other military in world history, both absolutely and relative to other countries, yet their battlefield performance has not been that great, especially against irregular guerrilla forces in the developing world.
In the post-World War II era, the U. S. military managed to fight the then-poor nation of China to only a draw in the Korean War (1950-1953); lost the Vietnam War (1965-1973) to rag tag Viet Cong guerrillas and North Vietnamese; and made the same mistakes of Vietnam in Iraq and Afghanistan – initially using excessive firepower and alienating the population, the allegiance of which is key to fighting guerrillas.

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Oil War Pushes Venezuela Over Brink, Probability of Default Soars to 84%

Fracking, Tar Sands, & OPEC Meet Decades of Mismanagement OPEC member Venezuela has one of the largest oil and natural gas proven reserves in the world. It’s the 12th largest producer in the world. It’s still one of the top suppliers of crude oil to the US. Oil produces 95% of Venezuela’s export earnings. Oil and gas account for 25% of GDP. Oil is Venezuela’s single most important product. Oil is its critical source of foreign currency with which to pay for all manner of imported consumer and industrial products. But the price of oil has plunged 35% since June.
Venezuela was already in trouble before the price of oil plunged. The fracking boom in the US and the tar-sands boom in Canada have been replacing Venezuelan imports of crude to the US for years. The Keystone pipeline, if Congress approves it, will replace costly oil trains to move Canadian tar-sands crude to US refineries, making it even more competitive with Venezuelan crude. Shipments of crude from Venezuela to the US will continue to dwindle.
Venezuela’s budget deficit is 16% of GDP, the worst in the world. Inflation is running at a white-hot 63%, also the worst in the world. The economy is heavily subsidized, but now the money for the subsidies is running out.
Currency controls have been instituted to shore up the Bolivar. But instead, they’re strangling what is left of the economy. Anti-government protests and riots burst on the scene earlier this year as the exasperated people couldn’t take it any longer. The scarcity of even basic consumer products such as toothpaste and toilet paper has now spread across the spectrum, including medical supplies. Next year, scarcity is going to be even worse. Venezuelan economist Angel Garcia Banchs worries that ‘what’s coming to Venezuela is chaos that will probably lead to barbarity and people looting.’

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DHS Warning, Islamic State Attacks Can Come At Any Time – Episode 531

The following video was published by X22Report on Dec 2, 2014
French government pushing companies to hire with tax breaks. US debt is now above 18 trillion. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both duds. Housing construction was pushed up by government construction spending. Chinese women says common core the same as the education system in China, not created to educated children. Kiev has not confirmed the new ceasefire agreement while fighting continues. US fifth fleet loses a radio active container in the Indian ocean. Russia intercepts intelligence that the US and other Arab nations are getting ready to attack Assad. DHS new warning that an Islamic State attack could happen at any moment.

Could a New Constitutional Convention Be on The Horizon?

It’s been 227 years since the United States Constitution was ratified in Philadelphia. Since then, Congress has approved 27 amendments to the reverent document, including the Bill of Rights. However, in recent years many have wondered if it’s high time to go back to the drawing board.
One little known way to change the Constitution, is for the states come together to call for a new constitutional convention. In a way, this right exists as another series of checks and balances; except in this case, it’s not between the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. This check on power stands between the states the Federal Government.
So far, 29 state bodies have called for a new convention, with the majority of these decisions coming from conservative states. With the slew of republican party victories last month, we may soon see that number increase the 34 states, which is the bare minimum required to call for a new convention.
Two states, California and Vermont, have called for a convention to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that permits huge amounts of unregulated money into federal campaigns. Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia political scientist, wants a convention to adopt sweeping changes, including a single six-year presidential term and concomitant House and Senate terms, to create more of a parliamentary system. Petitions to adopt term limits for members of Congress have circulated for years.
But much of the current impetus comes from fervent fiscal conservatives. This includes calls for an amendment requiring a balanced budget and other restraints on the federal government’s spending and taxation powers.

