Spain Takes a Giant Step Backward, Towards Its Dark Past

Thousands of protestors, both young and old, took to the streets and central plazas of some thirty Spanish cities today to protest for the right to protest. It is a right that should be respected in any self-respecting democracy.
But not in Spain, thanks to new legislation which is on the verge of becoming law. Under the Orwellian-titled Law for Citizen Security, or more aptly named ‘Gag Law,’ virtually all forms of political protest, including all non-violent forms, will soon be criminalized. But not with penal charges – most criminal cases brought against non-violent political demonstrators are promptly thrown out of court – but administrative ones. That way, the government can circumvent the traditional checks and balances of the criminal justice system while pocketing millions in administrative fines.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the financial sanctions the government seeks to impose (and, of course, collect upon) for acts of political protest or disobedience:
Surrounding a government building: 30,000 ‘ Criticizing or insulting the country, government or head of state during a protest or on social media: 30,000 ‘ Participating in a demonstration that does not have the government’s prior approval: 100 – 1,000 ‘ Organizing a demonstration that turns violent: 30,000

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Saudi Arabia Refuses To Cut Oil Output Even If Non-OPEC Members Do

As even Reuters observes this morning when discussing the ongoing crude rout, “the market slide has triggered conspiracy theories, ranging from the Saudis seeking to curb the U. S. oil boom, to Riyadh looking to undermine Iran and Russia for their support of Syria.” It appears said theories will continue raging for a long time, because as Saudi Arabia’s oil minister who has been extensively in the news in the past couple (that means “two” as per Janet Yellen) of month explained, the biggest OPEC oil producer said on Sunday it would not cut output to prop up oil markets even if non-OPEC nations did so, in one of the toughest signals yet that the world’s top petroleum exporter plans to ride out the market’s biggest slump in years, and that the price of crude is not going up any time soon.

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Europe in Wonderland

If you don’t have the money, spend it anyway, says the Ukrainian government.
Of course, that’s no different than the philosophy of any other country, including the US.
In this case, however, Ukraine’s borders on default.
Please consider Ukraine Can’t Scrimp on Military Spending as S&P Rating Cut.
Ukraine’s president, speaking a day after the nation’s junk credit rating was cut further, said next year’s budget mustn’t cut corners on military spending and should account for the possibility of an invasion.
‘The war made us stronger, but has crushed the economy,’ Poroshenko said. ‘There’s one article of spending that we won’t save on and that’s security.
Ukraine is finalizing next year’s fiscal plan amid a new cease-fire in the conflict that’s ravaged its industrial heartland near Russia’s border. As its economy shrinks and reserves languish at a more than 10-year low, it’s also racing to secure more international aid to top up a $17 billion rescue. Standard & Poor’s said Dec. 19 that a default may become inevitable, downgrading Ukraine’s credit score one step to CCC-.

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Can Americans Win a Guerrilla War Against the Banker Occupation Forces?

‘It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog’
This axiom is soon going to be put to the test in the United States. In any upcoming revolution, the American people will be outnumbered by foreign troops and Artificially Intelligent Robots and other high tech devices designed to destroy any rebellion.
While some of the 260 command level officers fired by Obama are privately informing many of us in the media about the current state of affairs, they are not on the record. Other than self-preservation, the major reason why these former military commanders are not on the record is because some of them are involved in planning a guerrilla war against the occupation forces commanded by this administration under the auspices of DHS. One of my sources state that the coming civil war will be a guerrilla war and it will be prolonged. Another former General has told me that the American people do not have the stomach for guerrilla war and that majority of our people will lay down like sheep and be slaughtered. The latter point will be addressed in a future article. This article deals with an analysis of the means of forcible resistance, available to the American people, from which to resist the tyrannical takeover of the United States government by the banksters and their minions.
Can Americans Win a Guerrilla War Against the Banker Occupation Forces?
Why the Coming Civil War Must Be a Guerrilla War There are a total of 1,455,375 active personnel in the US military. The United States has over 200,000 troops stationed in 144 countries. These 200,000 men and women will not likely be a factor in the coming conflict and will prove to be in grave danger in the coming conflict.
I constantly have former military write to my website and proclaim their allegiance to the Constitution and pledge to destroy all enemies both foreign and domestic. I do not doubt their resolve or courage, however, there are not 30 million combat ready veterans, with the technological means and military organizational skills who would be ready to fight as they frequently claim. There are only 1.8 million veterans who are under the age of 35, which would be the prime fighting age for any resistance force. This means that in the best case scenario, that any resistance that the occupation forces could muster would consist of about 2.5 million men who have combat training in both our active duty personnel and our veterans. The mere size of the army that the Chinese could muster, in addition to the DHS, and the Russians, would dwarf any force that the American people could place on the battlefield. And if the confrontation came following a power grid take down, the odds would be worse.
The only choice that this country would have to resist the coming occupation and genocidal purge would be to make the war a guerrilla war.

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Watch As NYPD Officers Turn Their Backs On NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Sickened by these barbaric acts, which sadly are a predictable outcome of divisive anti-cop rhetoric of #ericholder & #mayordeblasio. #NYPD
— George E. Pataki (@GovernorPataki) December 21, 2014

Just over two weeks ago, as NYC was turmoiling in protests following the Eric Garner chokehold death and the subsequent acquittal of the police officer involved, none other than NYC’s mayor Bill de Blasio – a person whose job is to seek to impartially preserve the peace at all costs – tried to score populist points by disparaging none other than the NY Police Department.
This is how the NY Post summarized things, granted with a dose of hyperbole:
Determined not to let a crisis go to waste, the mayor has spent the last two days cranking up the volume and the vitriol of his anti-cop agenda. Predictably, he trots out his son, Dante, to put a personal spin on police-black relations, saying he is fearful the biracial teen will end up in a confrontation with a cop. Imagine that. The city is in turmoil over the Staten Island case and the mayor throws gasoline on the fire by painting the entire police force as a bunch of white racist brutes. Has he no shame?

‘We need a mayor to stand up with and for us,’ police union head Pat Lynch said yesterday. He said his members feel as if de Blasio is ‘throwing them under the bus.’
It got worse. Demonstrating just how frayed the relationship between the NYC mayor’s office is and the city’s law enforcement had gotten, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association issued a statement for the use of police officers requesting that Mayor de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito not attend their funerals. Here is the text of PBA’s request, courtesy of Truthrevolt:

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Two NYPD Cops Murdered In “Execution Style” Ambush, Shooter Commits Suicide – Live Coverage

The simmering cold war involving the NYPD and various elements of New York’s population just went nuclear when a little before 3:00 PM, reports hit that two NYPD officers were shot in their patrol car, and subsequently died, in what has been dubbed an “execution style” ambush in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy area. The alleged shooter was chased by police and subsequently died of a self-inflicted gun wound.
According to Fox both officers died from gunshot wounds, citing city councilman Robert Cornegy. As RT reports, the shooting took place in Brooklyn outside of the Tompkins Houses at around 3pm. The shooter reportedly came out of the building before shooting the officers patrolling the area.
The suspect reportedly fled into a subway station where officers found him suffering from a gunshot wound that appeared to be self-inflicted. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to the Times.
The manager of a nearby liquor store told the Times that he saw the officers hunched over in their cruiser and said at least one of them looked like they were shot in the head.

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Russia’s Crisis Is Europe’s Crisis

On the 30th of October 1956, France and Great Britain in support of Israel invaded Egypt.
This military action was taken in response to Gamal Abdel Nasser’s decision to nationalize the Suez Canal. The military campaign was generally a success, however, soon after the Prime Minister of England, Anthony Eden, was forced to withdraw militarily and resign in utter humiliation.
The President of America at the time, Dwight D. Eisenhower, had not been informed by the belligerent nations of their intentions and was furious at their unilateral invasion. The American administration decided to force an about-turn. To achieve this objective Eisenhower did not use American troops, nuclear threat or conventional fire-power. No, he simply declared economic war.
Accordingly, no crisis financial support was granted to Britain. Within a week of the invasion 280 million dollars worth of sterling had been sold, an enormous amount of currency in those days. On the 6th of November Harold McMillan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, informed Eden that there was a full scale run on the pound. He outlined to an emergency cabinet meeting that without American support the currency of the British Empire was going to collapse. Following frantic high level transatlantic phone calls between Washington and the City of London, a deal was struck. In return for saving the sterling, Eisenhower insisted upon an agreement for the complete withdrawal of all invasion forces. Eisenhower’s demand was met within hours. American economic hegemony was born. The rest is history.