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Housing Fraud is Back – Real Estate Industry Intentionally Inflating Home Appraisals

Almost 40% of appraisers surveyed from Sept. 15 through Nov. 7 reported experiencing pressure to inflate values, according to Allterra Group LLC, a for-profit appraiser-advocacy firm based in Salisbury, Md. That figure was 37% in the survey for the previous year.
‘If you thought what was happening before was an embarrassment, wait until the second time around,’ said Joan Trice, Allterra’s chief executive and founder of the Collateral Risk Network, which represents appraisers employed by lenders and other companies and has been meeting with regulators to discuss concerns about appraisers being pressured into inflating values.
– From the Wall Street Journal article: Dodgy Home Appraisals Make a Comeback
When in doubt, just make shit up.
That seems to be the mantra of the U. S. real estate industry. A place where home values must always rise no matter what. After all, there’s nothing better for an economy than pricing out average citizens from their means of shelter.
As the WSJ reports, inflated home appraisals have become such a concern that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is looking into it. Which means precisely nothing will be done to stop it. After all, it is official government policy to encourage risky loans to keep housing bubble 2.0 inflated. Recall: Mel Watt, Federal Housing Finance Agency Head, is Pushing Banks to Make Extremely Risky Home Loans.
The WSJ reports:

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Oops – They Did It Again

First Obama admits the USA Tortured people when the report went out of its way to deny that ever took place. Water-boarding is like surfing – come on, there is a board and water. What’s the difference? So you do not have to travel to the beach. Look at the commute time you save. Well now the Department of Defense issued a training paper entitled:
Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure Yes, this is a government report (do not ask how we hot it) that will replace Saturday Night Live and is good for a weekend of laughs when you are bored. It is a catalog of ethical failures that open the eyes wide for they are real examples the government will use for training.

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The Most Depressing Time Of The Year In The Most Depressed Nation On The Planet

Did you know that the rate of suicide is highest during this time of the year and that 45 percent of all Americans dread the Christmas season? We are constantly being told that Christmas is the happiest time of the year, but mental health professionals tell us that the exact opposite is true. For large numbers of Americans, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with stress, anxiety, loneliness and family squabbles. And for most people, the reality of the holidays never even comes close to matching up with the glittering ideal portrayed in movies and on television. As a result, depression tends to spike during the month of December. And of course Americans are quite depressed most of the time anyway. In fact, one out of every ten Americans is on an antidepressant as you read this article. No other nation in the world even approaches that level. So right now we are in the midst of the most depressing time of the year in the most depressed nation on the entire planet. What is wrong with this picture?
A lot of people start to feel down this time of the year, and they don’t realize that there are millions of others that are going through the exact same thing. The following excerpt from a Psychology Today article explains that this is something that happens every Christmas season…

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Congress Reps Orchestrate Further Racial Division with ‘Hands Up’ Ferguson Gesture on House Floor

Check out what these bought-and-paid-for members of Congress are doing on the House floor (instead of their jobs):

NY Daily Post ran this picture earlier today with the tagline: ‘Reps. Jeffries (D-NY), Lee (D-Tex.), Green (D-Tex.) and Clarke (D-NY) referenced the gesture that has come to symbolize the protests in Ferguson, Mo.’
But we’ll get back to that in just a moment…
For months now, The Daily Sheeple and other alternative media outlets have been reporting on the highly provocateured mess that has been going down in Ferguson following the Michael Brown shooting and the resultant Darren Wilson grand jury decision.
We’ve shown that the protests have been highly organized, trained for and likely highly funded. That Obama ended his vacation early specifically to discuss Michael Brown’s shooting with AG Eric Holder, then a week before the grand jury decision, the president called members of every major civil rights group in the country personally to discuss Ferguson. That the DOJ even sent marshals to ‘coach’ Ferguson protesters.
We’ve also shown that police kill lots of people who were totally innocent in every respect, and in too many of those cases to count, the government and mainstream media are silent and fail to drive the country into a complete frenzy over it that would result in riots no matter the outcome.
We’ve shown that the system seemingly placed its chess pieces on the board to foment more violence out of this situation, not less.
We’ve shown that when it comes to the Michael Brown shooting fallout, predictive programming totally works because it totally did.
The dog has officially been wagged in Ferguson, Missouri. There are daytime soap operas less scripted than this.
In reality, all the citizens of this country should be outraged at the militarized police state growing all around us as it has been for decades now.