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Venezuela Is a Laboratory for Emerging Global Death Squads

Government forces (i.e. death squads) in Venezuela are summarily executing its citizens from motorcycles. Authorities are also breaking down doors of apartment buildings and murdering ‘suspected’ protesters. Protesters are being murdered by the Venezuelan government without trial. Of course, these same people have never heard of the NDAA.
Some citizens, who are luckier than most are simply being arrested for ‘suspicion’ of protest. Last week, government opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez surrendered to authorities. He is charged with inciting violence and opposition to the government. His arrest led to even more protesting. Venezuelan citizen, Gauber Venot, stated ‘It’s important we have foreign media here. Our media is censored; we learn about our own country from outside sources.’ So is ours Mr. Venot, so is ours.
Of course, this is Venezuela and this could never happen in America. Perhaps one might want to revise this consideration in light of recently released American military documents.

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There Is No Justice Left In The United States

And now, the admissions start to come out.
(Prosecutor) McCulloch said in a radio interview on Friday that some witnesses obviously lied to the grand jury.
Lying to a Grand Jury is perjury. It is a crime.
So is suborning perjury; the persuading or allowing of someone to swear falsely under oath.
If McCulloch knew that this “witness” could not have actually witnessed the shooting and yet put her in front of the Grand Jury he committed a crime as well.
And now McCulloch has admitted he knew this to be the case:
He made reference to one woman who claimed to have seen the shooting. McCulloch said she “clearly wasn’t present. She recounted a story right out of the newspaper” that backed up Wilson’s version of events, he said.
This leaves only one question before a felony indictment must issue against McCulloch: When did he become aware of this — before or after her testimony was given? If before then as an officer of the court he must stand accused of suborning perjury, be tried and, upon conviction be imprisoned for, that offense.
Never mind the obvious false charge given to the Grand Jury that I have reported on before which is a separate and distinct offense.
If there is no Rule of Law observed and enforced on a consistent basis that leaves only The Law of the Jungle available to ordinary citizens as a means of redressing grievances. The consequence of that is on display in our cities in the form of gang and drug-related shootings on a daily basis.
We either all stand and demand that this stop here and now or we all accept and in fact embrace The Law of the Jungle.

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Judge Rules Abuse of Executive Orders are Unconstitutional

A federal judge, Judge Arthur J. Schwab of the Western District of Pennsylvania, used a deportation decision to probe the constitutionality of President Obama’s executive order on amnesty, declaring it ‘unconstitutional.’ It is about time that Executive Orders are challenged in court for they are absolutely unconstitutional since they smack of a dictatorial abuse of power that denies the people the right to decide the fate of their nation.
Indeed, Texas and other states have already initiated lawsuits challenging the order. Nonetheless, the key here is that ANY such Executive Order is unconstitutional violating the entire concept of a Republic where it is at least a pretense that it is a government by the people rather than a king acting on a personal whim. This is what the law should be – not because of the subject-matter, but any issue. Obama could just as easily order that the IRS increase taxes to 85% without Congress. Anything would be possible. This is the immigration issue, but the act of an Executive Order is everything. Obama just issued such an unconstitutional order to the FCC directing them to regulate and license the Internet. There is nothing any President could do without a vote from the people
Consequently, Judge Schwab wrote:
‘President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore, is unconstitutional.’

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Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program ‘Counterproductive’ … Obama Did It ANYWAY

Previously-leaked documents showed that the CIA warned Obama that funding rebels doesn’t work … but Obama decided to fund the Syrian rebels anyway for cynical political gain.
Top CIA officers say that drone strikes increase terrorism (and see this). Indeed, virtually all aspects of the American ‘war on terror’ strategy creates more terrorists and weakens our national security. And see this.
Now, a leaked internal CIA memo shows that the Agency told Obama that drone strikes might be counter-productive. The Sydney Morning Herald reports today:
According to a leaked document by the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence, ‘high value targeting’ (HVT) involving air strikes and special forces operations against insurgent leaders can be effective, but can also have negative effects including increasing violence and greater popular support for extremist groups.
The leaked document is classified secret and ‘NoForn’ (meaning not to be distributed to non-US nationals) and reviews attacks by the United States and other countries engaged in counter-insurgency operations over the past 50 years.

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Currency Wars, The Ruble And Keynes

The specter of currency wars once again haunts the international chattering classes. Remember back in 2011, when Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantega blamed the U. S. for deliberately weakening the greenback to gain a competitive advantage? Well, now the shoe is on the other foot.
The Yen – an important regional currency – recently sank to a seven-year low against the now mighty U. S. dollar (USD). This is putting downward pressure on the Korean won and other Asian currencies. The situation is similar in Africa where the Kenyan shilling has hit a three-year low against the USD; the Nigerian naira recently set an all-time low against the dollar; the Ghanaian cedi has shed over 25 percent of its value against the greenback this year. The big Latin American loser is the Venezuelan bolivar, followed by the hopeless Argentine peso. Moving to Europe, Ukraine’s hryvnia has lost over 88 percent of its value against the USD this year, while the Russian ruble has racked up a loss of over 43 percent against the greenback in the same time span. The list could go on, but let’s focus on Russia and the travails of the ruble.
The ruble, while it has not been hit as hard as the hryvnia, has sharply depreciated because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the sanctions that it has spawned. The sanctions are, of course, a mug’s game. Indeed, sanctions have almost universally failed to achieve their objectives. The one thing they do, though, is to impose real costs on many intended and unintended victims, including the international economic system. It is noteworthy just how predictable the unintended consequences are. While the sanctions imposed against Russia have clearly contributed to ruble weakness, they have massively strengthened President Vladimir Putin’s hand.
Thanks to the sanctions imposed against Russia, President Putin’s support rose to 88 percent in October, according to Russia’s most independent polling group, the Levada Center. Undoubtedly, Putin got another boost in the polls after the shabby treatment he received in Brisbane, Australia at the meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20).

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The EU’s New ‘Red Tape Advisor’

Creator of Stammered Works Becomes EU’s Red Tape Whacker The European Commission seems to be serious about wanting to cut some of the mountain of red tape it has imposed over the years. Only a truly giant weed-whacker can be expected to do the job. In our paperless age, it would probably be best if someone just walked past their servers with a very big magnet.
Anyway, Reuters informs us that JC Juncker has found the right man for the job: former Bavarian premier Edmund Stoiber. We have previously remarked that jobs in the EU are sinecures for political has-beens, and one might at first suspect that to be the case here as well. However, Stoiber actually does appear to be qualified for the task – at the very least, he seems well prepared for it and comes equipped with the proper mindset.
‘European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker appointed Germany’s Edmund Stoiber as special adviser on better regulation on Thursday, to help the EU executive fight over-regulation and red tape.
Stoiber, a former premier of the German state of Bavaria who sought to become German chancellor in 2002, has for the past seven years chaired a group advising the Commission on administrative burdens and on how to make EU law simpler and cheaper.
In October, he proposed exempting small- and medium-sized firms from a wide range of business rules with a ‘bonfire of red tape’ aimed at reversing a public perception of Brussels as a ‘bureaucratic monster’.
‘EU citizens need the EU to focus on where it can make a real difference to their lives, not to interfere in every detail. EU businesses need the space to innovate and grow, not get tied up in red tape,’ Juncker said in a statement
Stoiber will work closely with Juncker’s deputy, First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who is also charged with improving regulation.

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After publishing the article which detailed the frightening extent to which the globalist super-weapons have reached, the display of resistance was admirable, but misguided. On their own, the American people cannot fight the globalists on their terms and expect to prevail. David did not engage Goliath on Goliath’s terms. David employed a weapon at a relatively safe distance. If David had been within an arms length of Goliath, David would have been destroyed. In the same light, if one thinks that they are going to successfully engage a Micro Aerial Vehicle in their driveway armed with their 12 gauge shotgun and win, that person is both naive and mistaken. This is not to suggest that Americans should not be prepared to fight against the unfolding and unprecedented levels of tyranny that we will be dealing with in a short amount of time.
Truisms Regarding Revolution No military coup has even been successful, in the long run, in the complete overthrow of a powerful and tyrannical government, without the popular support of the people. In that regard, we the people still hold the power in this situation and may ultimately decide the final outcome.

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It Cost Ukraine’s Government $4 Billion To Get Re-Elected

As the world grows used to hearing of reserve depletion among less-developed nations defending their currencies from collapse, we thought the following chart might open a few eyes as to the real driver of attempting to create ‘stability’ by intervention. In the run-up to October’s parliamentary election in Ukraine, the Hryvnia became oddly stable – signaling to the world that the current government had everything under control and should be re-elected. Since the re-election, the Ukrainian currency has re-collapsed to record lows. How did the Ukrainian government ‘ensure’ re-election via ‘stability’? By blowing almost $4bn (a record 23% of reserves) in one month to maintain the currency’s level…

Money well spent we are sure…

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 12/20/2014.