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President Obama Reminds Americans Of The Threat Of Ebola (& The Need To Spend $6 Billion To Fix It) – Live Feed

With Ebola off the front-pages of every media outlet, President Obama appears to finding it tough to get his $6 billion funding request to fight the deadly disease… time for some hope (things are good in America, Spain delcared Ebola-free) and fearmongery (5,987 deaths and 16,889 cases currently) as The White House increases Ebola response units in the US and sends more military and civilians into Africa…
Does not look like any inflection points in Sierra Leone or Guinea…

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European court to rule on legality of air travel surveillance

The European Parliament has voted to refer a proposed agreement between the European Union and Canada concerning transfers from the EU to Canada ofPassenger Name Record (PNR) data about air travelers to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for the court’s opinion on whether the agreement is consistent with EU treaties and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
This action might easily – and correctly – be dismissed as narrow, technical, evasive of legislators’ responsibility to consider the propriety and legality of their own actions (and to reject proposals outright if they think they would violate treaties or fundamental rights), and of no direct relevance to the US.
But this could, nevertheless, prove to be a significant setback to the efforts of the US ‘homeland-security’ and surveillance establishment, and its allies in Europe and Canada, to globalize the PNR-based system of surveillance and control of travelersthat has been put in place in the USA since 9/11.

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NBA Superstar Charles Barkley Slams Ferguson Rioters: ‘Those Aren’t Real Black People… Those Are Scumbags’

With NFL players and Congressional members now engaging in the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ movement in a show of support for the Ferguson protests, one particular superstar is taking a different stance.
Retired NBA player Charles Barkley doesn’t side with the protesters. In fact, he is appalled by their behavior following the Ferguson Grand Jury decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson. In a recent interview he made some comments that more than likely won’t help him make any new friends in the African American protest circuit.

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Ferguson 2.0: Will Grand Jury Indict NYPD Cop for Chokehold Killing?

On July 17, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old NY resident, was confronted by the NYPD for allegedly selling ‘untaxed’ cigarettes.
Garner questioned the thugs officers about why he was being harassed. At least two witnesses filmed the incident, which clearly shows Daniel Pantaleo, one of the NYPD bullies, throw Garner into a chokehold – a move that was banned by the police force in 1993.
After Garner was choked and brought to the ground, he repeatedly said ‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!’ Yet, officers continued to hold him down.
Garner fell silent and paramedics were called.
While waiting for medical help to arrive, several officers stood over Garner but did not administer CPR.
Details of the incident are disturbing. As we reported on July 18:
Witnesses described what happened:
‘They ran up on him and got rough right away. He wasn’t fighting back,’ said witness Gordon Benson, 33.
‘When he was on the ground, they kept holding him by the neck.’
‘They jumped him and they were choking him. He was foaming at the mouth,’ Ramsey Orta said. ‘And that’s it, he was done. The cops were saying, ‘No, he’s OK, he’s OK.’ He wasn’t OK.’
‘They were choking him. He kept saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe! Get off of me, get off of me!’ and I didn’t hear any more talking after that,’ said witness Valencia Griffin, 50, of Staten Island. ‘He died right there.’

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Fed Fischer’s Complete & Bizarre Nonsense: Oil Price Collapse “Making Everybody Better Off”

“I’m not very worried,” explains Fed Vice Chairman Stan Fischer in a very Bernanke-“contained”-like nonchalence about the total collapse of oil prices (and US oil producer stocks). Sharply lower oil prices will boost spending and aid U. S. growth, Fischer stated in a mind-blowingly naive speech for the 2nd-most-important-monetary-policy-maker-in-the-world, adding that lower oil prices were “a phenomenon that’s making everybody better off.”
We don’t understand his ignorance: as Raul Ilargi Meijer noted earlier, Fischer is talking about money that would otherwise also have been spent, only on gas. There is no additional money, so where’s the boost?This is just complete and bizarre nonsense.

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How the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is Selling Residency to Chinese ‘Investors’ at $500k a Pop

A major theme here at Liberty Blitzkrieg over the past year has been the creative ways in which corrupt Chinese oligarchs and government officials are maneuvering their way into the United States. To be clear, I am not anti-immigration by any stretch of the imagination. My mother was an immigrant. This is about being against corrupt and morally compromised individuals being welcomed here with open arms just because they have cash. We have enough domestic criminal oligarchs as it stands. These people have collectively captured the American political and economic system and control it to their own ends. Do we really need to import more of these types from abroad?
Did you know that there exists a federal Immigrant Investor Program that grants ‘EB-5′ immigration visas to foreigners who provide at least $500,000 to U. S. projects that create 10 or more American jobs? I wasn’t familiar with this, but apparently the good folks at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission are well aware of it, and are using it to raise $200 million.
Here’s what I’d like to know. Who are these investors and who vets them? It is a known fact that corrupt Chinese officials and businessmen are scrambling to get themselves and their money out of their homeland as the government cracks down on corruption. How many of them are going to use this program to get into the U. S., and what will be the long-term impact to our society? Important questions that must be asked, but most likely aren’t being taken seriously.

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Close Encounter Between NATO F-16 And Russian MiG-31 Caught On Tape

Once upon a time, the only place where a western fighter jet could come within meters of a Russian MiG was on Top Gun.
However, according to a video released earlier today by the Norwegian Armed Forces, that is no longer the case.
In the clip, a Russian MiG-31 “suddenly cut in front of one of two Norwegian aircraft sent up by NATO to intercept Russian aircraft in international airspace north off Norway. ‘What the hell,’ says the Norwegian F-16 pilot in the video, as he dodges the MiG-31 passing him at a distance estimated to be closer than 20 meters (65 feet).”

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We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – Full Video in Higher Quality

The following video was published by IndependentMediaSolidarity on Dec 1, 2014
Independent Media Solidarity is a loose knit group of independent journalists that have come together to tackle the issue of Sandy Hook. We are normal people with normal lives, who have families, children, and jobs. Although many of us haven’t physically met each other, we are united. All we seek are answers to the many inconsistencies. But most importantly, we just want the truth made available to all who might seek it.
Over the past 2 years, efforts to explain and expose the Sandy Hook event may seem to have slowed down. We never slowed down.

From Ferguson to Your Doctor’s Office to Your Child’s Classroom, the Communists Have Taken Over America

Michael Snyder wrote an excellent piece, yesterday, regarding the infiltration of communism into the controversial groups which are agitating the racial violence in Ferguson. Communism has been knocking on doors of America for a very long time and Common Core is one of the instruments of the encroachment Communism into America and now it stands along side of Obamacare as the biggest threat to American civil liberties. This article focuses on the immoral and communist takeover of public schools. Most of you will surprised how far this is advancing in the name of progressivism.
Why do so many parents loathe Common Core? Make no mistake about it, the popularity regarding Common Core among a growing number parents is sinking faster than a submarine with screen doors. In fact, the more Americans know about Common Core, the less they like the standards. In fact, just 33% support the standards while 59% oppose Common Core according to the annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.
What Common Core Principles Are Parents Objecting To? It is impossible to answer this question definitively within the context of this article. However,
In 1999, an estimated 850,000 students nationwide were being home-schooled. By 2011-12, that number had more than doubled to 1.77 million. According to the U. S. Department of Education, 91% of parents who home-schooled their children during the 2011-12 school year cited concerns about the school environment including Common Core, safety, drugs and peer pressure and freedom of religious instruction.
We live in a time where education is under siege from every angle and a growing number are choosing to pull their children out of school to seek alternative ways to educate them.

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Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

The following video was published by corbettreport on Dec 2, 2014
‘Operation Gladio B’–the continuation of the old NATO Gladio program–covers a tangled web of covert operatives, billionaire Imams, drug running, prison breaks and terror strikes. Its goal: the destabilization of Central Asia and the Caucasus. In this presentation to Studium Generale in Groningen on November 19, 2014, James Corbett lifts the lid on this operation, its covert operatives, and the secret battle for the Eurasian heartland.