SPECIAL REPORT: Police Pre-Crime Algorithm Uses Social Media Posts Against You in Real Time

We have finally reached the moment where Orwell’s nightmare in 1984 meets the movie Minority Report. We’re living there right now.
And, astoundingly, we still hear people saying ‘Well, I haven’t done anything wrong, so I don’t have anything to worry about.’
Did you know that any time a police officer pulls you over or responds to your 9-1-1 call, he or she is using a pre-crime algorithm which assigns you a color-coded threat score based not just on your criminal background but on everything including ‘flagged’ purchases and all your social media posts which may include any comments that may be construed as ‘offensive?’

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on December 20th, 2014.

‘Y’All Come!’ Skype Opens America’s Borders. Green Cards for All!

Beginning in 2015 and escalating from then on, skilled workers from all over the world will have the digital equivalent of green cards. They will be legal to hire. They will flood into America’s middle-class job markets.
The last major barrier is coming down: the language barrier.

Mercantilism is about to get hammered in the world’s labor markets. The free market is about to score another victory. Skype will soon announce to the unemployed, college-educated, 20-something workers of the world: ‘Y’all come!’
From China, from India, from Singapore, from Latin America, from Spain, and from Greece they will come. They will offer their services to America’s businessemen. ‘Hire us. We speak fluent English – digitally.’
They will not be living inside America’s borders. So, they will not be illegal aliens. They will be legal aliens.

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Keiser Report: Ruble’s Baptism by Fire (E695)

The following video was published by RT on Dec 20, 2014
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Liam Halligan of They talk rubles, sanctions and diversifying the economy with some technology investments. In the second half, Max interviews Konstantin Gurdgiev about the ruble, the Russian budget and David Cameron’s take on the causes and consequences of the crisis and sanctions. They also discuss the ruble’s ‘baptism by fire’ as it only just joined the five trillion dollar per day forex markets.

Government Criminality: What’s the Big Deal?

Recent polls show that, despite the Senate’s torture report, most Americans still support the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of torture on suspects. Obviously the mainstream media misinform the public, neglecting to tell them that such torturetechniques do not even produce reliable information and are mainly used to extract false confessions from innocent detainees.
And on the National Security Agency’s spying on innocent Americans, people love it, and then they hate it, and now they’re back toloving it again. Alas, Most people are ignorant of the actual criminality being committed by the federal goons.
But one American who shows enthusiastic support for NSA intrusions, a Federal Appeals Court judge, says that privacy is ‘overvalued,’ and that ‘much of what passes for the name of privacy is really just trying to conceal the disreputable parts of your conduct.’ If some unauthorized individual intruded into his cell phone, one would find a picture of the judge’s cat and some emails.
‘What’s the big deal?’ Judge Richard Posner asked, contemptuously wisecracking, ‘Other people must have really exciting stuff. Do they narrate their adulteries, or something like that?’
So, yeah, he’s all for NSA spying on innocent people without any reason to suspect them of anything.
He is one of those, ‘well, if you have nothing to hide. . .’ kinds of judges, so people should just let government goons have complete access into all their personal information. After all, it’s in the name of ‘security’ and to protect us from ‘terrorism.’

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‘The Interview’, A Sony False Flag Hack and Hollywood’s Empire of Mediocrity

It’s official: Sony Pictures has pulled the plug on The Interview – across all media platforms.
The chain of events which led to this point may forever be marked by historians as a seminal, watershed moment in this troubling epoch, known simply as, ‘The Age of Stupidity’.
Without a doubt, the most exciting piece of foreign theater involving the US and North Korea since Dennis Rodman and The Fish That Saved Pyongyang…
It couldn’t be any more ridiculous; a twisting and turning, real-life cloak and dagger drama seemingly tailor-made for Hollywood’s ever-expanding child-like adult audience who tends to believe anything which comes from ‘official sources’ or John Stewart’s Daily Show.
THE PLOT: A mysterious group of hackers who go by the intriguing name ‘Guardians of Peace’(not to be confused with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) are said to have breached the company’s firewalls and have stolen lots and lots of sensitive emails and data from Sony Pictures Entertainment in Hollywood.
ACTION: On Monday morning Nov. 24th, Sony employees log into their computers only to be greeted by a neon red skeleton on their monitor screens accompanied by the words, ‘#Hacked by #GOP,’ (no, not the Republican Party), followed by lots of threats to release data and post Hollywood secrets online in text-sharing sites like PasteBin, frequented by ‘hactivists’.
Worst of all, the hack attack upset what is by far America’s utmost important group of individuals – actors (including the one in the White House).

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